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Press Release - Fighting For America!

Michael LaPierre is announcing his candidacy for the U.S. House in SC District 4 (Greenville and Spartanburg). Candidate LaPierre does not believe that taking baby steps and working for incremental gains are the right policy solutions right now. LaPierre believes that taking transformative game changing measures back to the ideals of our Founding Fathers is the clear pathway forward in this season of South Carolina politics.

LaPierre said, “For far too long we have tried to maintain a balance between playing defense, bipartisan governance, and going on the offensive. I believe right now is the time to take the fight to the progressive leftist Marxists on our shores. Incremental gains no longer cut the mustard. We need to defend our Constitution and stop the erosion of our founding principles and moral standing.”  

LaPierre also stated, “As a result of Joe Biden and his Marxist leaning government, in cities across America we are experiencing the incendiary impact of malcontents storming our buildings, trashing our monuments, and burning our buildings to the ground in route to their Marxist and Socialist Democrat gatherings. This is NOT the American Dream that I signed up for and as your S.C. District 4 U.S. Congressman, I will use every political weapon at my disposal to STOP the spread of its evil and perverse ideology! We MUST fight to stop the metastasis of this fast-spreading cancer on the American people.”

Candidate, Michael LaPierre, is an experienced leader who will FIGHT to protect the vision of our Founding Fathers. 

  • Fight Election Corruption  
  • Fight Critical Race Theory
  • Fight to Protect our Southern Borders
  • Fight for LEGAL immigration
  • Fight for our Constitution
  • Fight for Life of the Unborn
  • Fight against Vaccine and Mask Mandates     

Will you join me to FIGHT for the just cause of RECLAIMING AMERICA?


Any contribution you can make to our campaign will help us in our efforts to right the wrongs of necessity!  

Michael LaPierre Congressional Exploratory Committee
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