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The Tale of the Tape

One, an everyday American                                                   The other, well…………

Michael LaPierre                                                           William Timmons

Grew up poor                                                                          Grew up rich

Self-made                                                                                  Trust fund baby

Businessman                                                                            Attorney

Would align with Freedom Caucus                              Does not align with Freedom Caucus

Citizen representative                                                        Professional political operative

America First Conservative Republican                   Establishment class Republican

Rejects $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan                  Likes $1.2T Infrastructure Plan

Aggressive, passionate, and enthusiastic                  Passive, innocuous, and nondescript

Results oriented                                                                      Moderate-to-no results in Congress

Believes in decentralized healthcare                          Likes big healthcare (Monopolistic)

Survived the rigors of college (Brown University)   Quit college (U.S. Naval Academy)

Ran against Lindsey Graham                                                  Lindsey Graham protégé


Who do you think would best represent Greenville and Spartanburg counties for the U.S. House of Representatives in District 4?

Who most shares your values?




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