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Meet Michael

Welcome! My name is Michael LaPierre. I am a retired businessman, entrepreneur, author, and Founder/President of a 501(C)(3) that specializes in leadership development . I received my Bachelor's degree at Brown University in political science and business,  my Master's degree at Clemson University in business and entrepreneurship, and continuing education at Bob Jones University (Marketing and Accounting). 

I have an undying passion of handing down a legacy to my children and grandchildren that RECLAIMS and RESTORES America back to her founding principles.

My opponent, Mr. Timmons, has voted with Nancy Pelosi and the radical Democrats 19 times.  His legislative scorecard for the 116th Congress ( doesn't meet the high standards of our South Carolina Congressional delegation. Quite frankly, the report card is very concerning. Can you name one bill that Mr. Timmons has sponsored? Have you ever heard of the Timmons' Bill? No, there isn't one. 

As your Congressman, I will lead the FIGHT against ELECTION corruption and fraud at the local, state, and national levels. I will also lead the fight to STOP the insurrection at our southern borders, write legislation that will eliminate the institutionalized Marxism and the associated indoctrination on our shores, and will fight to end the teaching of Critical Race Theory. 

On a personal note, my beautiful wife Calie and I have been married for 37 years, I am a father of three, a grandfather of four, and I live in Traveler's Rest, South Carolina. My children were, and my grandchildren now are, homeschooled. I am a passionate defender of life (pro-life), a passionate protector of gun rights (pro 2nd amendment), an unashamed champion of free speech (pro 1st amendment) and a leader in the school choice arena (previously endorsed by USPIE). I desire to serve Greenville and Spartanburg Counties in the 4th District Seat in the US House of Representatives. Please read my platform at the BUTTON LINK BELOW to find out more about where I stand on the issues.


About: Married 37 years to wife, Calie

Father of three

Grandfather of four

Member of Faith Baptist Church, Taylors SC

Political Science and Business, Brown University

Earned MBA from Clemson University

Marketing and Accounting (Continuing Education) Bob Jones University

Former U.S. Senate Candidate – South Carolina

Professional Baseball Player (Minor Leagues)

Regional V.P. Sales, Arnold Industries (Fortune 500 company)

Global Strategist, UPS (Fortune 50 company)

Legacy View Farms, owner

Published Author (6 books)

Christian Leadership Worldview International, President/Founder



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