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Mitigating Gun Violence

Each time there is a violent gun offense in the United States of America, the progressive left starts howling for the confiscation of our guns. They believe that it is the guns themselves that plan and carryout these horrendous and heinous crimes. It is not the guns that force and expose the would-be perpetrators and violent felons to thousands of hours of violent video games, viewing pornography, and other medium that indoctrinate and shape a distorted view of the world and everything in it. It is not the guns who break down the family unit, bonds of marriage, and the ties to local faith-based ministries. The guns do not yield to the old sin nature of our flesh and forget the righteousness of our Savior. The guns do not premeditate the diabolical and dastardly initiatives for destruction, horror, and pain. 

The plain truth is that the progressive left and those left of center Republicans who want to take our guns feel that managing the symptoms of the violence is more important than attacking the root cause. They are unwilling to admit that the primary solution lies at the root of mitigating gun violence and not in managing the horrendous results. There are four basic reasons that they are unwilling to tackle the most obvious and long-term solution to gun violence.

1.     Easy Fix – It seems a simple solution to just take our guns. They are unwilling to engage in the hard work of mentoring, discipling, encouraging, and loving their neighbors. Instead of getting down in the trenches and making a difference in the lives of people, it is much easier to lament a position where inanimate objects are the problem vs. being cause in the matter and getting to a real solution.

2.     Political Leverage – Many would argue that the left has no desire to solve the problem because they believe that the issue gives them political leverage. In other words, it suits their narrative. Each time a violent gun offense occurs, the left uses it as an opportunity to showcase their “superior” moral positions on the issue. They apply deep and heavy pressure on the emotions of the electorate, in the moment, to incite wrathful sentiments and demonstrations through demagoguery.    

3.     Anti-God Ideology – They are unwilling to believe that promoting faith-based initiatives will in any way help stop and/or cure the violent offenders. They believe that the goodness of humanity and their ingenuity is better suited to solve the problem of gun violence than the Creator of the universe. They are unaware and callous to spiritual and faith-based solutions.

4.     Destabilize Our Country – At the root of gun confiscation lies the need for full control and the ability to seize ultimate power. They will not be able to accomplish their desired ends without taking our guns. The 2nd amendment is an affront to those who want our guns. The left will attempt to use every measure and means available to them to seize our guns and stand ready to swoop in and save us from ourselves. The progressives and left of center Republicans will also use every backdoor trick in the book to gain some sort of a foothold i.e., Red Flag laws.   

However, I believe that there ARE real solutions currently at work in our country that are not legislative or political. The statistics show that when people are engaged in religious activity from an early age and are consistently participating that all forms of crime and societal ills trend downward. We need to continue to stress the importance of three vital factors in the conditioning of the minds of our young people.

Having a faith-based worldview and/or moral anchor will aid and guide them on their path of life. We must also do everything we can to reestablish the firm foundation of the family unit. Marriage is sacred under God and one that must be protected. Divorce is a wrecking ball to all family members and has long lasting spiritual and emotional consequences. The statistics again show that when husband and wife are consistently in church and serving, that the divorce rate goes down.

Lastly, there must be a family tie to a local church. Human beings want and desire a sense of community where they feel they belong. God has designed the functioning of the local church in such a way as to fulfill those desires. Getting families into faith-based organizations (church) helps mold people toward holy and righteous thoughts and activities and away from the evil displayed in the atrocities of crime, perversion, and gun violence. Candidate LaPierre tells us to continue to attack the root cause and not the symptoms of gun violence. Guns are not the problem, he says, but the people who need our love, care, guidance, mentoring, and discipleship.   

Therefore, the solution to gun violence is not political or legislative at all. We should not seek to legislate morality or punish the innocent. There are already laws in place that punish the offender. We do not need to institute laws that punish the victims. Yes, guns are used for horrible purposes. Knives, ropes, and anything a violent person can get their hands on are also used for these dastardly crimes. However. we do not outlaw knives, ropes. or anything else used by a person with murder in their heart. When we restrict gun owners, we reduce their ability to defend themselves. This topic is a slippery slope indeed. We must be cautious never to restrict the rights of the masses in the panic to punish the few. The root problem is of the heart.

In conclusion, we must reinstitute the foundational principles that teach people to live moral and upstanding lives. Let’s start at the foundational level instead of trying to fix the results. Gun laws are not the answer to gun violence.




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