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The Taliban Versus American Marxism

The similarities between these two extreme ideologies are eerily similar. First, they both contribute to a system of oppression that disenfranchises elements of society aimed at controlling the citizenry. Second, they are both geared to strong armed tactics, force, and violence when needed to support their respective causes. Simply put, the extreme hardline elements in these two groups are thugs and use fear and violence at every turn. Third, each ideology has a sectarian (religious) dominance with political undertones. Fourth, participants are willing to lay down life and limb for “the cause” without regard for personal advancement or individual identity. Fifth, each system of oppression realizes that the educational realm must be controlled. In other words, they have a strategy to get to the kids early in order to indoctrinate and control them.

However, the Taliban and the American Marxists are also great men of science. To this end, I whole-heartedly agree! Unfortunately, it is NOT the type of science that may be running through your head right now. No, we must remember that their science is not one bent toward creativity, advancement, or other reasoned scientific study as a means to move society forward, but rather, it is nothing more than the SCIENCE of DESTRUCTION.

-Destroy the family unit.

-Destroy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

-Destroy private property.

-Destroy religion.

-Destroy capitalism.

-Destroy the Constitution.

-Destroy the rule of law.

-Destroy the current system of government.

-Destroy sovereign borders.

-Destroy tradition and history.

-Destroy the marriage relationship between a man and a woman.

-Destroy human progress.

-Destroy free speech. 

-Destroy freedom of the press.

-Destroy freedom of assembly.

Many progressive leftists believe (and would strongly argue) that they are adherents of the general principles of moderate and peaceful American Marxism in the United States. They may even have trouble forming the word Marxist with their lips and would opt for the words Democratic Socialism (a big misnomer). Unfortunately, the progressive leftist’s peripheral support of this wretched ideology on our shores, even in moderate terms, does nothing but pour gas on the unwanted incendiaries of extreme Marxist ideology in America.

We are seeing two extreme ideologies play out on the world stage at the exact same time. One in Afghanistan (Taliban) and the other in the United States of America (Marxists). If the left is serious about distancing themselves from the extreme American Marxist element on our shores (A.O.C., Bernie Sanders, et al.), they need to isolate them into political oblivion in a hurry.

Let’s clean this political mess up quickly!

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