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Winning the Peace in Congressional District 4

There is no greater challenge in life than to get two very competitive and fierce rivals to lay down their arms for the greater good. There is also no more satisfying experience than being the conduit and the facilitator of such an unlikely happening and arrangement. I have been privileged in my very long business career to have participated in many of those types of negotiations. As a matter of fact, I was repeatedly asked throughout my career in the corporate world to take what they deemed “underwater” facilities with horrific and extreme labor relations issues and work environments and bring the sides together in unity.

My first experience came when I was assigned one of the worst operating facilities in the entire nation. Our customers thought that we were lousy; our management employees had one foot out the door; and our union personnel were running all over us. Within 3 years we won the company award for being one of the best facilities in America. We healed the wounds on all sides and moved forward for the greater good.   

My next opportunity came when I was asked to take two of the largest operating facilities in the region with hundreds of employees in each organization; with tens of millions of dollars at stake; and bring two very strong LOCAL UNIONS and cultures together under the same roof. We had work stoppages, a strike, countless grievances being filed multiple times a day, and the window in my office blown out with a shotgun. Yes, tensions were high. 

However, the crowning achievement came in that situation 2 years later when a 6’5” 250-pound union shop steward came strolling into my office, stuck out his hand and said, “thank you for treating us fairly.” He knew that it was my last day on the job as I was just recently tasked with another high priority assignment. We were able to WIN THE PEACE between two very aggressive and tough labor unions.

The last opportunity that I will share with you was the condition I was tasked with to help take a $1.3 Billion dollar organization that UPS had just acquired and fit that very square peg into our UPS very round corporate culture hole. They relied on me to help facilitate and oversee the deconstruction of one very strong and proud corporate culture and assimilate it into another world class $65 Billion organization and one that is recognized as one of the most valued brands in the entire world- UPS.  

I used those 3 examples in order to describe the thread that tied our hearts and minds in a united cause. That thread was simply to focus on the commonality and the common cause of moving the business results forward while leaving the hurt feelings and distrust behind.   

In each case we were able to cast a of vision for the future that was bright, full of hope, full of positivity, and with very clear business objectives. In our case here in Greenville/Spartanburg counties and with the 2022 and 2024 coming up fast, we have very clear political objectives that we must contend with. We MUST spank the Marxists on our shores and to obliterate any political standing and/or notoriety that they may currently enjoy.

With your help, as your elected U.S. House of Representative member in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties (District 4), I believe that we can move beyond the mire and the muck of divisiveness and dissention and come to the conclusion that a united and common cause in Congressional District 4 is for the greater good of the Republican Party. We should put aside our power struggles with a singular focus on what is best for the Republican Party. Can’t we all agree that we are stronger when we move as one?

And, yes, I know and am fully aware that it takes two sides to tango, but we sure do need to give it a go and I know that leaders on both sides who want us to unite! I am currently working very diligently behind the scenes to normalize the tensions, change perceptions, and to make that happen.  


God bless the wonderful citizens of District 4 (Spartanburg and Greenville Counties). 



Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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