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Legal Immigration

In South Carolina we take notice of the ever-changing positions of politicians in Washington, DC, based on the political winds, optics, and how close it is to election time. Many “left of center” Republicans want to give millions of illegal aliens/law breakers a pathway to citizenship. That is NOT the answer. We see what is happening at our southern borders with Joe Biden at the helm and it is scary. 

Moderate Republicans espouse playing “matador defense” by giving law breakers a free pass to American citizenship sending a message to the world that anyone can get in our country. Just “break the law, come across our borders illegally, and we will give you jobs and take care of you.” This is utter nonsense and here is why. 

·      Is there potential for unknown drug lords and human smugglers to also cash in on the pathway to citizenship legislation?

·      Who will be paying for the cost of incarceration should they once again break the laws of our land?

·      Will such legislative actions reduce the wages of hard-working middle-class South Carolinians, legal immigrants, and minorities? (It is estimated that there could be as many as 100,000 illegal aliens in our state)

·      How many construction jobs, landscaping jobs, farming jobs, custodial, homecare, and other South Carolinian/American jobs will be lost to these illegal aliens and law breakers? 

·      Who will be paying for the additional healthcare (scarce resources) and educational resources (bigger classrooms) when we give these illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship?

·      How much higher would our paychecks be (5%, 10%, or 12%) if you decided to stop “illegal immigration” and concentrate on “legal” immigration?

I want my campaign followers to know that I whole-heartedly believe in LEGAL IMMIGRATION. Anything less will hurt South Carolinians and the America people.

Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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