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My name is Michael LaPierre and I am running for Congress in South Carolina District 3.  My platform will be "RECLAIMING AMERICA WITHOUT FEAR" bringing our country back to its founding principles where the love of God, family, church, and country is our hope for a brighter tomorrow. 

Please learn about my key issues and platform (links at the bottom of this page) and get our news updates on various public policy thoughts and initiatives. 

"It is with a great deal of joy and enthusiasm that I am letting you know that I have filed with the Federal Election Commission and am formally announcing my candidacy for a U.S. House seat in Congressional District 3.  We need leaders who have the courage, discipline, and determination to bring us back to our American Vision Statement….The Declaration of Independence where a Creator-God is presumed to be the originator and driving force to our commitment of being free and living out our God-given unalienable rights.

Please join me in liberating America back to our Founding Father’s ideals.

May God bless America and the wonderful patriots in SC Congressional District 3."

~ Mike


  The Decertification Battle Wages On

Stay Tuned to our site for news articles featuring Michael LaPierre's decertification battle.
News outlets all over the district are asking, "Is this Constitutional?".

The Post & Courier -Candidates can run for races where they don't live despite a rule against it. Here's why.

The Post & Courier -SC gives spots on our ballot to parties instead of candidates. That needs to change.

The State - SC GOP says this candidate for Congress doesn’t live in the district, kicks him off ballot

The Index Journal -SC GOP won’t put a candidate on the ballot. Joining his defense is a potential primary opponent.

SC Daily Gazette -SC GOP won’t put a candidate on the ballot. Joining his defense is a potential primary opponent.


Michael LAPIERRE for CONGRESS - District 3


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