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Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is the most divisive and racist political hypothesis that has reared its ugly head in quite some time. It is Marxist in origin and is designed to divide and conquer the great citizens of South Carolina and across America. There is an appropriate way to teach American history and this is definitely not one of them. Simply put, it teaches the students that they are racists because of the color of their skin and that America is an evil place to live. It has set race relations in America back many decades.

CRT is nothing more than Marxist-like assumptions that are being propagated and propagandized to tear America down. It does nothing to capture the greatness of the United States of America. While discussion, debate, and criticism always have their rightful place at the table in America, indoctrination does not. This hypothesis is comprised of lies, deceit, and a description of America that is revisionist and untrue at best.

This is NOT a theory. This is allegorical in nature that takes great lengths to align with the ideology of the Communist Manifesto. In a sense, Critical Race Theory is a derivative of class warfare taken down to a subcomponent level. The card-carrying Marxists on our shores have taken a shotgun approach to overwhelming American citizens with an evil ideology and the subsequent legislation that will ruin our GREAT nation.  

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