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My Platform

A summary of my Reclaiming America platform is below. Click each issue for more information.


Reclaiming America

  • We operate from a position of strength understanding that America is the greatest nation that civilization has ever known, bar none

  • We encourage the citizens of our country to get involved and  RECLAIM America

  • Virtue and religion are foundational to the conservative cause 

  • South Carolina needs experienced, passionate, and enthusiastic leaders right now

  • We fight Marxist ideology at every turn and with every fiber of our being

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Fighting Political Corruption

·      Term limits help level the playing field and thwart corrupt practices

·      The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act needs heightened levels of scrutiny and enforcement

·      Full disclosure of unlawful practices for those hired with tax payer money

·      The Congressional Ethics Committees need to do more to stop political corruption and prosecute would be perpetrators

·      Increased ethics training 

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Election Law Integrity

·      The U.S. Constitution must be our guiding source for our country’s election laws

·      Back door workarounds through the court system must cease and desist

·      Prosecution for those who illegally vote

·      Strict chain of command and custodial oversight

·      All LEGAL votes should be counted

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·      Republicans should have a consistent immigration policy

·      We must protect American citizens from the criminal element coming across the border

·      Stop funding the welfare of illegal aliens

·      Commission a study on the cost impact of the law of unintended immigration consequences

·      Enforce the laws of our land and administer LEGAL IMMIGRATION

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·      Institutionalized Marxism will destroy America

·      The spiritual lifeblood of our nation will be severed

·      A totalitarian form of government will ensue

·      Individual freedoms will be gone

·      We must inspire others to get involved and fight for our ideals

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Democrat Socialism = Marxism

·      Utopian ideals of Marxism are never delivered 

·      Coercion and brute force always follow

·      Individual freedoms give way to command and control

·      History is now repeating itself

·      Marxism and secular humanism work hand in hand to indoctrinate and control

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The Taliban Versus American Marxism

·      The Taliban and American Marxists have similar objectives

·      Coercion, threats, and violence dominate their respective agendas

·      Both ideologies crush and eliminate individual freedoms

·      Both ideologies are a throwback to unlearned times

·      Instead of advancing civilization, each ideology supports managed decline

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Respecting Life

·      Human life starts at conception

·      We protect those who cannot protect themselves

·      Our long-term national viability depends on our support for life

·      Roe v. Wade should be overturned immediately

·      We save every life possible along the way

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Mitigating Gun Violence

·      The solution to reducing gun violence is one of a spiritual nature

·      Reconstituting the traditional nuclear family unit is important

·      We must strengthen the sense of community in our towns and cities

·      Focus on root cause analysis vs. managing the horrific outcomes

·      Each state to enact constitutional carry legislation 

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Gun Rights

  • Oppose Red Flag laws which are aimed at controlling our guns
  • Support the prosecution of felons who try to purchase guns illegally
  • Support state reciprocity for concealed and/or Constitutional Carry
  • Oppose banning large-capacity magazines and assault weapons
  • Oppose all restrictions
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Red Flag Laws

·      Red flag laws are backdoor ways to control our gun rights

·      Guns are not the problem

·      Red flag laws attack our 2nd, 5th, and 14th Amendment gun rights

·      Let’s attack societal conditions and root causes and not the symptoms

·      Refrain from suggesting legislation in the aftermath of horrific and emotional events

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National Defense

·      There are many vital pressure points that roll up into a strong national defense

·      We should always enforce the laws of our land

·      Protecting and defending our sovereign borders are must haves

·      Investing in our military and police will undergird our resolve

·      Technology should help lead the way i.e., drones, cybersecurity etc. etc.

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Military Strength

·      We should be the most prepared military in history

·      We take care of our veterans in full

·      America will never allow rogue nations to gain nuclear capabilities

·      We defend our allies

·      Peace through strength at all times

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Russian Policy

·      Peace through strength 

·      Disrupt natural gas advantages

·      Increased cyber security and measures to countervail aggression

·      Increased use of economic sanctions

·      Defend our allies

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Hong Kong

·      China plans to dominate Hong Kong

·      The Hong Kong semi-autonomous form of government is being encroached by China

·      The 2019 Extradition Proposal was the incendiary to flame political unrest

·      The United States needs to support Hong Kong’s form of government

·      We need to be on guard and scrutinize China’s every move in Hong Kong

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Iranian Nuclear Policy

·      Iran is an enemy of the United States

·      The current Iranian regime sponsors, funds, and trains terrorist organizations around the world, all the while looking for opportunities to attack and kill Americans and America’s allies

·      Air strikes and increased drone capability should be on the table

·      Our ally, Israel, must be protected from Iranian attack

·      Iran is trying to acquire nuclear capabilities and must be stopped

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Defeating the Equality Act

·      We believe in the traditional and biblical understanding of gender

·      Emotional and psychological trauma and scars result from this type of behavior

·      The Equality Act further destabilizes the family unit

·      Men should never be able to play in women’s sports

·      Men should never be allowed in women’s locker rooms or other female facilities

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Campaign Finance Reform

·      “Applying capital” is code for buying votes, influence, and power

·      Our system of elections has digressed to the countenance of mammon (money)

·      We need a complete overhaul of our campaign finance laws

·      Campaign issues must drive elections versus campaign funding

·      Current system perpetuates long-term political operatives

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Education Reform & School Choice

·      Parents have a responsibility and a right to safeguard their children’s education

·      Tax dollars should follow the student based on parental school choice options

·      Moral and spiritual principles must undergird foundational elements of education

·      Accountability and education outcomes should drive teacher performance reviews

·      Students should be able to come to school anticipating a safe environment   

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The Truth in Education Act


1. In order to safeguard parents and students, teachers and school administration personnel will be subject to progressive disciplinary action, up to and including discharge, for offering false information related to:

·      Course titles and content

·      Deliberate misrepresentation and mischaracterization of classes

·      Intentional education of unrelated curriculum through ideological beliefs


2. Public schools and universities will be required to establish procedures and protocols (including progressive disciplinary measures and procedures, complaint resolution, training, and compliance reporting) for truthful standards of course representation and neutral delivery. Failure to establish the procedures and protocols could result in the forfeiture of federal and state funding.         


3. Parents and students have a “Right to Know” the vantage point and origin of educational instruction, before they sign up for classes. Therefore, public school teachers, university professors, and school administrators will be required to sign a pledge to take neutral ideological positions in their respective roles. Educational facilities will be required to train those who encounter students in appropriate styles of communication that allow the students to ponder the world while having their personal beliefs respected. Educators found to be in violation of this Act will be subject to progressive disciplinary action. If they proceed to indoctrinate students they will be dismissed. Administrators found to be either encouraging classroom indoctrination or protecting teachers who are attempting to indoctrinate students will also be dismissed. 


4. When reporting classroom incidents, students, teachers, school administrators, and others involved in the classroom setting will be protected by the Whistle-Blower Protection Act of 1989. Government employees are prohibited from taking retaliatory action due to a reporting disclosure.  


5. Nothing in this Act is designed to prevent an instructor from honestly answering a student’s direct question. That right has always been protected.


The United States of America needs to pass legislation holding our public schools and universities accountable for “truth-filled” identification of course content. I believe that we have one of the largest cases of “consumer fraud” going on in the history of the United States of America. We are allowing our public university professors the ability to misrepresent the underlying educational theme (intent) through improper naming conventions (course titles) and misrepresentation in the syllabi of course content.


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Free Market Healthcare

·      The privatization of healthcare is a priority

·      Full pricing visibility

·      Competition that produces high quality services with improved patient outcomes

·      Reduced overall health care costs 

·      Results metrics that include end to end patient care

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Global Warming

·      Global Warming is a political tool used to arouse emotion for propaganda purposes

·      We should use the earth’s natural resources while providing, protecting, and nurturing the environment

·      Radical environmentalism is bad public policy

·      Politicians try to finesse voters with words like “market-based system” which is a code word for excessive taxation

·      State and National Republican Party platforms argue against excessive taxation

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Simplifying the Tax Code

·      Simplify individual taxes where a postcard can be used

·      We should rein in the overbearing and tyrannical nature of the IRS

·      The United States has once of the most complex tax codes in the entire world

·      Simplification will greatly reduce the administration costs

·      Simplification curtails the impact of lobbyists

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SMART Energy

·      Free market energy will drive results toward American energy independence

·      Radical environmentalists put the brakes on SMART energy legislation

·      Having a multi-faceted approach to energy is the right way to go

·      Genesis 2:15 should be our guide to utilizing our natural resources

·      President Trump had it right

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Term Limits

·      We need an amendment to our Constitution to include term limits for House and Senate

·      Unelected public officials should reapply every four years to their positions

·      Curtail the flow of money between elected officials and lobbyists

·      Curtail the flow of money between elected politicians

·      Institute overall campaign finance reform

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Welfare Reform

·      Legislated philanthropy is a headwind to providing a hand up for those who need help 

·      Ministries, charities, nonprofits, and NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) should lead

·      We must learn how to love our neighbors as ourselves

·      Creative new joint ventures between business and nonprofits are vital

·      Rebuilding the moral and spiritual foundations of America is a good first step

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Critical Race Theory

  • Critical Race Theory is a bunch of radical assumptions (hypothesis and not a theory)
  • Its aim is to divide America and serves no useful purpose
  • It is Marxist in origin
  • CRT is arguably the most racist political hypothesis ever proposed
  • It is a revisionist approach to history that must be STOPPED
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Afghanistan Policy

  • Send our military back in to retake the Kabul and Bagram airports with the force necessary to ensure that all Americans and our allies are safe
  • Bring back the $85 Billion worth of military inventory
  • Draw down our forces commensurate with our specific mission
  • Assist the resistance and freedom movement for self-determination purposes
  • Greatly escalate our drone activity and presence where needed
  • Develop a clear plan, execute that clear plan, with a determined military exit strategy, not a political one
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Decentralized Power

  • Congressional leadership must flip thinking upside down
  • Command and control not longer works for the SC U.S. House
  • U.S. House members must exercise decentralized and distributed authority
  • Sitting at the apex of an authority scheme is NOT what our Framers envisioned
  • Access and leadership authority must be authorized by We the People
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The Freedom Caucus

  • The Freedom Caucus in the U.S. House is the epitome of CONSERVATISM
  • They are passionate, enthusiastic, and will FIGHT for America
  • This Caucus represents a formidable conservative voting bloc in the U.S. House
  • Candidate Michael LaPierre will join with the Freedom Caucus
  • House Member, William Timmons, does NOT want to join the Freedom Caucus
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Winning the Peace in Congressional District 4

  • Michael LaPierre has the business experience and credentials to unite District 4
  • He has real world work experience in very tough work environments
  • Something his opponent, William Timmons, does not have
  • The “politics” in those labor relation experiences were divisive and intense
  • The Republican Party needs to come together for the greater good
  • RECLAIMING AMERICA in the 2022 and 2024 election cycles should be our focus
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The Tale of the Tape

  • Michael LaPierre is a well-rounded public servant
  • He wants to limit the power of the privileged, wealthy, and political elite
  • LaPierre believes in decentralized and distributed power
  • He will take the FIGHT to the progressive leftists on our shores
  • He will use the bully pulpit to promote the values of South Carolinians
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Vaccine and Mask Mandates

  • Vaccine and mask mandates violate our First Amendment rights
  • The U.S. Supreme Court has always protected those rights through religious exemptions
  • There is defined case law and legal precedence to support our cause
  • Sherbert v. Verner, Wisconsin v. Yoder, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993
  • We must not yield to the authority of tyrants over biblical instruction
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Press Release - Fighting For America!

VOTE: Michael LaPIERRE for U.S. Congress

  • Michael LaPierre is a candidate for the U.S. House in SC District 4
  • Formal announcement will be made on Saturday, September 25th, 2021
  • Campaign Kickoff at The Beacon Drive-In Restaurant in Spartanburg at 3pm
  • Follow-up event at Denny’s on Wade Hampton Blvd in Greenville at 5pm
  • Candidate LaPierre will cast his vision for South Carolina and our country
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Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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