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Democrat Socialism = Marxism

If the title of this policy position scares you just a little bit, then you might be showing the proper amount of concern and discernment for this unfathomable and wretched political ideology. The utopian high that the followers of this duplicitous form of government receive is short-lived. All of the grandstanding, demagoguery, and idealism of the “perfect society” where egalitarian virtue overwhelms the common man and woman soon abates with the assumption of power.  Lies, intimidation, and brute force won’t be far behind.

Our Founding Fathers were intense followers of both history and human nature. They crafted a constitution that understood the baser instincts of mankind juxtaposed against the backdrop of centuries long experience that included trial, error, and success. Yes, they had the long view of history to craft just the right experiment for America. Democrat Socialism (Marxism) was not even on their short list of preferences. Why?

Our Founding Fathers understood the need to harness the old sin nature and attributes of power, greed, status, avarice, and the ego drive pervasive to dominate and control others. As a result of their deep understanding, they devised a form of government (a process of cooperation called a Constitutional Republic) where individuals could remain free with very limited oversight needed at the federal level. They believed that the states would more accurately reflect the desires and consent of the people. They created a most improbable document (our Constitution) that “uses” and “directs” the ambitions of those who lead us while building the appropriate checks and balances along the way.

They devised the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government to act as a restraint on any who would try and wrest control of total and supreme power. The institutions (limited in scope) that were created are a perfect blend of the control, mobility, and forethought necessary to protect both our current form of government, then, and well into the future. Our Bill of Rights clearly and unashamedly protects us from the long arm of government intrusion if practiced and adjudicated by the original intent of its authors. Our Founding Fathers trusted that we could work within the established constitutional framework and live free and prosperous lives. While anticipating the evils of the old sin nature, they also knew that mankind would work hard to preserve a “more perfect union.”

Democrat Socialism (Marxism), on the other hand, was built on the premise of control and coercion. This form of government wants to control every aspect of our lives. This form of government represents centralized command and control over our economy, politics, culture, and religious beliefs. The freedom of conscience available to us in a democratic form of government is absent in this form. The utopian picture created by the intelligentsia, who are the Marxist operatives (intellectual elites), never deliver on their promises. They want to create a progressive accumulation of authority that limits the individual freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. It starts with a socialist intrigue (utopian vision), soon replaced with the reality of everyday Marxist living. Just think about it for a minute. How are Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba doing right now? How are Cambodia, Ethiopia, and North Korea doing right now?

Let me put it in another way to make my point. The General Secretary of Communist Russia (Mikhail Gorbachev) wrote a book discussing the approach of moving Russia to a more “reformed version” of the totalitarian state that reflected his country back in the late 1980’s. Guess where this communist leader wanted to bring his people. You guessed it……….to Democrat Socialism.  

Are we so naïve and devoid of all historical knowledge and understanding that we are going to hitch our wagons to a failed ideology and a form of government that has never worked? Can we not connect the dots to what lies ahead with a Marxist form of government? How has the United States of America gotten to the point where many in the Democrat Party wants to move us to a Marxist form of government? Where did this ugly form of government come from and how did it get here so fast?

While history does not exactly repeat itself, there is most certainly a treasure trove of key learning experiences that we can glean from it. Let’s look at how the Marxist crowd and the progressive liberal faction of our country could now so engrain our culture. I am going to base my explanation on two significant historical events that took place in the last 60 plus years. First, we are going to look at the intense pressure that the Cuban Missile Crisis brought that shook the U.S to its core in 1961.

Most Americans thought that there was going to be a nuclear holocaust. It was a very serious and disturbing time in American history. Citizens of our country just did not know if there was going to be a tomorrow. Once we averted the crisis and prospects of a nuclear war, we gave a big sigh of relief. In so doing, we also took our eyes off the ball of Soviet expansionist plans. We got caught up in Vietnam, Watergate, and a Carter administration (that had a sign on its back…kick me!) that was willing to let the Soviets aggressively expand their military while instituting puppet regimes around the world. Detente was used by the Russians to ratchet up their global power.      

Fast forward to the Berlin Wall coming down. The American populace reacted in much the same manner. We gave a big sigh of relief and then proceeded with a three decades long victory lap claiming victory and assuming that we had defeated the enemy……Russia. Once again, we took our eyes off the ball. We got caught up in two Gulf wars, the Balkans, Haiti, and Somalia. We also had a very long string of globalist leaning Presidents that couldn’t pass the muster of what true conservatism is all about. They did not understand the slogan “Peace through Strength.”

We also had a whole generation of children born during this timeframe that never felt the pressure of the Cuban Missile Crisis and never lived through the anxiety of a cold war. They were free from the encumbrances of worrying about communism. Many thought that Russia was in economic and political turmoil and they were not to be feared. We didn’t have to worry quite as much about Russia running around the world aggressively setting up their puppet regimes. Unfortunately, what happened is that a derivative form of Communism (Democrat Socialism) became a plague that was spreading its ugly tentacles before our very eyes on our shores! The sad fact is we did nothing about it. Our elected officials did NOTHING about it! In the space of the last decade, Marxism has ratcheted up to become mainstream political ideology. This faction has taken over most of the press corps, educational system, and entertainment industry.

Everywhere you look, our young people are being indoctrinated and exposed to the evils of this progressive liberal religious doctrine. When one overlays the doctrine of the Secular Humanist religion with the tenets, tactics, and strategy of a totalitarian form of government, the lights go off! They are basically the same twisted ends. We need leadership in Washington that will stand and fight against a form of government that has communist and totalitarian leanings. We must put our feet on the throat of Marxism and all of its alternate forms and snuff out any/all forms of this disturbing plague.

Michael LaPierre Congressional Exploratory Committee
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