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Reclaiming America - Please click on platform button link at bottom of page for detail 

  • We operate from a position of strength understanding that America is the greatest nation that civilization has ever known, bar none

  • We encourage the citizens of our country to get involved and RECLAIM America

  • Virtue and religion are foundational to the conservative cause 

  • South Carolina needs experienced, passionate, and enthusiastic leaders right now

  • We fight Marxist ideology at every turn and with every fiber of our being


Fighting Political Corruption

·      Term limits help level the playing field and thwart corrupt practices

·      The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act needs heightened levels of scrutiny and enforcement

·      Full disclosure of unlawful practices for those hired with tax payer money

·      The Congressional Ethics Committees need to do more to stop political corruption and prosecute would be perpetrators

·      Increased ethics training 


Election Law Integrity

·      The U.S. Constitution must be our guiding source for our country’s election laws

·      Back door workarounds through the court system must cease and desist

·      Prosecution for those who illegally vote

·      Strict chain of command and custodial oversight

·      All LEGAL votes should be counted


Legal Immigration

·      Republicans should have a consistent immigration policy

·      We must protect American citizens from the criminal element coming across the border

·      Stop funding the welfare of illegal aliens

·      Commission a study on the cost impact of the law of unintended immigration consequences

·      Enforce the laws of our land and administer LEGAL IMMIGRATION



·      Institutionalized Marxism will destroy America

·      The spiritual lifeblood of our nation will be severed

·      A totalitarian form of government will ensue

·      Individual freedoms will be gone

·      We must inspire others to get involved and fight for our ideals


Critical Race Theory

·      C.R.T. is a bunch of radical assumptions (hypothesis and not a theory)

·      Its aim is to divide America and serves no useful purpose

·      It is Marxist in origin

·      C.R.T. is arguably the most racist hypothesis ever proposed

·      It is a revisionist approach to history that must be STOPPED


Vaccine and Mask Mandates

·      Vaccine and mask mandates violate our First Amendment rights

·      The U.S. Supreme Court has always protected those rights through religious exemptions

·      There is defined case law and legal precedence to support our cause

·      Sherbert v. Verner, Wisconsin v. Yoder, Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993

·      We must not yield to the authority of tyrants over constitutional and biblical instruction


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