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National Defense

Any strategic discussion of our national defense must first include a comprehensive analysis, understanding, and definition of all of the potential pressure points that could do our country great harm. Both external and internal considerations should be on the table. While a strong military (fully funded, staffed, and supported) must always be the forerunner to deter aggression from our enemy, there are many other national security elements that contribute to building the foundation of our overall national defense strategy. 

For example: enforcing the rule of law, legal immigration, limiting our exposure to a ballooning national debt, increased cybersecurity measures and funding, exposing the socialist/communist elements on our shores through increased education, enforcing our 1st amendment free speech rights at public universities, protecting the 2nd, 5th, and 14th amendments of the constitution, supporting and funding our police force and border security personnel, identifying and minimizing terrorist cell activity around the world, defending our allies and all other geo-political national security interests, and rigorously protecting our religious freedoms. The cascading impact of each of these factors helps us to understand the magnitude of our undertaking.  

Rule of law – We expect the executive branch to enforce the laws of our land. Under the Constitution of the United States, the executive branch has the power to do just that. If there are outdated and inefficient laws, then we must put pressure on Congress to write new ones. Unenforced laws that become porous in nature will do great internal harm to our society and our national defense.

Legal Immigration – We never allow law breakers to enter our country. All immigrants must stand in line and have the same opportunity as everyone else. Our immigration system has identifiable procedures that have been appropriated and enforced by law. 

National Debt – At the time of this writing, our national debt as a percentage of GDP stood at 107.60. Our debt is approaching unsustainable levels with no end in sight. Forecasts indicate that by 2022 we will have the highest percent of national debt to GDP in our history at 122.00, surpassing the previous high of 118.90. Long-term professional political operatives don’t have the capacity to understand the law of unintended consequences. Thus, they continue to kick the national debt “can” down the road. This is an egregious violation of their fiduciary responsibility as elected officials to protect the general welfare of our great country.

Cybersecurity – Russia tried meddling with our national sovereignty by attacking the foundation of our democratic republic- the consent of the governed. When a known enemy tries interfering with the election process through a cyber-attack, it must lead one to conclude that cybersecurity is one of the most important frontiers of national defense. Most of our domestic infrastructure is tied to grids that are susceptible to these kinds of attacks.

Exposing Marxism/Communism – One of the great tragedies taking place in our country is allowing secular humanists the unconditional right to train our young people (future leaders) without restraint in our universities and public schools. When one overlays the religious doctrine of the secular humanists (Secular Humanist Manifesto I, II, and III) against the strategy of their totalitarian counterparts (communism/Marxism), the similarities in their approaches become eerily obvious. One is a religion and the other is a political ideology. Both have total domination and control (power) as the central tenets of their system of control. They go against everything that our democracy represents here in America. Individual freedoms are replaced with government control.

Free Speech – One of the first things that repressive regimes try to control is the expression of free speech. The same tactic is being used on many of the progressive liberal campuses around our country. This needs to stop. Americans should have an equal opportunity to express their opinions without fear of intimidation and/or retribution.  

Protecting Our Gun Rights – We have a constitutional right to bear arms along with due process under the law.

Police & Border Security – Since I grew up as the son of a thirty-five-year veteran police officer, I have a special place in my heart for the men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe. We owe police and border security an enormous debt of gratitude. Having strong, vibrant, well-trained, and appreciated law enforcement officials is a “must have” for an effective and sustainable national defense.     

Terrorist Threats – I believe that we must significantly increase the procurement and utilization of drones to combat terrorism. This must be a centerpiece of our national defense strategy moving forward. Major investment in high-tech drone capability to knock out terrorist cells is vital.   

Our Allies – We support our allies and send a message to the world that we “have their backs.” We make no apology tours. We put no signs on our back that say, “Please kick me.” We live up to and enforce the treaties that we have signed with our allies. We believe in peace through strength.

Religious Freedom – For me, this is by far the most crucial element in a strong national defense. When we are able to practice religious freedom both in private and in public (guaranteed by our Constitution), our nation will take her rightful place as the greatest nation ever to exist. Complete and total religious freedom builds character, integrity, and the trust necessary to keep our country safe. It sets us apart as the shining beacon of hope.      

These items are not only necessary for our national defense, they are vital to the lifeblood of our freedom as Americans. We must do all in our power to ensure the basic tenets of our Constitutional Republic and (as Conservatives) defend legislation that protects our rights and dismantle legislation that does not. It really can be that simple. We must stop playing political games with our national defense. 






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