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If the citizens of the United States of America do not take action and quash the progressive leftist bent toward big government and institutionalized Marxism, our country will suffer the long-term material and spiritual consequences. We must act and do everything in our power to stem the tide of the extreme progressive faction in America who want to take away ALL of our individual freedoms. We are experiencing a level of spiritual warfare in this country never before seen on our shores. Big government will ultimately put the death grip of secularism on our Constitutional Republic with resounding and detrimental consequences.

Simply put, the Marxists want to redefine all of the building blocks of what made America great in the first place. They want to DESTROY religious freedom; they want to destroy capitalism; they want to destroy our Bill of Rights, and, yes, they want to destroy the very essence of republicanism itself. They think that big government knows best and has all of the answers. Every additional layer of regulation, control, and spending that is currently being recommended by the Marxist left and left of center Republicans will blow our government up to proportions that can’t be controlled.

The policy positions that are being recommended by Joe Biden et al., are not even in the realm of reality and good fiscal responsibility. What they are recommending is out of control spending that will put our country at great risk. At the time of this writing our current debt is approaching $31 trillion+ and is a national security issue.

Fellow Republicans, we must galvanize our base and shut down the Marxist’s attempt to destroy the American dream. We must continue to teach, educate, and inspire others toward our Founding Fathers original intent of small government. We must point others back to the Constitutional Republic that our forefathers so passionately defended.    


Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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