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Vaccine and Mask Mandates

At the end of the day, I believe that the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandates are quickly going to bubble up to the Supreme Court and SCOTUS will ultimately take a play out of the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act and decide to PROTECT our First Amendment Rights. Do we NOT have a religious right to protect the “temple” of God? Are we not obligated by freedom of conscience to make that religious decision on a personal basis and individual choice?

There are 3 compatible courses that Conservatives can argue to protect our religious freedoms.

  1. SHERBERT v. VERNER – Religious exemptions should be allowed for issued vaccine mandates and cannot be ruled unconstitutional because of a compelling state interest. Why, because there ARE alternative forms of regulation and religious accommodation that could be used outside of issuing MANDATES. This is nothing more than ram and jam Biden tyranny and control. i.e., power politics


  2. WISCONSIN v. YODER – While the vaccine mandates may be considered neutral on their face in terms of blatantly inhibiting religious freedom, however, even if they unintentionally infringe on our religious freedoms, they are considered to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


  3. RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT – RFRA was intended to confirm that all federal, state, and local laws support our inalienable right of religious freedom INCORPORATED in the Fourteenth Amendment along with due process.


The Biden Administration is currently wielding an excessive amount of power and is providing a substantial and pervasive government presence on our shores with VACCINE MANDATES that cannot be tolerated.

Religious exemptions and accommodations must be made for those who believe that MANDATES are a crisis of religious conscience. Using a backdoor OSHA workaround to force employers with 100 employees or more to get vaccinated is NO DIFFERENT than when the Marxists used the backdoor (court system) to change the way our 2020 elections were administered and avoid our state legislature’s constitutional responsibility.  In both instances they failed (are failing) to follow the Constitution of the United States of America!    On

While many legal scholars are focused on the “grave danger” and statutory arguments of Biden’s actions and whether or not they are constitutional, I think the real answer lies in our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS! 


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