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Decentralized Power

I want to encourage the great citizens of Greenville and Spartanburg counties to challenge our elected officials to flip their leadership thinking upside down on two fundamental political concepts.  

The first political concept is to flip the traditional understanding of political leadership from command and control to decentralized and distributed power. In the current model, Mr. Timmons sits at the apex or the pinnacle of the Congressional District 4 Republican Party leadership pyramid dominating the policy agenda in a vacuum.

When I am elected as your next U.S. House member, I want to use a leadership approach that allows ALL South Carolina citizens and "We the People" to spread our wings and have a seat at the decision-making table. Ladies and gentlemen, that would be YOU governing at the top end of the pyramid.

I commit to you here today that Greenville and Spartanburg citizens will become much more engaged in the decision-making process when I am elected. Through a dramatic increase in creative one-on-one interactions, extensive focus group participation, and the frequent use of quick pulse surveys, the LaPierre For House team sincerely desires to understanding the will of the people in Congressional District 4 and represent you accordingly.

Shouldn't we flip our leadership pyramid upside down in favor of a decentralized and distributed approach to both governance and leadership? Simply put, shouldn't I represent you and your wishes, your hopes, and your dreams, without the dogmatism of my own?

And while our elected officials need to have the discernment necessary to guide and direct rigorous discussion, debate, and sometimes extreme disagreement, what they should never do is throw up their hands in defeat and cry, "wait until next year." 

As a U.S. House Member, shouldn't I ALWAYS acquiesce and show deference to the will of the people?

As a U.S. House Member shouldn't I ALWAYS be willing to FIGHT for the causes that you deem important without the excuse of waiting until next year or the next Congress or when we might once again control the legislative branches?

Hmm, wait until next year doesn't sound like leadership or someone willing to knock down walls for their constituents, it sounds like a DEFEATED politician who is ready to quit, once again.

The inversion that I am suggesting is exactly what our Founding Fathers idealized when crafting the U.S. Constitution. At no time would they ever have allowed a group of tyrants and oligarchs (Senators and House Members) to occupy the space at the top of the pyramid while decimating the very people that they were SUPPOSED to represent in the first place. Aren't  we seeing this exact dynamic play out in the with our many of elected officials?

In a Constitutional Republic like ours, there is absolutely NO ROOM for tyrannical behavior without repercussions. As a political leader, one is never given the reigns to dominate and control.

The 2nd inversion that must transpire with our political leadership class is to stop using the handcuffs of the opposition and how they have shaped and designed the ideological direction of our country, to use as a gauge or as a new normal for our prospects in the future.

Our future prospects of hope, faith, and change should NEVER be conditional on the advancement of our political opponents. NEVER!

In other words, we should be willing to create a lofty and far reaching political vision for the future based on what could be, without the constraints of the "ya butts" or "we have always done it that way" or "Congress doesn't work like that." No, we should never limit our thinking to the harnesses, handcuffs, and the confines of  past ideology and the associated behavior, but rather, we should ALWAYS plan for the future with the idealism, the hope, and the Faith necessary to change the world.

We conserve the best that man had to offer in the past as the greatest nation that has ever existed, while conditioning our forward march and resolve with the insight, discernment,  and vision  necessary to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.


We must have U.S. House members who will stand up and Fight!

Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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