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Congressman William Richardson Timmons IV has one of the highest absentee rates in all of Congress at 10.5%. He blames his military service for the absenteeism. However, after further investigation, the Air National Guard Recruiting Office indicates that Timmons can work around the 2-week summer commitment and 1-weekend a month to fit his congressional schedule. We also found out that Timmons got a Master's Degree while on the taxpayer's dime. Could that be the reason he is not showing up to work?     


Monday, June 13, 2022 5:27 PM

The Great American Tradition - PRIMARY PROCESS

The Great American Tradition


It is with the greatest concern for a Great American Tradition that I share my heart with you today. Part of the long-standing tradition called the “Primary Process” was put in place for 2 specific reasons.

First, it allowed the COMPLETE vetting of the incumbent, forcing him/her to justify their voting records, comments made, public record, and any other information that would help voters to make good voting decisions.

Second, it allows those running against the incumbents an opportunity to voice their opinions, share their political insights, and ultimately cast a vision for how they would operate if elected.

Unfortunately, just the opposite took place in the South Carolina District 4 Republican Party Primary for the U.S. House in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties and it was OBVIOUS to the membership.

The establishment Republicans, news organizations, local political rags, and other  prognosticators/pontificators went into hyperdrive to protect a very weak and ineffective Congressman, William Richardson TIMMONS IV.

They circled the wagons around TIMMONS; cancelled the voices of opponents; failed to accurately RESEARCH and portray his positions; and worked in concert (collusion) to protect the ineffective incumbent.

Why would you NOT want the primary process to unfold as designed? Why would establishment Republicans take a play out of the Democrat's cancel-culture playbook?

Answer: Raw power!

It is because of the refusal of the establishment Republicans to DO THEIR JOBS and let the primary process unfold as designed, that I will NOW do it for them and help them along the way.

Listed below are the 15 reasons why NOT to vote for the incumbent, William Timmons. He is the most ineffective congressman in District 4 since a Democrat held the office decades ago. His social agenda is EXTREMELY liberal like his mentor Lindsey Graham. As a result of his dismal record and lack of leadership, Timmons has remained virtually silent and untouched.

1. Soft on the social issues like transgenderism, drag queens, and other things that could harm our children. (listen to Charlie James audio and view Timmons’ congressional correspondence)

2. Cosponsored a CASINO Bill H.R. 8255 with the Marxist-Socialist leaning James Clyburn of the Democrat Party

3. It was reported by The Standard Newspaper that Timmons took $35,000 from the casino lobby in a “pay to play” scheme when he told us that he couldn’t be bought

4. Timmons would NOT agree to 3 no-holds-barred debates with Mike LaPierre but instead sought the safety of just 1 HIGHLY manipulated “forum” by the establishment Republicans

5. Timmons refuses to join the House Freedom Caucus which is the most conservative caucus in Washington, DC. Why? 

6. He says on YouTube that he votes with SQUAD member 5-10% of the time… REALLY?

7. Inexperienced William says on YouTube that getting an advanced liberal arts degree (Philosophy) is a poor return on investment

8. Timmons said on YouTube, and I quote, “I am NOT for Lindsey Graham” and then turns around and writes him a big fat campaign check and aggressively campaigns for Graham

9. Timmons said in a Palmetto House Republican Women’s group that the forerunner to our religious freedom, and I quote, is an “unproductive issue.” He thinks having a proper discussion and understanding of Separation of Church and State is an “unproductive issue” which are his words, not mine

  10. Timmons says on YouTube that he votes the way a majority of his constituents want him to vote. What does he do perform some kind of a referendum on each and every vote? Sounds like he supports a pure democracy instead of representative government to me  

11. Timmons voted to spend over $56 Billion on aid to the Ukraine while remaining silent on his legislative plans at our Southern Borders

12. Timmons selected a former professional poker player for his CHIEF OF STAFF

13. Timmons is on record saying, “I like the Infrastructure Bill because it creates jobs”  (that would be the $1 Trillion Marxist-Socialist Green New Deal Infrastructure Bill)

14. Timmons voted for ½ of the $1.5 Trillion Consolidated Appropriations Bill when conservatives Jeff Duncan and Ralph Norman voted NO-NO

15. To top is all off, Timmons has the 15th highest absentee rate in all of Congress (he simply does not show up to work)   

Why wouldn’t the establishment Republicans, news organizations, and political pundits want this information fully vetted? Why are they now character assassinating anyone who would dare bring these facts to the forefront?


Monday, June 13, 2022 5:22 PM

Boiling the Campaign Down - VOTE Mike LaPierre


Mike LaPierre is a born-again Christian, conservative Republican, running as a citizen representative for the U.S. House. He believes that not being obligated to the “establishment” will give him a distinct advantage for  making decisions that are in the best interest of our district, state, and country, without ties to special interest groups.   

Mike has a well-rounded resume with the credentials necessary to be an effective leader in Congress to include: Business Executive, Ivy League Graduate (Double-Major at Brown University), professional baseball player (minor leagues), Clemson MBA with 4.0 GPA Honors, Bob Jones University (Continuing Education), Founder and President of Christian Leadership Worldview, and other executive nonprofit opportunities. He has been married for almost 38 years with 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren.  

Candidate LaPierre promises to legislate from a Christian leadership worldview perspective using biblical principles as his guide for responsible, rational, and logical decision-making.  

He believes in a hierarchy of authority that starts with a Creator-God.

1. God’s Natural Law – From which our inalienable rights are derived

2. The Constitution – The written law of the land

3. Common Law – Which comes from English Common Law which also comes primary from the Bible (85-90%)

4. Man-Made Statues – Laws that helps keep us organized and move society forward, we pray!   


Please vote MIKE LAPIERRE for Congress in South Carolina District 4 – Greenville and Spartanburg Counties  

Saturday, June 4, 2022 5:23 PM

On the Record #36 - Who is Mike LaPierre?

My name is Mike LaPierre, and it is by DIVINE PROVIDENCE that I am running for Congress in SC District 4.  After a very rough start, I have lived a blessed life.

-I am the most QUALIFIED CONSERVATIVE in this congressional race.

-I am an IVY LEAGUE graduate from Brown University

-I did a double major- Political Science and Business

-While at Brown, I trained at the feet of 2 of Ronald Reagan cabinet members

-I received an MBA from Clemson University with 4.0 GPA honors

-I am a former professional baseball player (minor leagues). It is there I came to know Jesus Christ as my Savior.

-I am a retired corporate executive, recognized as a key executive on numerous annual reports

-I was the Founder and President of Christian Leadership Worldview and have other executive nonprofit experiences

-There is NO ONE in this race who has the depth of business experience and the associated CONSERVATIVE credentials.

Saturday, June 4, 2022 3:35 PM

Political Solution #38 - School Safety Preparedness

When it comes to the safety of our children, we should NEVER settle for incremental, ad hoc improvements.

Schools across America must begin a new phase of anticipatory security measures to protect our loved ones. These security measures must be layered in nature to ensure the complete and total safety of our children.

We need to harden the confines of school buildings; increase the presence of armed law enforcement officers; rethink local community communication and information sharing strategies; institute community task forces, training, and preparedness academies; identify standard operating procedures and best practices; while proactively taking diagnosed mentally challenged and deranged individuals who are at risk to commit such dastardly and heinous crimes off the street for questioning, evaluation, or confinement. We MUST always let probable cause direct our decision-making. 

Societal conditions have greatly deteriorated over the last many decades, and we need to put policies and procedures in place to identify "signals" and "indicators" to increase our school safety preparedness levels.

Infringing our 2nd Amendment guns rights should NOT be part of the solution. We should never punish American citizens for the crimes of evil doers.

Let us begin anew to keep our precious loved ones safe!

VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties

An experienced business executive and strategist that knows how to solve problems


Tuesday, May 24, 2022 6:00 PM

On the Record #35 - CASINO TIES Go Deep for Congressman Timmons

CASINO TIES Go Deep for Congressman Timmons

Congressional candidate Mike LaPierre has been trading emails with a reporter who works with the Post and Courier to help uncover deep casino, gambling, and "gaming" ties for William Richardson Timmons IV. These ties go up and down the corridors of Congress and are reaching into the hearts and souls of South Carolinians.

1. Why would William Timmons co-sponsor a bill with Marxist-Socialist leaning JAMES CLYBURN (H.R. 8255) to allow a SC Indian Tribe (Catawba Nation) with ancestral lands in NC, the right to establishing casino, gaming, and gambling operations? CLICK ON LINK!

2. Why would Team Timmons accept money from a “SC-based GOP mega-donor with shady past and ties to Burr, Tillis is behind controversial Catawba casino | NC Policy Watch?” Schumer and Lindsey Graham have received donations to their campaigns as well! CLICK ON LINK!

Team Timmons has accepted multiple sums of money to his PAC from casino investor (Wallace Cheves) who is a chief financier and a driving force behind the casino, gambling, and gaming initiatives in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. The following article suggests that various Timmons’ political organizations have accepted $35,000. CLICK ON LINK!

3. Why would William Timmons accept campaign contributions from 3 Indian Tribes (individuals) with direct ties to organized casinos, gambling, and other gaming instruments who do NOT share our South Carolina or Republican Party platform values?

“…the Turtle Mountain Chippewa voters were unanimous in banning hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to exploit oil reserves; they were the first tribe to do so out of concern for adverse environment effects of this practice.”  



4.   Why would William Timmons hire a former professional poker player as his Chief of Staff? Moutray McLaren.


5. Why would William Timmons tell us on congressional letterhead that he supports South Carolina values relating to casinos and gaming and then act in a manner that undermines the trust of the District-4 constituents?

“As you know, most forms of gambling are illegal in South Carolina. Games of chance have historically been regulated at the state level in our country, and I intend to continue to support that tradition. I strongly support our state’s ability to write and pass legislation that reflects our own values, just like those that oppose gaming. That is – after all – fundamental to the concept of Federalism in our country.”

6. It appears that Chuck Schumer and William Timmons' LONG TIME MENTOR Lindsey Graham are in on the pay to play scheme as well.


6. Does Timmons have personal investment holdings in any casino operations? How about the King's Mountain casino operation?  

7. Does Congressman Timmons frequent casino operations in his spare time and curry the favor of the gaming underworld while on the taxpayer’s time?  What will the details of his schedule tell us under a FOIA request?   

8. Was H.R. 8255 a quid pro quo (pay to play) scheme by Congressman Timmons?

9. Is all this legal? Is all this in the best interests of the constituents of District-4?

10. Couldn't Congressman Timmons have been spent his TIME in a much more productive way? A CASINO BILL? REALLY?      

Monday, May 23, 2022 12:30 PM

Political Solution #37 - Emergency Farm to Table Legislation


District 4 Congressional candidate, Michael LaPierre, is proposing EMERGENCY FARM legislation in preparation for a WORLD FOOD CRISIS. His public policy plan supports a decentralized approach to putting food on the table for ALL Americans, REMOVING UNECESSARY RED TAPE, regionalizing our food supply chains, while further decoupling ourselves from Chinese dominance.

The current supply chain CRISIS we have and the potential for a food crisis is a result of Joe Biden's failed public policy. It means that we need to be prepared to remove ALL RED TAPE and to foster the ENABLERS for ROBUST farm to table local community operations.

It has challenged my thinking about the need to re-shore our food supplies to ensure agricultural independence. Whether you are growing the produce or managing the livestock necessary to sustain the lives of American citizens, we need to simplify the process with a hands-off approach to agriculture.  

Farm to Table – Supply lines, distribution points, and the overall supply chain agricultural ecosystem must revolve around the relationship between our farmers and the American consumers. All red tape must be removed, all barriers eliminated, and the enabling processes created to foster direct links between farmers and their local neighbors.

We must SAVE our nation’s farm communities, PROTECT OUT CITIZENS, and support a forward-thinking approach to feeding the citizens of America in a crisis situation.

SAFETY – Provide safe and healthy foods for our citizens
ACCESS – Allow for regional and localized access (Farm to table)
VALUE – Streamline distribution and supply chains to lower costs for consumers
EXCEPTIONAL – Ensure the highest quality of foods in the world

We must not allow our federal government to bury our farmers in paperwork and the associated red tape. We need to unleash the POWER of the American farmer RIGHT NOW and make sure that we allow them to do what they do best!

As such, I am further recommending a streamlined and efficient reporting process that will minimize/eliminate needless reporting requirements, where possible.

Free Market Farming (FMF) – In a sense, we are bringing the free market back into the farming communities.

-Master Farmer designation guidelines with strict accountability
-Direct to consumer, bypassing the traditional FDA regulatory structure
-Periodic and random inspections with tough penalties
-Limited immunity from prosecution, notwithstanding gross negligence
-Agricultural Practices Exchange
-Licensing fees and other regulatory fees to be eliminated

-Accelerated depreciation for smooth transition


Vote for Mike LaPierre

Saturday, May 21, 2022 6:28 PM

Political Solution #36 - STOP Biden's Economic Policies

STOP Biden’s Monetary and Fiscal Policies 

Congressman Timmons supports Joe Biden’s monetary and fiscal policies hook, line, and sinker. Timmons’ recent deficit spending vote for the $40 Billion in aid to the Ukraine and his $850 Billion vote on the Consolidated Appropriation Bill is all we need to know about his spending habits.

The Federal Reserve Board is now realizing that all of the “funny money” that they have been plowing into the economy is having devastating consequences on the United States as seen with out-of-control INFLATION!

That’s right? These so-called monetary geniuses now realize that printing an endless supply of money (M1) coupled with a federal government bent on giving EVERY American free checks (more free stuff demanded by the Marxists) is leading us to an economic meltdown.

Notwithstanding, they are taking out 2nd, 3rd, and 4th mortgages on the future of our children and grandchildren with no ability to repay outside of ........ yes, you guessed it........INCREASED TAXATION!

In other words, for political reasons the Marxists want to bloat America’s supply of cash- Money Supply-M1 (to make present day folks happy); increase our national debt structure; have the Feds repurchase U.S. Bonds; create devastating inflationary conditions which devalue the American dollar and its earning power (our dollar is worth much less with curtailed purchasing power); while the federal government readies its arm to dramatically raise taxes and infuse ANOTHER round of Ukraine stimulus!

You can’t make this stuff up! Timmons is right there with them.

Why? The federal government wants you to be beholden to a statist ideology done by controlling a bigger portion of your paycheck and/or wallet. Just follow the money!

The Marxists are on the move....and Timmons is leading out front and paving the pathways for them as one of a handful of RINOs that support this GARBAGE. The Republican “establishment“ is ruining America. William Timmons and his policy decisions are ruining America.

Whether you print more money (increase the M1 Money Supply); dramatically increase government spending (reckless and out of control spending), repurchase U.S.  Bonds; or plant those money trees in the back yard of all Americans (free checks and stimulus monies); give away boat loads of cash to the Ukraine; it is all designed by the Marxists and those that support their policies (William Timmons) to increase a pervasive and dominant government presence in your life.

Remember, there are 5 rungs on the ladder to nowhere. There is a progression that leads to total control and the lack of individual freedoms…(1) Liberalism (2) Progressivism (3) Socialism (4) Marxism (5) Totalitarianism. The Biden administration and his Marxist supporters have captured the 3rd rung on their way to total control and dominance.

Saturday, May 21, 2022 4:49 PM

Political Solution #35 - Leave Our Guns Alone



  • Oppose Red Flag laws which are aimed at controlling our guns
  • Support the prosecution of felons who try to purchase guns illegally
  • Support state reciprocity for concealed and/or Constitutional Carry
  • Oppose banning large-capacity magazines and assault weapons
  • Oppose all restrictions


Every citizen of the United States of America has the right, guaranteed by our Constitution, to legally carry a gun, including a handgun. This right extends to open carry, concealed carry, and carry without a permit.  This right is otherwise known as “Constitutional Carry.”

All attempts by the left to limit our gun rights, in any way, are backdoor efforts to control our guns. We must never let this happen. I consider gun ownership to be a foundational element in deterring those who would seek to encroach on the sacred constitutional safeguards of pursuing life, liberty and the protection of our families. In other words, it protects us from dictatorship and tyranny. In McDonald vs. Chicago, The United States Supreme Court ruled that the right of an individual to "keep and bear arms" as protected under the Second Amendment, is incorporated by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment against the states.

The right to own guns is characteristic of what it has meant to be an American since the founding of our great nation. These rights should not be stripped away from us because of the actions of the few who choose unlawful behavior. The keeping and bearing of arms, as prescribed by the Constitution, is for the protection of the people from government tyranny and also to safeguard our lives, land and families.

Friday, May 13, 2022 6:38 PM

On the Record #34 - The World Health Organization

Much has been written about IHR (International Health Regulations) and WHO (World Health Organization) and their role in formulating, guiding, and then imposing a world health strategy and sovereign authority on American citizens.

To this I say, “Absolutely 100%, NO WAY-NO HOW!”

As your Congressman, I will never vote to allow the World Health Organization and/or their regulatory arm, the International Health Regulations, to usurp one ounce of American healthcare sovereignty.

We shouldn’t support this organization financially, share personal data with this organization about U.S. citizens, or in any way cede authority or sovereignty to this rogue organization.

Their handling of the Wuhan lab in China and downplaying the Chinese government’s role in covering it up has exposed their true colors.

The World Health Organization was dead-on-arrival in my book in the first place, however, the politicization and manipulation of COVID-19 has confirmed what I already knew, they are as useless as the United Nations.      

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 4:59 PM

On the Record #33 - Timmons Votes $40 Billion for Ukraine

Timmons Votes $40 Billion for Ukraine

In yet another example of his RINO voting behavior, William Timmons votes for another $40 Billion for the Ukrainian dilemma. As real conservatives, Jeff Duncan and Ralph Norman each voted NO to this disastrous bill that further puts us in debt.

This bill is NOT about protecting America’s national security interests, this is simply about getting America deeper and deeper into a prolonged and protracted war. The Marxist-Socialists think that somehow/someway that involving us in a WWIII like war will protect their power base and avert losses in the midterm and presidential elections. 

The Marxists-Socialists are delusional. Come November, Biden is a lame duck. END OF STORY! 

Timmons once again fell for the RINO bate.

First, he votes YES to ½ of the $1.5 Trillion Consolidated Appropriations Bill to the tune of $850 Billion because he was sucked into the Biden Ukrainian EMERGENCY trap. Half the bill was military, and the other half was nonmilitary (pork).  There was $13.6 Billion in emergency aid for the Ukraine.

How could TIMMONS vote for a bill that he couldn’t even read? In the Upstate of South Carolina William Timmons is the RINO thorn between 2 conservative roses (Duncan + Norman).

Timmons just doesn’t fit in or share our conservative UPSTATE (District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg) values.


VOTE Mike LaPierre for U.S. House

SC District 4 – Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


Tuesday, May 10, 2022 7:06 PM

Political Solution #34 - The Ukrainian Dilemma

The Ukrainian situation is similar to the muck and mire of Syria where there are numerous moving parts and complexities. As a result of these complexities, I am going to try and boil things down into simple concepts, assumptions, and bite-sized pieces.

When analyzing this Ukrainian dilemma, I am going to think as much like President Reagan as possible on this issue. If Reagan was our President or Trump, this war wouldn’t have happened. PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!

Unfortunately, we are now in a position where we have to clean up another one of Biden’s and/or his handler’s messes.

I believe that President Reagan would have supported the following 7 military/humanitarian assumptions.  

1. We must NEVER allow the slaughter, rape, and abuse of women and children.

2. When securing a clear advantage against a sworn enemy and EVIL dictator (PUTIN), we must NEVER allow that EVIL dictator to reconstitute the U.S.S.R. and the Soviet bloc of states. We keep our foot on the throat of our enemy.

3. We must NEVER allow Putin to use American dollars from the profit of oil to fund a war against ourselves. We are currently in a position where American dollars are funding an American proxy war against ourselves all because of the Climate Change religion.

4. No boots on the ground and no nuclear confrontation/showdown.

5. Escalated development and funding of drones and drone activity/capability.

6. Exhaust all cyber measures to eliminate and/or severely curtail the production and distribution of Russian oil and natural gas (LNG).

7. NEVER vote to give the Marxist-Socialist leaning Joe Biden and his handlers the congressional authority to supply the Ukraine with unlimited weaponry short of nuclear armaments.

Our go-forward Ukrainian strategy should be developed with the above national security assumptions in mind.


VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress
SC District 4 - Spartanburg and Greenville Counties


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Tuesday, May 10, 2022 4:31 PM

Political Solution #33 - Embrace Our Founding Principles

Dear Fellow Republicans, District 4 Citizens, and Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We need to reclaim the American spirit of our Founding Fathers where the tie that binds our hearts and our national character is a faith and a confidence that is evident to us all.

This pragmatic populism of yesteryear of which I speak was undergirded with an unwavering faith in God Almighty. We must unite our Republican Party and rejoice in the conservative values found in our party platform.

We must be leery of anyone or anything that takes us away from the principles found in the Constitution, the principles found in our Republican Party Platform, and most importantly, the principles found in the very Word of God.

The LaPierre for House campaign team has been very deliberate and purposeful to incorporate these values into our political strategy, while denouncing Secular Marxism and denouncing those political practices that shut down the voices of those willing to serve and put themselves in harms-way during a primary contest. All voices must be heard! Censorship, limiting the voices of our opponents, and canceling the thoughts of others, no matter how repulsive, is not the American way.

I am making both a commitment and a recommendation. I commit to the citizens of District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties that when I am your Congressman, I will refuse to speak at any Republican organizations where the opposition voices have been silenced. I do not need those types of political favors. I am recommending that all future Congressman from District 4 devise a similar approach and respond in the same manner. 

To this I say.....Long live the South Carolina Republican Party and long live the vision of our Founding Fathers. I pray that each of us be about the business of serving the GOD of our fathers and mothers and NOT the god(s) of our own making.

God bless you!

VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress

SC District 4 – Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


Friday, May 6, 2022 5:11 PM

Political Solution #32 - FIGHTING CORRUPTION


  • Term limits help level the playing field and thwart corrupt practices
  • The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act needs heightened levels of scrutiny and enforcement
  • Full disclosure of unlawful practices for those hired with taxpayer money
  • The Congressional Ethics Committees need to do more to stop political corruption and prosecute would be perpetrators
  • Increased ethics training


Corruption in politics at the local, state, and federal levels is much like a fast-spreading cancer that is ready to consume and destroy the body. The cancer of corruption must be rooted out, and there is no time to wait. Like cancer destroying the lifeblood of the physical body, so corruption destroys the lifeblood of the body politic. We should never tolerate any hint of wrongdoing in the public sphere.

Leaders and citizens of this country must be willing to combat the forces of evil in our government without hesitation. If we fail to enforce the rule of law in the political domain, we are consenting to behavior that is out of touch with the vision of our Founding Fathers. When that happens, the integrity of our founding documents and the very existence of our country are put at risk. The Latin phrase, Qui Tacet Consentrie, is translated to, “he who is silent is understood to consent.” Leaders need to do more to attack the “cancer of corruption” in our government and must not consent by remaining silent! 

Let’s explore several ways that public servants can guard themselves and contribute to reform in this area:

  1. Term Limits – I believe that we need an amendment to our Constitution that limits the number of terms for members of both the U.S. House and Senate. Politicians, lobbyists, and other institutional government bureaucracies are currently engaged in a continuous feedback loop of trading money for favorable legislation. Long-term politicians count on large sums of money being funneled into their campaigns for reelection purposes. The power and leverage of the lobbyists will be greatly thwarted with term limits. Furthermore, term limits help “level the playing field” and have the effect of democratizing the sources of power, thus, inhibiting the potential for concentrated power in the hands of a few. Excessive power can lead to corruption. When we stop the flow of money and limit excessive power, we help stem the tide of corrupt operating practices.
  2. Congressional Insider Trading - The Stock Act does not go far enough in curbing congressional gains from insider knowledge. The Senate Ethics Committee needs to “batten down the hatches” and broaden their interpretation of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act. While the new law codifies the rules of the road for congressional financial transactions, it also gives would be perpetrators the blueprints for circumvention. 
  3. Hiring Practices – Congressional members must hold themselves above reproach and provide full disclosure of any unlawful practices committed by political consultants, staff employees, and other “for-hire” services paid by the taxpayer. We need to put our elected officials in Washington, DC, in a glass house when it comes to their hiring practices. Transparency of the law breakers and illegal practices for those that are hired with tax payer money must be the norm.  
  4. Prosecution – The Congressional Ethics Committees need to do more to stop political corruption by recommending more cases for legal action and prosecution. Our leaders need to be held accountable for their actions. A slap on the wrist will no longer suffice.     
  5. Ethics Training – The number of hours and the types of training included in any standardized training models for Congressional members must be evaluated for causal relationships and effectiveness. 
  6. FBI (White Collar – Congressional Division) – We need to pass legislation allocating increased funding for FBI agents dedicated to congressional oversight and investigation. We need to put some teeth into congressional accountability.   

Our Founding Fathers designed a constitution that would protect us from the baser instincts of mankind. The rule of law is the primary basis for that document. In a sense, they are telling us that the ball is now in our court. We need to defend and enforce the laws of the land rigorously.  Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay also knew of the evil machinations of mankind when writing The Federalist Papers in support of the Constitution.

I believe that we need to take a reformist approach to rooting out corruption in our politics. Leaders must be held to a higher standard. When enforcing our current ethics rules, we must never let the delicacies of political thinking and reasoning overshadow our commitment to the principles of God’s moral law.  His moral law is the foundation of the laws of our land. God bless America!       

Friday, May 6, 2022 4:37 PM

On the Record #32 - THE ESTABLISHMENT

Has anyone seen the Tom Cruise movie, THE FIRM? Hmm……

Establishment Republicans are missing a very big ingredient in what creates an exceptional and distinctive America. Every idea, counter intuitive political thought, discussion, debate, and other forms of creative thinking laced with the moral authority of God should be valued!

All American voices should be heard, especially, those willing to put themselves out there and in harms-way on the campaign trail. We should treat with equal dignity the ingenuity and creative genius of those contributing to the marketplace of ideas. Lest we forget the history of the United States of America, exceptional countries are created during the process of discussion, debate, and ideation.

If you or your organization have NOT allowed ALL conservative voices to speak at one of your monthly meetings and are circling the wagons around an incumbent, you are GREATLY diminishing the power of the primary process and a time-honored American tradition. Censoring voices, tamping down the thoughts of others, and manipulating the outcome of a primary is shameful.

This is AMERICA where the battle of ideas MUST take precedence and stand tall in the courts of public opinion. Otherwise, are we any better than a Banana Republic?

Candidate Mike LaPierre is raining on THE FIRM'S parade. 

VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


Friday, May 6, 2022 3:55 PM

On the Record #31 - The Fundamental Orders

I am encouraging all my supporters to take the time to read the Mayflower Compact, George Washington’s Farewell Address, the Declaration of Independence, the early state constitutions, and the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. Many argue that this last document provides the blueprint for our first Constitution!

Each of the documents listed provide valuable insight to the foundational elements of America and her reputable and distinctive character. God, faith, Christ, Jesus, and our unalienable rights are pervasive through these historical documents.

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut:

".... preserve the liberty and purity of the gospel of our Lord Jesus which we now profess, as also the discipline of the Churches, which according to the truth of the said gospel is now practiced amongst us;"

Is there any question that our country was founded on Christian principles and established as a Christian nation?

VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


Sunday, May 1, 2022 3:01 PM

Political Solution #31 - Military Strength


  • We should be the most prepared military in history
  • We take care of our veterans in full
  • America will never allow rogue nations to gain nuclear capabilities
  • We defend our allies
  • Peace through strength at all times


Military strength and preparedness are the bedrock for an exceptional national security policy here in America. Military strength and preparedness act as a deterrent to the forces of evil around the world that seek to do us harm. When America is strong militarily, the world notices and makes decisions accordingly. The same thing happens when we are weak. During the Biden and Obama administrations the entire world knew  that  we had weak Commander in Chiefs at the helm. As a result, liberties and encroachments were taken by our enemies. For example, Russia waltzed into Ukraine and annexed Crimea- supporting and funding an anti-government faction to destabilize the country.

Evidently, Obama was willing to show some “flexibility” to allow Putin to navigate. Biden has paved a pathway for Putin to fund this was as Biden’s energy policies are lining the pockets of the evil Russian dictator. We should never show any of our cards to our adversaries or fund their capacity to wage war. In another example, ISIS gained a substantial presence and foothold in the Middle East as a result of our inaction and weakness in Iraq. Afghanistan was more of the same from the weak and feckless Biden administration.

The components of military strength are wide and varied but include some of the following vital characteristics:      

  • Believable articulation of military strength by leaders in government
  • Supreme care of our veterans who served with dignity and honor
  • Recognition of our veterans commensurate with their service distinction
  • Deliberate and proportional military action when our national security is breached
  • Allowance for military leaders to be relevant with real decision-making authority
  • Support for our allies when their national security interests are impeded
  • Aid and support for selective causes of freedom in regions that impact our national security interests
  • Increased military spending (peace through strength)
  • Exceptional recruiting, training, and placement of our armed military personnel
  • All viable military options available against rogue nations trying to gain nuclear strike capabilities

We have the most dedicated military force in the entire world and we need to take the measures necessary to support their resolve to keep us safe. A strong military will help bring the United States of America peace and prosperity for generations to come!    

Sunday, May 1, 2022 2:50 PM

On the Record #30 - LaPierre Winning the Battle of Ideas

While the establishment Republican, William Timmons, spends tens of thousands of dollars running TV ads and other campaign related advertisements, it is challenger Mike LAPIERRE who is winning the battle of ideas and the battle of popular public opinion by a long shot.
Both critical variables (ideas and public opinion) point to the need for a spiritual and a moral realignment in the United States of America. LaPierre has written hundreds of articles, offers 6 FREE BOOKS on his website, has written 30 political solutions, with other academic whitepapers that all point to his complete understanding of the political, moral, and spiritual issues that face America.
When is the last time you heard the incumbent, Congressman Timmons, speak of spiritual matters? Timmons legislates from a SECULAR HUMANIST perspective with very little DEMONSTRATED understanding of the spiritual and moral imperatives that face our great country.
Timmons believes that the forerunner to our religious freedoms, is a "nonproductive issue", his words. That forerunner is a proper definition of Church and State and the corresponding functional roles. I was shocked when Timmons said that it was a “nonproductive issue!”
We must elect a congressman who understands the great moral and spiritual needs of our day and then puts an action plan together to write legislation, use the bully pulpit, and EDUCATE the great citizens of District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. District 4 citizens need to know what is happening and how they can mobilize to fight back!
America is a Christian nation, and we need RECLAIM AMERICA with a Christian Leadership Worldview. A legislative approach that we have NOT seen from Timmons!
VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties

Thursday, April 28, 2022 6:57 PM

Congressman Timmons Threatens Candidate LaPierre

Why would a 2-term congressman (William Richardson Timmons IV) with an endorsement from President Trump in hand feel it necessary to threaten a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Mike LaPierre? 

Shortly after the Trump endorsement, candidate Mike LaPierre put up a Facebook post titled, “The 13 Reasons Why Not to Vote for William Timmons.” Evidently, it caused quite a stir in the Timmons camp. The post was laced with factual information and additional personal commentary. 

It caused enough of a stir in the Timmons’ camp where Timmons himself felt compelled to send a threatening text and then asked for a one-on-one meeting with candidate LaPierre. Why does the Timmons camp feel threatened?  

That’s right! A wealthy elitist two-term congressman with a trust fund, sent a shot over the bow of an average everyday blue-collar middle-class and aspiring citizen representative, Mike LaPierre. Obviously, the intent was to intimidate candidate LaPierre, manipulate a message that Trump wanted me to drop out of the race, and ultimately coerce LaPierre into leaving the U.S. congressional race.

Well, it had just the opposite impact. LaPierre has dug his heels in and is determined to fight the professional political operative and establishment insider, GOLIATH. 

Candidate LaPierre stated, “I will not be intimidated, manipulated, or coerced into dropping out of this race. My mission in this race has always been to convince the great citizens of District 4 that the moral and spiritual center of America must get back in alignment. If the foundational elements of District 4 (Greenville and Spartanburg Counties) are not enveloped with the Word of God, our very survival as a nation is in question and at risk. Congressman Timmons’ threat is part and parcel of the deterioration of our society. It is indicative of the lengths that politicians will go to stay in power.”

At a future date, candidate LaPierre plans on releasing BOTH the “The 13 Reasons Why Not to Vote for William Timmons” article and the threatening text.  

The voters of District 4 can then determine which of the 13 reasons has stirred the commotion in the Timmons camp and which one is “hovering over the target.” 

Thursday, April 28, 2022 4:30 PM

On the Record #29 - Hold the Line!

Based on his high absenteeism, lousy results, no voice, no solutions, and his connectivity to Lindsey Graham, even his RINO friends are questioning him. Here is an email message from a RINO that was supposed to be going to Nate Leupp and was inadvertently sent to me by mistake!

“Timmons seems shaky to me. I'm hearing many questioning what he's doing, not doing, in DC for us."

This tells me that the establishment Republican line is not holding up and is being crushed under the weight of Timmons' lousy performance!

Thursday, April 28, 2022 4:26 PM

Political Solution #30 - Deport All Illegal Aliens

Candidate Mike LaPierre is proposing the deportation of all illegal aliens on our shores over a 10-year drawdown period.

Candidate LaPierre commented, “My druthers would be to IMMEDIATELY expel ALL would be illegal alien law breakers in America! However, understanding the magnitude and complexity of such a logistical initiative, I believe that we can safely and humanely rid ourselves of a majority of these lawbreakers in a relatively short period of time. After that, we will be diligent in apprehending the remnant still remaining on our shores.”

LaPierre wants to send a message to the world that we are closed for business on the illegal immigration front.

LaPierre further states, “In addition to the SURGE-STOP-PURGE plan that our campaign team has put together, we are recommending a 5-year moratorium (at a minimum) on ALL immigration until such time that America’s national security interests are protected.”

VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress

SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


Thursday, April 28, 2022 4:13 PM

On the Record #28 - OPEN LETTER to My Rino "Friends"

Why do leaders manufacturer and raise the intensity and ire of division and conflict to intolerable levels? Could it be that their natural propensity as leaders is deficient and ineffective?

Could it be that the magnetism, charisma, and statesman like qualities needed to lead have not been impressed upon their individual leadership DNA?

Could the isolation and smallness of a "music box" experience compel them to get results with a more nefarious road with thoughts, objectives,  and actions in serious disrepute? i.e., example- ballot harvesting and election corruption.

Does suppressing the voices of others make you a bigger man/woman?

Does limiting the voices of talented Republican candidates help advance or detract from moving our district, state, and country forward?

As Republicans, are we now satisfied to bask in the echo chamber of sameness where conformity, control, and the elimination of opposing voices rule the day?

Has the spirit of discussion, debate, and the vetting of a multiplicity of fresh ideas now given way to a cancel culture like environment?

There are two things destroying the soul of America.

1. The Marxist-Socialist ideologues on our shores

2. The establishment RINO Republicans who practice censorship and are willing to negotiate with, and allow safe harbor protection for, those found in #1 above.

In both instances, the Constitution is NOT being protected as it should.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 9:44 AM

Political Solution #29 - Let the Coach Pray!

Executive Summary:

Sponsor legislation to claw back our unalienable and constitutional rights of religious freedom.


Full Commentary:

I listened to the recent Supreme Court arguments on the rights of the coach to pray at midfield after a football game and I wanted to throw up! Disgusting! Scalia and Rehnquist are turning over in the graves! 

The very nature of the oral arguments themselves from conservative and progressive justices alike are bent toward an unconstitutional understanding of the establishment clause and the free exercise clause. The court bantered back and forth about the nature of religious coercion hinged on legal precedence that was also unconstitutional in nature. School districts oftentimes make these mistakes. Under our Constitution these school districts (The government) need to accommodate free exercise claims and not interfere!  There is no compelling state interest to interfere with the right of a coach to pray.

If government speech (by government employees) is infringing on the free exercise rights of its citizens and shutting them down, then that would be a problem under the establishment clause. But in this case, it is not. The coach (an American citizen) is exercising his religious freedom and the school district (government) has no authority under the original and textual understanding our Constitution to control or limit that expression.

Any court decision that doesn't support this notion is unconstitutional, legal precedence or not. If a person of faith exercises his/her beliefs, why does it now become coercion and not free exercise?

It has been said many times that a "Lemon" is a stubborn fruit. Lemon vs. Kurtzman is a thread that goes through many of the precedence setting cases.
The legal wrangling, the parsing of legal rhetoric, the intellectualization and the hyper-secularization of our society, has chipped away and moved our moral compass to a place that doesn't resemble a traditional and time-honored American way of life. The entanglement objective in Lemon has constrained the expression of free speech and has redrawn the traditional boundaries of our Founding Fathers beliefs relating to religious freedom in general.

Redefining the free exercise clause in a way that puts it at odds with the establishment clause is a problem in my book. The two clauses were meant to be compatible. The establishment clause simply informs government of what they CANNOT do. They cannot establish a national religion. End of story.

The free exercise clause simply informs American citizens what they CAN do. They can freely exercise without restrictions. End of story. Supreme Court legal precedence has conflated and redefined an original, traditional, and textual understanding of the role of church and state and how they interrelate.

As American citizens, we must remain outraged EVERY TIME the government tries to shut down the free expression of our religious beliefs. Under the RFRA of 1993, we must hold the government accountable to have a compelling state interest to deny someone their religious freedom and remind them of their constitutional duty to remain flexible and to provide religious accommodations.

Bottom line, we have allowed the court system to manipulate and change the meaning of the First Amendment to fit a cultural narrative INSTEAD of fighting to preserve the original meaning.

VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A leader who will fight for our religious freedoms and someone who will write legislation to protect them!

Saturday, April 16, 2022 6:42 PM


Mike’s Top 12 Reasons NOT to Vote for Timmons

Mike LaPierre has found the secret sauce for beating William Richardson Timmons IV for the U.S. House race in District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.

Candidate LAPIERRE simply wants Timmons to open his mouth and keep speaking - GAME OVER!

1. NO ANSWERS – Encourage Timmons to speak at as many events, political functions, and radio interviews as possible - He never answers any questions, offers any solutions, or even sounds like he has any strategic political sense or foresight whatsoever. All he does is give us history lessons! It's awkward and embarrassing.

2. NO SHOW – Encourage Timmons to justify his extremely high ABSENTEE RATE in Congress - William Richardson Timmons IV just doesn't show up to work. Timmons has one of the highest absentee rates in all of Congress at 10.5%, missing 149 votes. He decided to get a Master's Degree while on the taxpayer's dime. He blames the military. After further investigation and talks with the Air National Guard recruiter, that simply is NOT TRUE.

3. NO TRUTH – Ask Timmons to explain what he meant on YOUTUBE when he said, "I am NOT for Lindsey Graham." - He then proceeded to write him a great big fat campaign check and aggressively campaigned for Graham in 2020.

4. NO CONSERVATISM – Ask Timmons to explain why he REFUSES to join the most conservative caucus in the U.S. House (House Freedom Caucus) - He gives some convoluted answers about NOT wanting to be obligated to vote with conservatives! Really? Please, keeping talking Mr. Timmons.

5. NO CLUE – Try to get Timmons to explain what he meant when he said on YOUTUBE that he votes with SQUAD member A.O.C. 5-10% of the time. Oops! Keep talking!

6. NO UNDERSTANDING – Ask Timmons what he meant on YOUTUBE when he says that when he votes on legislation, he votes the way a majority of his constituents want him to vote. Guess he does some kind of formal referendum each time he votes in Congress! Sounds like a pure democracy vs. representative government (REPUBLIC) to me.

7. NO CONSIDERATION – Ask Timmons what he meant on YOUTUBE when he said that spending big chunks of money for a Liberal Arts Degree (philosophy) was a "poor return on investment." - He just disenfranchised half of his constituents in District 4! Candidate LAPIERRE spent big chunks of money on a Liberal Arts Degree. Keep talking Mr. Timmons.

8. NO BUSINESS SENSE – Encourage Timmons to explain why he voted to further in-debt our children and our grandchildren when he voted for 1/2 of the monstrous $1.5 Trillion Consolidated Appropriations Bill when Conservative Congressmen Jeff Duncan and Ralph Norman voted NO! Timmons didn't even have time to read the bill. We are now WELL OVER $30 Trillion in debt.

9. NO STRATEGIC POLITICAL INSIGHT – Ask Congressman Timmons what he meant when he said, and I quote, "I like the Infrastructure Bill because it creates jobs." - That would be the $1 Trillion Marxist-Socialist Green New Deal Infrastructure Bill that creates the WRONG kind of jobs and hurts small businesses in South Carolina.

10. NO CARE – Ask Mr. Timmons what he was thinking when he sponsored a bill to create a healthcare MONOPOLY in District 4 driving healthcare costs through the roof, abusing elderly finances. He is absolutely KILLING the elderly with these HIGH PRICES. Cutting deals with BIG HEALTHCARE is not good for the citizens of District 4!

11. NO CONSIDERATION – Ask Timmons why he chose a former PROFESSIONAL POKER PLAYER as his CHIEF OF STAFF as one of his first official acts as a Congressman? In the Bible-belt? Really, Mr. Timmons?

12. NO DEPTH – Ask Timmons why he stated that a discussion on Separation of Church and State is a “NON-PRODUCTIVE ISSUE”, his words. Right defining separation of Church and State is the forerunner to religious freedom. OOPPS!  

William Richard Timmons IV needs to be RECALLED with your vote on June 14th, 2022. He simply does NOT have the conservative experience necessary or the business sense to represent District 4.

p.s. With these results, I wouldn't agree to debate me either.


VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg

I LIKE MIKE - I will show up to work!

Add your news summary here.

Saturday, April 16, 2022 6:36 PM

On the Record #26 - Timmons Abuses Elderly Finances


Joe Biden and his handlers have made posting photos of the latest gas prices the new "thing" on social media! Gas, food, home repair items, clothing, heating fuels, and a whole host of other consumption items are near HISTORIC INFLATIONARY LEVELS here in District 4 (Greenville and Spartanburg Counties) and across our beautiful state of South Carolina.

However, and lest we forget, the DEVASTATING and NEGATIVE impact to SOARING health care costs that William Richardson Timmons IV has had on our District. The rising cost of healthcare in D4 can be laid “directly at the feet” of our inexperienced Congressman William Timmons. It was Congressman Timmons (then, state senator) who sponsored a bill to allow monopoly-like conditions to set up shop here in District 4.

Candidate LaPierre stated, “The Greenville County Solicitor needs to investigate and potentially file a lawsuit against the MONOPOLY-LIKE conditions of PRISMA HEATH-CARE to challenge and stop the attack on the elderly, the poor, and middle classes in South Carolina. Once and for all we need to determine if there are anti-trust considerations.”

That's right, Timmons cut a deal and sponsored legislation to bring the PRISMA MONOPOLY-like organization to our state. So, while we are all NOW worried about the inflationary issues at the gas station and grocery store, let us look at an EXAMPLE of how William Timmons is directly responsible for DESTROYING and abusing the finances of the elderly, the poor, and middle classes in our state.


If one were to obtain a quote for a hernia operation with PRISMA HEALTH, the total cost would be over $32k. Now, go 10 minutes up the road to a NON PRISMA location and you can get that same surgery for under $8k. Believe me! THIS EXAMPLE IS MY OWN! 


Mr. Timmons, with respect, $24K is an awful lot of gas and food money. YOU SIR are financially suffocating and abusing the elderly, the poor, and middle classes with your il-conceived sponsorship of monopoly-like conditions.

The rich elitist William Richardson Timmons IV sponsored a bill in the SC Senate that "gave away" the Greenville Healthcare System for pennies on the dollar. He effectively sold GHS for the outstanding debt. That's right, he gave away the farm and got NOTHING in return. The hard-working taxpayers in District 4 saw ENORMOUS chunks of their hard-earned tax dollars get STOLEN from them in this very bad deal from TIMMONS!

No businessman in their right mind would have cut this deal! NO ONE! Why would you cut a deal that harms the elderly, poor, and middle class? Why? Because Timmons sits in an ivory tower with a silver spoon in his mouth. As a trust fund kid, Timmons is immune from the financial pressures of high healthcare costs!

What OTHER destructive decisions has Timmons made while now in Congress? Stay tuned!

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Saturday, April 16, 2022 6:27 PM

Political Solution #28 - Mike LaPierre's Commitment to Dist-4

  • Team LaPierre will show up to work with our lunch pails, will not be absent from work, and produce results


  • I pledge to join the House Freedom Caucus in Washington, DC


  • Iwill use the platform and bully pulpit of the congressional office to sound the alarm and fight against the MARXISTS-SOCIALISTS on our shores


  • Team LaPierre will use sound reason, judgment, and discernment emanating from bible principles to render legislative decisions


  • Our team will fight tooth and nail to bring America back to a respect for our great nation, a respect for traditional values, a respect for true history, a respect for the Constitution, and a respect for our Founding Father’s original vision for America


  • We will use every legislative means possible to encourage and reestablish our Framer’s original view of the relationship between Church and State


  • I will do everything in my power to make sure that we stay focused on the foundational and spiritual underpinnings that made America great in the first place


  • Our team will help reestablish the elements of our American distinctiveness that are currently out of alignment. i.e., life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, border security, and gun rights


  • We will help bring a focus on religion and the Spirit of the Living God back to the great citizens of District 4 and around the country


  • Our team will help right the wrongs of excessive and run-away spending, the cancel culture, CRT indoctrination, anti-American and anti-God sentiment, and the Marxist ideology now stealing the soul of our nation
Add your news summary here.

Thursday, April 14, 2022 1:37 PM

Political Solution #27 - Education Reform and School Choice

Candidate Mike LaPierre was recently endorsed by USPIE Action. This is a nation organization that focuses on getting parents involved in the education of their children!  AMEN!


  • Parents have a responsibility and a right to safeguard their children’s education
  • Tax dollars should follow the student based on parental school choice options
  • Moral and spiritual principles must undergird foundational elements of education
  • Accountability and education outcomes should drive teacher performance reviews
  • Students should be able to come to school anticipating a safe environment


Our country desperately needs a system of education that brings the basics of morality, common human decency, and a focus on the principles of God’s Word, back to the classroom. For the most part, the classrooms in our public schools have become void of the spiritual nourishment needed to sustain a healthy and vibrant society. We see the atrocities occurring across our country at an alarming rate. Undeniably our educational system plays a role in some of these results. Prayer in public schools and an increased awareness of Christian history, including the Ten Commandments, should all be part of a student’s educational exposure.

1.  What is the purpose of education? The primary purpose of education is to train our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Parents have a stewardship responsibility to make sure their children are productive, law abiding, God honoring, and concerned members of society that want to positively influence others and impact the culture.

2.  What is the role of the Federal government in education? The Federal government should not have any authoritative or decision-making role in the education system. The Department of Education should be disbanded and the responsibility should be given back to “We the People” at the state level. We must allow parents the ability to craft the educational experience fit for their child’s specific needs through school choice initiatives.

3.  What is Common Core? Common Core is nothing more than the Federal Government indoctrinating our children with Secular Humanist values. It is a standardized form of teaching where students march in lockstep with federally mandated propaganda. The things being taught, amount of class time, types of testing, accountability practices, and teacher evaluations are all designed to create human robots that support a statist worldview. The humanists (anti-God faction) want to secularize our country through education and currently have free reign in doing so. A common-sense approach to education that de-institutionalizes and de-standardizes the experience will allow teacher and student the ability to form the sacred bonds of trust, as it once was in our country.

4.  Why are standardized testing practices harmful? Standardized test practices are a poor judge of students’ abilities and harmful because teachers start teaching to the requirements of the testing, versus preparing them with real world skill sets. We need to return to classical forms of education where the basic fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic are the foundation upon which higher levels of thinking are taught. It is critical in the current era of knowledge that our children are taught to think logically about what they are seeing and are encouraged to test those boundaries with debating skills. This helps challenge and inspire students to think and reason for themselves, compared to the rote memorization approaches in our current school systems.

5.  Why is school choice important?  School choice is important because it brings the responsibility back to the parents and allows them to design just the right education for the individual needs of their children. This choice helps craft and stimulate a thirst for both education and excellence. Technology has opened a very wide door for school choice to flourish beyond our wildest imaginations. We believe that school choice, inclusive of technology, has created a pathway for everyone to have access to the key learning principles found in the highest quality educational systems. 

6. How Suppressing Freedom of Religion in Schools is Harmful to Education. A great problem to our education system and the moral well-being of our children is that schools have removed all traces of spirituality in the classroom. We need to allow Biblical principles to be taught in the classroom and we need to allow prayer back in our public schools. We continue to be the mouthpiece for bringing the Released Time programs in our state from the shadows of obscurity to mainstream USA. Faith-based training during the public-school day is a tremendous tool that is both underfunded and underutilized.  The Supreme Court has ruled that the Released Time program is constitutional. When conditions of faith are removed from the classroom, you are left with worldview teaching that aligns with both the Secular Humanist religion and the Democrat Socialist political ideology. The strategic endeavors of both are to control all aspects of society with uniform thinking and practice. This is extremely harmful to the developing minds of young children.

7. Thoughts on non-ideological content in schools. Personal bias and ideology play a huge role with individual teacher’s methods of educating. We have a responsibility to allow students to understand life from a variety of perspectives. Children should not be constrained to accept a secular humanist worldview only. What we have now is a slanted perspective in education content. There is no way to strip all ideology from the teaching environment. Every teacher has a worldview of some type that will influence their teaching. What we do know is that we need to “crowd in” the principles of common human decency to include a respect for God, country, and family. Pragmatically, the best thing that we could do is to have a proper balance.  While in the Bible-belt, we certainly have pockets of both secular and spiritual worldviews being taught, unfortunately that is not the case in every school district. We must fight to broaden our student’s exposure to various ideologies. We must also be careful not to confuse ideology with religious (Humanistic) intent and undercurrents. School choice helps “smooth away” the preconditions of unwanted ideology.

8. What can we do to reform education and put a healthy balance back into schools? First, we need to put prayer back in our public schools. We believe that this is a critical piece of any educational legislative initiative. Second, we need to pass legislation that allows Christianity to be taught with equal weight and measure in the classrooms.

Third, we need to pass legislation holding our public universities accountable for “truth filled” identification of course content.  I believe that we have one of the largest cases of “consumer fraud” going on in the history of the United States of America. We are allowing our public university professors the ability to misrepresent the underlying educational theme, through improper naming conventions (course titles) and misrepresentation in the syllabus. Unfortunately, I have had firsthand experience with this type of fraud. Parents and students need to know EXACTLY what they are going to be taught.  

Fourth, we need legislation to decrease the Department of Education over a 10-year period and push the educational responsibility back to the parents at the state level. “We the People” must be in charge of our children’s education. I would leave nothing at the Federal level except 100 representatives, (2 from each state), as an administrative body, with ZERO decision making authority or influence. Their only job would be coordinating, so that the states would have the benefit of being able to learn from one another. In other words, no federal authority standardizing educational practices, but a communication channel that can share state of the art approaches to education. Finally, it’s time to restore the wisdom of the Ten Commandments to the walls of our educational facilities, at all levels of education. Scripture says that the Word of God shall not return void. With all of the messaging that our children receive, shouldn’t they be allowed to also learn the simple truths of right and wrong?

9. How is leadership accountable for these changes?  We need to consult a broad range of parents, students, teachers, professors, pastors, Christian educators, businessmen, and other faith-based organizations who are connected to the educational space. We need to take a methodical and studied approach to how we can de-institutionalize and de-standardize our educational system, while looking to energize the parent/student/teacher relationships. These traditional relationships were once the backbone to developing the next generation of genuine and diverse leaders.

10. What about a State Superintendent of Education? While the office of the U.S. House from SC has no official decision-making authority in this matter, I would advocate for an appointment.  We must hold our Governor accountable for getting results relating to education. Furthermore, those holding the position of Secretary of Education typically manage educational standards and standardized tests that support Common Core standards at the federal level. We need to go in the opposite direction and hold our local school boards accountable for results. We need to put our local school boards in a glass house and expect results. However, if the Department of Education and Common Core were dismantled and a State Superintendent of Education’s job responsibility was defined (by law) to support school choice alternatives and effectiveness, that is another conversation entirely.

11. Should we increase taxes to provide more funding to local school districts? No. Taxes are not the answer to the educational dilemma in South Carolina. The reform needed in South Carolina is foundational and throwing more money at current practices, would deliver the same results. Ramping up school choice to a high priority level will produce the results that we desire. Florida is a prime example of this. Over the past twenty years, Florida has been focusing on allowing students the freedom to choose which schools they attend. The outcome is that their students have improved drastically, and their high schools currently rank 6th in the nation (according to the U.S. News & World Report), compared to our ranking of 30th. We could learn a few things from our neighbors in the south.  

Thursday, April 14, 2022 1:30 PM

Political Solution #26 - Defeating the Equality Act


  • We believe in the traditional and biblical understanding of gender
  • Emotional and psychological trauma and scars result from this type of behavior
  • The Equality Act further destabilizes the family unit
  • Men should never be able to play in women’s sports
  • Men should never be allowed in women’s locker rooms or other female facilities
  • There will be many other alternative forms of this evil bill that will come, get ready
  • The Equality Act has Marxist origins



We believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. We believe that gender is determined at birth. The Equality Act must be defeated to maintain the moral foundations of our great country. Transgenderism is still a lightning rod of an issue with many parents in South Carolina.  Allowing “Y” chromosome males to participate in athletic events that have been traditionally female is just not right. Having a male in the bathroom or shower with one of my female family members, whether playing sports or participating in other school activities is not acceptable. The emotional and psychological trauma and scars resulting from this type of behavior is beyond all sensible comprehension and human decency. Having played sports from the time I was in elementary school through college, as well as professionally, I believe I can carry this torch for those concerned South Carolina citizens.

As conservatives we must propose specific pieces of legislation that would normalize the traditional and biblical view of both marriage and gender. I also support an amendment to our Constitution defining marriage between a man and a woman. In addition, we need legislation that respects the traditional roles and biological origin of both male and female in the athletic realm. The anti-God faction of our country is trying to destabilize society by redefining aspects of human existence that run contrary to biblical instruction and absolute truth. We can never let this happen.

In the future, there will be many alternative forms of this egregious and evil bill. The progressive left and the anti-God faction of America will not stop until our nation has been completely secularized.

If there are spiritual and moral principles being espoused in our society, the Secular Marxist want them rubbed out in full.

Add your news summary here.

Thursday, April 14, 2022 1:18 PM


This rendition brought tears to my eyes and gave me chills just listening to it! Some good ole-fashioned fusion and CELEBRATION of Church and State! It is the celebration of each of the critical elements of America!


Our Framers design it that way. Church and State were put together as compatible pieces of the GREAT EXPERIMENT! Church and State were NEVER designed to be put at odds with one another with undo and unwarranted tension.

Unfortunately, the secular Supreme Court has laid a legal precedent (Lemon vs. Kurtzman for one) that has the Church on guard like a night watchman constantly looking to "claw back" their unalienable rights found in our Constitution and Bill of Rights

SCOTUS has "effectively" ushered out religion from the public square (at great and overwhelming moral cost) and welcomed in with open arms the complete secularization of America.

Establishment Republicans (William Timmons) have sat idly by and watched the implosion of our God given rights.

As your Congressman I will write legislation (that will garner overwhelming support) to help fight for our religious freedoms and the moral compass of the REAL America.

My opponent William Richardson Timmons IV stated in a recent Palmetto House Republican Women’s meeting that he felt that the discussion on Church and State is a "nonproductive issue"... his words.

Candidate LAPIERRE believes that it is the very issue that will save America. A proper definition of what Separation of Church and State actually means is the forerunner to true and complete religious freedom.

When we have religious freedom in America, our country will be strong and all of the other political issues will be put in their proper context and weighed/judged accordingly.

VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress

SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A future congressman who has both the political and spiritual discernment to lead.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 3:10 PM

On the Record #25 - Afghan Resettlement

Candidate for U.S. House, Mike LaPierre, fundamentally disagrees with any effort to resettle Afghanistan citizens here in South Carolina.

LaPierre states, "Our country is currently being invaded with insurrectionist activity at our Southern Borders and now is not the time to allow additional foreign nationals on our shores."

LaPierre believes that we should have a 5-year moratorium (at a minimum) and suspend all illegal immigration (alien) and resettlement activity.

"We continue to put our country at great risk. Until we have the immigration laws and resettlement parameters buttoned down to keep all Americans safe, the answer is a resounding no! We have no assurances that the flood of illegal aliens at our Southern Borders or those in the Afghan resettlement population don't pose a national security threat.

We were at war! The United States is under no obligation to spend taxpayer's money for those we cannot fully vet and who potentially put our country at risk. The vetting and confirmation process is weak at best. Adding Afghan refugees to the South Carolina welfare dole is NOT in our state’s best interests. It has been widely reported that some refugees have been flagged on terrorist watchlists! In addition, Sharia law and the Constitution of the United States of America are not compatible.

If the Biden Administration had properly navigated the Afghan war exit, we would NOT find ourselves trying to dump Afghan citizens on our country and in our state. If the Biden Administration cared for the rule of law and the safety of our American citizens, the doors would be shut."

LaPierre believes that we have plenty to do here at home before engaging in more bad public policy. Governor McMaster should take a play out of Conservative Leader Governor DeSantis' playbook and bus them to Washington.

VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A conservative Republican that can smell an establishment “rat” a mile away!

Monday, April 11, 2022 11:07 AM

LaPierre Gets Endorsement - USPIE Action


Candidate LaPierre states, "There is no other more important mission in the education space than for parents to get involved in the education of their children!"

USPIE Action is pleased to announce its endorsement of Michael LaPierre for SC Congressional District Four. Candidates seeking the USPIE Action endorsement must download and complete the Candidate Resources at and submit for review by messaging us on this page.

Monday, April 11, 2022 10:59 AM

Mike LaPierre Gets Endorsement - Pastor James Phillips

This is to highly recommend Mike LaPierre who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 4, from the state of South Carolina. Mike comes from high credentials in the business world. He was an executive in a Fortune 500 company and a business strategist in a Fortune 50 company that did $65 billion in revenue.

More important than that he is a solid Bible-believing Christian. He believes there is an important place in politics for Christian principles. That does not mean he is for a church state religion. It does mean that he believes there are conservative principles that apply to all citizens and governments. For instance, he believes that life begins at conception and that abortion is the destruction of a human life.

That means he is staunchly pro-life and consequently means that he is for the overthrow of Roe vs. Wade. God has given Mike both spiritual and political discernment. If you believe in solid Christian and conservative values, please vote for MIKE LAPIERRE in the primary on Tuesday June 14, 2022.

-Jim Phillips, Pastor for 43 years Stewardship and Missions Evangelist for 20 years Counsellor to young preachers and pastors. Author of the book "A Manual for Young Pastors" Taylors, SC

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Monday, April 11, 2022 10:30 AM

Mike LaPierre Receives Endorsement - Steve Nail


Candidate Mike LaPierre is happy to announce that Steve Nail has endorsed his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Nail stated, “I highly endorse Mike LaPierre. He will not let the people of the 4th Congressional District down. Mike knows what he believes and why he believes it. He is a strict constructionist of the Constitution. Further, he is a gentleman who can debate his positions in a civil fashion. We need more politicians like Mike.”

Steve Nail has recently been recognized as one of GREENVILLE’S 50 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE and is the current Dean at Anderson University’s College of Business.  

Thank you, Steve, for your impact on our campaign!

Monday, April 11, 2022 10:24 AM

LaPierre Receives Endorsement from Spartanburg Restaurateur


NEIL RODGERS, the owner of Ike's Korner Grill, has formally endorsed Mike LAPIERRE for Congress in District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.

Neil is a true Spartanburg hero as he fought to keep his business open during the COVID-19 lockdown.

If you want great food, conservative patriot company, and folks who have a love for America and our Constitution, come on down to Ike's Korner Grill.

Candidate LaPierre commented, "This endorsement is clearly representative of the values, work ethic, and patriotic nature of EVERYONE in Spartanburg County!

Neil, thank you for the confidence and trust that you have put in our campaign.

God bless you!

Monday, April 11, 2022 10:00 AM

Political Solution #25 - Understanding American Marxism


  • The Taliban and American Marxists have similar objectives
  • Coercion, threats, and violence dominate their respective agendas
  • Both ideologies crush and eliminate individual freedoms
  • Both ideologies are a throwback to unlearned times
  • Instead of advancing civilization, each ideology supports managed decline
  • We must isolate and destroy the American Marxists at the polls



The similarities between these two extreme ideologies are eerily similar. First, they both contribute to a system of oppression that disenfranchises elements of society aimed at controlling the citizenry. Second, they are both geared to strong armed tactics, force, and violence when needed to support their respective causes. Simply put, the extreme hardline elements in these two groups are thugs and use fear and violence at every turn. Third, each ideology has a sectarian (religious) dominance with political undertones. Fourth, participants are willing to lay down life and limb for “the cause” without regard for personal advancement or individual identity. Fifth, each system of oppression realizes that the educational realm must be controlled. In other words, they have a strategy to get to the kids early in order to indoctrinate and control them.

However, the Taliban and the American Marxists are also great men of science. To this end, I whole-heartedly agree! Unfortunately, it is NOT the type of science that may be running through your head right now. No, we must remember that their science is not one bent toward creativity, advancement, or other reasoned scientific study as a means to move society forward, but rather, it is nothing more than the SCIENCE of DESTRUCTION.

-Destroy the family unit.

-Destroy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

-Destroy private property.

-Destroy religion.

-Destroy capitalism.

-Destroy the Constitution.

-Destroy the rule of law.

-Destroy the current system of government.

-Destroy sovereign borders.

-Destroy tradition and history.

-Destroy the marriage relationship between a man and a woman.

-Destroy human progress.

-Destroy free speech. 

-Destroy freedom of the press.

-Destroy freedom of assembly.


Many progressive leftists believe (and would strongly argue) that they are adherents of the general principles of moderate and peaceful American Marxism in the United States. They may even have trouble forming the word Marxist with their lips and would opt for the words Democratic Socialism (a big misnomer). Unfortunately, the progressive leftist’s peripheral support of this wretched ideology on our shores, even in moderate terms, does nothing but pour gas on the unwanted incendiaries of extreme Marxist ideology in America.


We are seeing two extreme ideologies play out on the world stage at the exact same time. One in Afghanistan (Taliban) and the other in the United States of America (Marxists). If the left is serious about distancing themselves from the extreme American Marxist element on our shores (A.O.C., Bernie Sanders, et al.),


SOLUTION: We need to isolate the American Marxists-Socialists into political oblivion in a hurry.

Let’s clean this political mess up quickly at the polls in 2022 and 2024!

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Saturday, April 2, 2022 12:32 PM

Political Solution #24 - Respecting Life


  • Human life starts at conception
  • We protect those who cannot protect themselves
  • Our long-term national viability depends on our support for life
  • Roe v. Wade should be overturned immediately
  • We save every life possible along the way



Our team wouldn’t be true conservatives and people of faith if we did not reemphasize the importance of protecting the sanctity of life. Our culture, long-term viability, spiritual vibrancy, and posterity’s view of our relevance as a nation hinge on this very issue. We believe that life starts at conception. As conservatives, we must protect the life of the unborn child. Our campaign is driven by the charge to protect life and continues to be a driving factor in our individual lives. We believe that Roe v. Wade should be overturned without exception. The Bible is clear on this issue:

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,

before you were born I set you apart;

I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

Jeremiah 1:5


Know that the Lord is God.

It is he who made us, and we are his;

we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.

Psalms 100:3


For you created my inmost being;

you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

15 My frame was not hidden from you

when I was made in the secret place,

when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.

16 Your eyes saw my unformed body;

all the days ordained for me were written in your book

before one of them came to be.

Psalms 139:13-16.

While our concentrated focus is always on overturning Roe v. Wade in its entirety, we also support pro-life legislation that incrementally saves the lives of unborn children. The heartbeat bill and/or fetal heart beat bill (to name a few) are additional ways to stop the killing of innocent lives. The ritualistic murder of unborn children is a stain on our great country. Unable to protect themselves, defenseless and innocent, the unborn child is an unwilling participant in the brutal murder practices of Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics.

Planned Parenthood should not receive any taxpayer dollars. Much like the issue of forced taxpayer funding (and healthcare provision) of contraception, forced taxpayer funding of abortions goes against the morality and religious beliefs of many Americans. Understanding that the Federal government does not have the authority to mandate people to participate in the taking of life, Roe v. Wade must be overturned and decisions remanded to the states on the topic of abortion. We also believe in the importance of the Hyde Amendment. The elected officials in the United States of America must lead our country to higher moral ground, protecting our survival as a nation!

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Friday, April 1, 2022 8:02 PM

On the Record #24 - Perpetual Crises

Perpetual Crises
In the era of accelerated and sustained manufactured crises, the level of government involvement and oversight has no constitutional boundaries. Anything and everything goes!
Nowadays, everything revolves around the latest crisis; executive orders to spend lots of money on the crisis; legislation supporting out-of-control spending for the crisis; while leading us down the Marxist-Socialist rabbit hole.
Make no mistake, as long as the Joe Biden administration is in power, our country is in great peril. We have a Marxist-Socialist fox guarding the Capitalist-Constitutional Republic henhouse. The Marxist-Socialist Biden administration is destroying our country from the inside out.
Where are the establishment Republicans? They are watching our country get destroyed as they agree to much of this madness.
Where is William Richardson Timmons IV? Well, since he has one of the highest absentee rates in Congress, one can only guess. Perhaps, he is getting ready for his next Master's Degree while on the taxpayer's dime.
VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties
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Wednesday, March 30, 2022 6:08 PM

Timmons Has VERY HIGH Absentee Rate

Congressman William Richardson Timmons IV is not showing up to work in Washington DC. He has one of the HIGHEST absentee rates in all of Congress.
Since Timmons works for the people of District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties, that means he squandered away 149 of your hard-fought VOTES.
Instead of fighting the Marxists, creating much needed legislation, and using the bully pulpit to sound the alarm, William Richardson Timmons IV decided to go back to school while on the taxpayer's dime as your congressman to get a Master's degree. This has resulted in one of the HIGHEST ABSENTEE RATES in all of Congress.
Does this brazen move sound like an elitist professional political operative to you?
In the 116th Congress, Timmons absentee rate was over 15%
In the 117th Congress, Timmons has a cumulative absentee rate of over 10%
He blames his military service. No so fast William Richardson Timmons IV, not so fast. I just called the Air National Guard Recruiting Office and was told that you can work around their two week summer commitment. Since Congressional votes are taken primarily Monday-Friday, it appears that you have been lying about the military as the cause for your NO-SHOW in Congress.
You should have scheduled your military service around your congressional calendar and honored your FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITIES. Instead, you failed to live up to your commitment to the United States House of Representatives. The recruiter said it applies to both enlisted and the officers.
Vote Mike LaPierre for Congress



Monday, March 28, 2022 2:57 PM

Political Solution #23 - The Red Flag Con


  • Red flag laws are backdoor ways to control our gun rights
  • Guns are not the problem
  • Red flag laws attack our 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendment gun rights
  • Let’s attack societal conditions and root causes and not the symptoms
  • Refrain from suggesting legislation in the aftermath of horrific and emotional events



Tigers have an incredible hunting instinct of lurking in the shadows for hours, even days, biding their time for just the right opportunity to attack their prey. It’s part of their DNA and inherent to who they are as one of the most ferocious animals on the face of the earth. Often times, they will wait for the exact moment when a situation or event occurs that helps isolate their intended target. They also have the uncanny ability to blend in with the environment around them, not allowing others to be able to detect them for what they really represent, a danger. A disabled or hurt gazelle, a baby antelope gone astray, and even an elder statesman of the zebra herd not quite able to keep up with the rest, leaves them vulnerable to attack. A cruel death is imminent in all but the most unusual cases. Simply put, tigers instinctively know how to take advantage of the situation and ultimately capture and destroy their prey. They are master opportunists!

In recent “Red Flag” discussion and potential legislation being floated by “left of center” professional political operatives, we’ve seen the same hunting instincts played out in the political domain before our very eyes. However, this time the prey is not of the animal variety, it is the potential for disastrous legislation that will attack our 2nd, 4th , 5th, and 14th amendment rights. Political opportunists have been lurking in the background for years waiting for just the right opportunity to pass unconstitutional legislation that is nothing more than a backdoor attempt to infringe upon our gun rights. They want to open the doors of “extreme risk protection laws” with broadly defined terms of adjudication that categorically takes power from “We the People” and hands it over to government and state interventionists. When has that ever worked in the history of the United States of America?

Our Founding Fathers expected much more from the body of the United States Congress. They expected our Congressman to be a deliberative body and one that took the long and studied view of the issues in the aftermath of horrific and emotional events. When writing the Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison knew that an “excited” minority should never rule the day in a moment of passion. In other words, they knew that our elected officials should never make domestic strategic decisions when enveloped with emotion. Once again, political opportunists have exhibited the propensity to react to current events, take the political pulse of the day, and legislate as a professional political operative. We need politicians who will stand up and lead and are not reactionaries to current events.

The small number of states (eighteen states and the District of Columbia) that have passed Red Flag legislation have done nothing more than deprive lawful citizens of their rights to constitutional due process. Under Red Flag legislation, you are first guilty until you prove yourself innocent. In other words, the guns are taken until the courts vacate an extreme risk protection order. These laws fly in the face of our 5th and 14th amendment rights guaranteeing due process. Many of our Congressman keep inching us closer to a European model of gun ownership where no European country has more than 30% of its citizens owning guns. The gun restrictions are endless. There is a reason why Europe relies on the military might of the U.S. to protect them. They have ceded control of the most fundamental form of protection…gun rights. They are unable to defend themselves. 

Unfortunately, political opportunists haven’t proposed any type of legislation that strikes at the root of the mass shootings. They continue a strategy of managing the symptoms and results of the heinous acts while disregarding any and all of the causal relationships that exacerbate the potential for these shootings. The statistics are well documented that when people of all ages are involved as a family in faith-based and other community outreach programs, acts of gun violence correspondingly goes down. We need to have an open and honest discussion about the root causes in our society that support this evil. Only then will our country be able to strike at the heart of the matter and begin to rebuild her moral and spiritual center.

I support legislation that will strengthen the family unit, restore prayer in public schools, bring the Released Time programs from the shadows of obscurity to mainstream USA, restore the vital importance of quality mental health facilities in our nation, fight to overturn Roe v. Wade, build up the Opportunity Zones in America, and restore an educational system that believes in the goodness and distinctiveness of America and her moral and spiritual values.

Creating a vision for America that gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow will be the FORERUNNER of all our efforts to abate gun violence. Infringing on our gun rights is not the answer. We need true vision and leadership that sets America on a plain that is commensurate with her responsibility to the world and to our Creator.     

~Amendment 2 – A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

~Amendment 5 –  No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

~Amendment 14 - All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law.   

Monday, March 28, 2022 2:46 PM

On the Record #23 - Military Readiness Levels and the Chaplaincy

The power of the chaplaincy in augmenting and supporting our military readiness levels must never be forgotten or underestimated. Chaplains play a vital role in the spiritual well-being and health of those military personnel who might not otherwise have access to the spiritual counsel and guidance needed while serving.

In a sense, I believe that the ingrained nature of our chaplaincy program gives us a microcosm of what the TRUE fusion of Church and State actually looks like! That is to say, the compatibility found between our military (the state) and our faith-based institutions (the church/chaplaincy) is a tie that has been around for centuries.

I am not saying everything is perfect or that the secular humanists among us have not tried to end the relationship. They certainly have done so. However, both the court system and the military authorities continue to support the necessity of the chaplaincy program as a VITAL component of our military readiness levels (see Karloff v. Marsh).

Please pray for our Chaplains! Please pray for our military personnel!

VOTE Mike LAPIERRE for Congress

SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


Saturday, March 26, 2022 7:03 PM

On the Record #22 - Investing in Things That Matter

FLAT TAX - We need to slash our tax rates and allow the American people to keep more of what they earned. It is that simple. It also puts the breaks on the graft and corruption that is so prevalent in Washington, DC.

If you want to neutralize runaway spending, excessive taxation, bloated government, out of control inflation, the burden of a very complex tax code, while allowing Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money, then a FLAT TAX proposal is specifically for you!

We need to remove the bottom feeders. We need to eliminate the lobbyists and special interest groups that prey on congressman for favorable legislation that keeps their respective scams alive.

I propose a FLAT TAX that lowers the tax rate for ALL Americans. Everyone gets to participate in lower taxes and everyone can benefit with INCREASED disposable income.

A flat tax gives ALL American citizens more opportunity for long term savings, more disposable income, more capital investment for small businesses, and more time to spend with our families doing the important things that matter.

A flat tax allows us to file our taxes on a post card. This approach is simple, cost effective, growth friendly, and attractive to the wallets and pocketbooks of EVERY AMERICAN! We need to start planning and preparing for when we take the U .S. House back in the 2022 Midterm elections.

What is your current Congressman, William Richardson Timmons IV, planning for? Have you seen any proposals from his office suggesting that he has a clue?

VOTE Mike LAPIERRE for Congress

SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A strategist with the determination and creativity to get things done! i.e., RESULTS

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 6:43 PM

On the Record #21 - Judge Jackson's Confirmation

Let's call this nomination for what it is. This is 100% about the color of her skin and the RADICAL Marxist-Socialist views and political positions that she holds.

Supreme Court nominee Jackson is one of the most RADICALIZED nominees in the history of the Supreme Court. She has Marxist-Socialist leanings as evident in her decision-making and prior rulings.

This nominee must be stopped.

In effect, this will create a decision-making block labeled, "THE THREE AMIGOS!


This is the ultimate axis of constitutional workarounds! Remember, the committee will NOT get any straight answers out of Jackson because she will conceal her true judicial identity. 

Let's put the heat on William Richardson Timmons IV's mentor (Lindsey Graham) to vote NO!

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 12:10 PM

Political Solution #22 - Welfare Reform


  • Legislated philanthropy is a headwind to providing a helping hand up
  • Ministries, charities, nonprofits, and NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) should lead
  • We must learn how to love our neighbors as ourselves
  • Creative new joint ventures between business and nonprofits are vital
  • Rebuilding the moral and spiritual foundations of America is a good first step
  • Work requirements a MUST HAVE



The best way to help those that are down on their luck is to create the enabling processes that get them back to work. Work requirements are the starting point for welfare reform. We should have compassion for those who (for whatever reason) are not capable of working, but chart a clear pathway forward for those who can. The Bible is very clear on this issue. I don’t believe that legislated philanthropy is the “magic cure all” for the impoverished, homeless, and less fortunate among us that need a helping hand. Legislated philanthropy leads to an environment of entitlement, which in turn leads to the creation of a welfare state. Welfare breads reliance on government which is part of the multi-faceted approach of the Marxists. Their end is reliance, control, and power.

Let us take a look at some of the current conditions. Former Senator Jim DeMint, in his book entitled Falling In Love With America Again, commented, “Today the United States’ welfare system consists of a complex web of roughly 80 means-tested programs providing cash, food, housing, medical care, and social services to poor and low-income individuals.” Only 2 of these programs included a work requirement. While President Trump did much to reverse the paltry work requirements, there is still much that needs to be done to get people back to work and contributing after the Biden Administration fiasco with EVERYTHING FREE. The welfare state in the U.S. has ballooned to well over $1 trillion. If you include Social Security and Medicare the welfare numbers prove well beyond 20% of GDP!   

The long-term and sustainable solution is when ministries, charities, nonprofits, and other NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) related entities decide to get involved and lead. We have a responsibility as individuals and American citizens to look to the plight of the less fortunate and take action. The Bible is also VERY clear on this as well. Allowing the government to legislate (force) tax payers to foot the bill for entitlement programs is not the answer. We the people, out of the abundance of our hearts, should be so moved with compassion that we immediately consider the needs of our neighbors. Outside of a few exceptions, creative solutions that stimulate work opportunities/requirements must be part of any real solution on this issue. For example:

  • Create home-based entrepreneurial ventures and other work-related enterprises that issue credit hours for welfare recipients that allow an adequate level of work/life balance
  • Advanced incentives for businesses who hire and retain welfare recipients
  • Joint partnerships between business and ministries/charitable institutions that offer day care services for long-term employees
  • Tighten the job search requirement laws for welfare recipients and those capable of working
  • In the tradition of crime watch and neighborhood watch groups, establish voluntary national “poverty watch” and “neighborhood poverty watch groups” to help care for those in need in conjunction with local churches

Citizens of the United States of America are an industrious people. This country was built on the backs of those citizens who worked hard and toiled to make our country great. I believe in working hard, loving our neighbors, and rebuilding the moral and spiritual foundations of America. When we take an active role in our government and in the lives of others, each of the aforementioned responsibilities will come sharply into focus and improve.    

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 12:02 PM

On the Record #20 - Government Attacks on God's Church


  • Roe v. Wade - The senseless slaughter of over 65 million unborn children leads the way in the government's decision-making "Hall of Shame"
  • Johnson Amendment - This decision has rendered many of our Clergy/Pastors in America "useless" in helping to protect our American freedoms and our unalienable rights
  • Lemon v. Kurtzman - The government (SCOTUS) issued a ruling that essentially keeps religion at arms-length in the public square in DEFIANCE of our First Amendment rights
  • Public Schools - The removal of religious artifacts, biblical instruction, prayer, the 10 Commandments, and the Bible itself all have contributed to the unraveling of our nation
  • Redefinition of Religion - Once again, the secular Supreme Court took it upon themselves to redefine religion away from traditional and historical mores and norms
  • Redefinition of Marriage – Biblical marriage is between one man and one woman as biologically determined (End of story)



Over the course of the last 250 years, the United States government has made public policy decisions that have been a full-frontal attack on the beliefs of God's Church.

1. Roe v. Wade - The senseless slaughter of over 65 million unborn children leads the way in the government's decision-making "Hall of Shame."

2. Johnson Amendment - This decision has rendered many of our Clergy/Pastors in America "useless" in helping to protect our American freedoms and our unalienable rights.

This amendment restricts the freedoms that churches and their leaders have in helping to shape the political process for FEAR of losing their tax-exempt status. Unfortunately, it’s “follow the money” in many respects.

As part of the I.R.S. Code that relates to church authority it states, "and which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office."

The Johnson Amendment is unconstitutional. No church has ever lost its 501(C)(3) status. Why? Because the I.R.S. will not enforce or challenge any church for fear it would bubble up to the Supreme Court of the United States. It’s a CLEAR violation of Separation of Church and State and this code entangles our government in the affairs of religion while  inhibiting religious activity.

There is legal precedence on the books to STOP this government attack if it ever gets to the Supreme Court.

3. Lemon v. Kurtzman - The government (SCOTUS) issued a ruling that essentially keeps religion at arms-length in the public square in DEFIANCE of our First Amendment rights. It states.......

a. Laws must be secular in nature
b. Laws must neither advance nor inhibit religion
c. Laws must not entangle government in the affairs of religion

This legal precedence is the perfect catch-22 or circular reasoning proposition that strikes down any court decision that hints, either directly or indirectly, at religious association.

At that time, the makeup of the Supreme Court was secular humanist in nature.

4. Public Schools - The removal of religious artifacts, biblical instruction, prayer, the 10 Commandments, and the Bible itself all have contributed to the unraveling of our nation.

This is NOT what our Founding Fathers envisioned. They crafted the design of the First Amendment so that there would be a compatibility between Church and State and NOT a wedge. The secular humanists want a wedge so they can maintain a monopolistic stranglehold on their state sponsored church. i.e., SECULAR HUMANISM.

5. Redefinition of Religion - Once again, the secular Supreme Court took it upon themselves to redefine religion away from traditional and historical mores and norms.

6. Redefinition of Marriage – Biblical marriage is between one man and one woman as biologically determined. End of story.

SCOTUS decided that religion can be anything you want it to be. In their eyes, what constitutes the actual meaning of religion is completely and ultra-relativistic. Anything goes! This thinking has greatly torn down a belief in a Creator God and/or a Trinity understanding (Torcaso v. Watkins + United States v. Seeger).

In conclusion, these actions by our government officials have been designed to stifle the growth of God's Church while fostering and propagating the tenets of the SECULAR HUMANIST religion on our shores which now has a complete monopoly in the public square. Where are the people of faith? Where are our Pastors?

PRAY for bold leaders who can change this wretched dynamic.

Vote Mike LaPierre
U.S. House
S.C. District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A leader who has the depth of political and spiritual discernment along with the political will to help make change BACK to our Framer's vision for America.

Monday, March 21, 2022 9:54 AM

On the Record #19 - Institutionalized Marxism

After deep thought, contemplation, meditation, and research, I believe that we have moved beyond the codification of Socialism in America but rather, the citizens of our country are now fending off and fighting INSTITUTIONALIZED MARXISM. The secular humanists and anti-God faction in America are trying to make Marxist principles and beliefs the new normal.

The religious arm is the secular humanist religion and their manifestos which are anti-God. The political arm is the Communist Manifesto and the writings of Karl Marx. The communication arm is the mainstream media and their dogmatism to transform America. The educational arm is the public school system and the espoused doctrine and tenets of Common Core. The judicial and legal arm can be found in legal precedence and in Supreme Court decisions like ROE v. Wade, Lemon v. Kurtzman, definition of marriage, the Affordable Care Act, and other remonstrances that decry the principles found in God’s Word (divided worldview espousals by court members- secular v. sectarian).

The legislative arm is the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives with the ominous, dark, and foreboding laws they are currently trying to pass (divided worldview espousals by congressional members- secular v. sectarian). The executive arm is the Joe Biden administration (fully aware). We are currently in the spiritual warfare of all wars in the United States of America. Notwithstanding, the final and imminent conflict.

I believe, unawares, that devoted Republicans and people of faith are being led over the secular abyss and toward a “secular humanist middle” which all political parties gravitate to and move toward like sheep being led astray.

Our current Congressman, William Richardson Timmons IV, says that discussing Separation of Church and State is a “nonproductive issue.”  He does not have the political and spiritual discernment to understand that it is THE MOST IMPORTANT issue of our day. When we get the correct definition down pat, our country will prosper. 

Vote Mike LaPierre 

U.S. Congress South Carolina District 4  

Sunday, March 20, 2022 4:50 PM

On the Record #18 - Biden Manipulated Congressman Timmons

Biden Manipulated Congressman Timmons

The Joe Biden Administration "played" William Richardson Timmons IV and fellow establishment Republicans to get another round of MASSIVE spending in the Socialist hopper before the midterm elections. He used the emotion of the Ukrainian crisis to manipulate through a very bad bill. 

Remember, the spending spree is over for Biden when the Republicans take the U.S. House and control the purse strings in January of next year.

Congressman Jeff Duncan had it right!

Risk-averse politicians do what they do best, and they VOTE with the "establishment" majority to feel good about themselves and avoid CONFLICT.

On the other hand, "alpha" leaders like Jeff Duncan and Ralph Norman do what they do best in the Upstate of South Carolina, and they make tough decisions NOT to follow the crowd, drink the establishment Kool-Aide, and read the RINO talking points.

Timmons felt pressure and the "beta" personality folded like a proverbial cheap suit.

Timmons' "yes" vote on Ukrainian aid was wrong on a multiplicity of fronts.

1. The 2700-page Consolidated Appropriations Act was delivered in the middle of the night with little to no time to digest. Does Timmons even know what he voted for?

2. Based on Biden's reckless spending behavior, do we even know that the $13.5 Billion will actually make it to the Ukraine or is it more of our grandchildren's future funneled over to the Green New Deal Socialist candy store?

3. Timmons only voted for 1/2 of the Ukrainian aid in the first place, since the $13.6 Billion was equally divided between military and nonmilitary spending. Let me get this straight. Timmons voted “yes” to 1/2 of the Ukrainian aid but voted “no” to the other half? Hmm..

His letter seemed to indicate he was concerned with the Ukrainian people! Only 1/2 concerned, I suppose.

4. Did Representative Timmons offer any amendments to force a "stand alone" bill for Ukrainian aid detached from the 2700-page monstrosity and exorbitant $1.5 Trillion price tag that will impact our $30 Trillion national debt?

Rest assured, if he had, he would be taking victory laps right now at the suggestion of such a strategic move.

All in all, Timmons voted the way Senator Lindsey Graham advised his young protégé to vote, like the establishment RINO that he is. The inexperienced Congressman got pressured into voting for a BAD BILL.

The Scorecard

District 4 - U.S. House

A politician who has the experience and discernment to lead.

Sunday, March 20, 2022 4:43 PM

Political Solution #21 - Eliminating Iran's Nuclear Capability


  • Iran is an enemy of the United States
  • The current Iranian regime sponsors, funds, and trains terrorist organizations around the world, all the while looking for opportunities to attack and kill Americans and America’s allies
  • Air strikes and increased drone capability should be on the table
  • Our ally, Israel, must be protected from Iranian attack
  • Iran is trying to acquire nuclear capabilities and must be stopped



I believe that one of the most pressing foreign policy issues of our time is the potential for Iran to possess nuclear weapons capabilities.

The United States of America has had a long and tumultuous relationship with our known enemy, Iran. They have taken American citizens as hostages, our pastors as prisoners, convicted our students as spies, commandeered our vessels, bombed our consulates, and shot down our assets with little to no military response.  The extent to which Iran is willing to go to provoke the U.S. seems to have no limits. Yet, the Biden administration was to negotiate with this rogue nation, reduce sanctions, instead of holding their feet to the fire. While I believe that military action should be the option of last resort, I also believe that we have come to the point (red line) where we should stand ready and be in a position to respond militarily.

The current Iranian regime sponsors, funds, and trains terrorist organizations around the world, all the while looking for opportunities to attack and kill Americans and America’s allies. Beyond this, they are working feverishly to acquire nuclear weapons capabilities for first strike advantage against our dear friend and longtime ally, Israel. We must do everything we can to protect Israel. The Bible tells us to, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee” (Psalms 122:6). It is not a command that we should take lightly.   

Furthermore, if we put Israel in a position where they have to respond and attack Iran before they acquire nuclear capabilities, we risk destabilizing the entire Arab region. We need a clearly defined strategic plan and exit strategy for the containment of Iran’s nuclear program and their blatant aggression towards America and Israel.

That plan should start with coalition building attempts to include our strategic partners and allies. However, America always reserves the right to take unilateral military action if her national security interests are at stake. While I do not support boots on the ground, an accelerated and catastrophic surgical air strike targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities should be considered in the future, if necessary. In addition, our drone capability must be ramped up in the region.

Sunday, March 20, 2022 4:37 PM

Political Solution #20 - Climate Change


  • Climate Change is a political tool used to arouse emotion for propaganda purposes
  • We should use the earth’s natural resources while providing, protecting, and nurturing the environment
  • Radical environmentalism is bad public policy
  • Politicians try to finesse voters with words like “market-based system” which is a code word for excessive taxation
  • State and National Republican Party platforms argue against excessive taxation
  • Climate changes in cylces



As we approach the topic of climate change, it is my opinion that we see Republicans on both sides of this issue. One side believes in climate change and a tax on our carbon footprint (cap and trade). This leads to excessive taxation. Another side (the one I adhere to) sees climate change as extremist and that we must thwart any/all legislative initiatives that would prop up its viability. However, the constant back and forth of quasi-conservative Republicans is confusing. As a Christian, I believe we should care of the earth. We should take the environment seriously and ensure we are preserving the earth for future generations. However, placing a tax on carbon that limits economic growth and proposing bogus initiatives that drain taxpayers is not the answer.


Most conservative Republicans will tell you that they do not support Cap & Trade legislation. They refuse earmarks that dump money into green initiatives and reject legislation like the Green New Deal. Good for them! We do not need this kind of regulatory policy suffocating our economy.


However, there are some left of center Republicans who believe that “climate change is real.” Unfortunately, this thinking threatens everything from the economy to national security. Their proposal is a market-based system in which mass polluters comply with restrictive radical environmental regulation without compromise. What do you think their definition of a market-based system entails? A market-based system is code for excessive taxation!


We see that some Republicans are trying to remain true to their base by denying the cries of environmental desolation from the Left, but they also propose that greenhouse gases are real and the planet is indeed warming, bringing about the need for a price on carbon. I believe they do this to win votes come election season. But what is the truth?

Bottom Line:

Republicans hate excessive taxation! That is a fact! We can see language in both the SC and National Republican Party Platforms that confirms this fact.  

The South Carolina Republican Party Platform:   

“We are the party of opportunity and support a tax policy designed to help the economy grow, not stunt the taxpayer or punish achievement. We believe high taxation of both income and capital growth slows economic growth and job creation and call for both lower and less progressive taxation.”

The National Republican Party Platform:

“Republicans consider the establishment of a pro-growth tax code a moral imperative. More than any other public policy, the way government raises revenue — how much, at what rates, under what circumstances, from whom, and for whom — has the greatest impact on our economy’s performance. It powerfully influences the level of economic growth and job creation, which translates into the level of opportunity for those who would otherwise be left behind. Getting our tax system right will be the most important factor in driving the entire economy back to prosperity.”


As Republicans, we must come to an agreement that while we indeed need to ensure we are caring for the earth and being smart about what we do, we do not support excessive taxation and mass government regulation over our activities as a way to “preserve the earth.”

Republicans figured out a long time ago that the Democrat Party use “green initiatives” as a way to increase government intervention in the free-market economy and to have a hand in the daily lives of Americans. Their intent is not to make the world a better place. The motives are purely about money and power. We need to wise up as Republicans and realize when we are being sold a lie by quasi-Republicans who’d love a slice of the money and power. The climate change initiatives being pushed by the left are nothing more than a redistribution of corporate and personal wealth. Getting anywhere close to that climate change “fire” is not good public policy for conservatives.

Sunday, March 20, 2022 4:18 PM

LaPierre Formally Files for U.S. House of Representatives


Mike LaPierre formally files for U.S. House of Representatives in SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. He traveled to Columbia SC on Friday morning to put down his filing fee. 

Travelers Rest resident, Mike LaPierre, is attempting to unseat the Republican incumbent William Richardson Timmons IV.

LaPierre believes that Congress needs to move beyond professional political operatives; the new aristocracy (wealthy elitism) who purchase their election victories; those who have a hard time relating to their constituents; and those attorneys who gravitate to secular humanist methods of legislating.

LaPierre stated, "The forerunner to religious freedom in America is having a proper and constitutional understanding of Church and State. It is the most important and sentinel issue of our day.

If we don't adequately discuss, debate, and define a proper understanding of Church and State, our religious freedoms will be destroyed.

My opponent, William Richardson Timmons IV, believes that discussing Separation of Church and State is a "nonproductive issue." These are his words.

We need to bring our country back to a moral, virtuous, and religious center where the Spirit of the Living God impacts the souls of men and women.

LaPierre is a born-again Christian who attends Faith Baptist Church in Taylors, South Carolina.

VOTE Mike LaPierre
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


Sunday, March 20, 2022 4:15 PM

Political Solution #19 - Back to the Gold Standard

Let us remember that it was the Marxist-Socialist FDR who took us off the gold standard. Tricky Dick then ended it entirely.

Let’s hold government inflation and spending in check. The M1 (Money Supply) orchestrated through digital currency and monetary fiat (The Federal Reserve Board) is destroying the long-term strength and viability of America!

We currently operate under funny money or “Monopoly Money” standards of M1 administration and oversight.

We rely on UNELECTED officials to manipulate our money supply, interest rates, and other economic levers/engines in COORDINATION with the legislative and executive branches of our government.

“The gold standard ‘forces the U.S. to live within its means,’ said investment strategist Mark Luschini. ‘Think of it as a person with a debit card rather than a credit card. The debit card holder can only spend what he or she has in the bank.’”

America DOES NOT need guidance from a bunch of deep state bureaucrats at the FED level manipulating the value of our currency!

Let’s peg the USD once again to gold held in reserve.

“What is the gold standard?

It’s a monetary system that directly links a currency’s value to that of gold. A country on the gold standard cannot increase the amount of money in circulation without also increasing its gold reserves. Because the global gold supply grows only slowly, being on the gold standard would theoretically hold government overspending and inflation in check. No country currently backs its currency with gold, but many have in the past, including the U.S.; for half a century beginning in 1879, Americans could trade in $20.67 for an ounce of gold. The country effectively abandoned the gold standard in 1933, and completely severed the link between the dollar and gold in 1971. The U.S. now has a fiat money system, meaning the dollar’s value is not linked to any specific asset.”

Monday, March 14, 2022 9:27 AM

On the Record #17 - The Ultimate Proxy War

The United States of America is involved in a proxy war of prophetic proportions. We have decided to participate at the fringes in a conflict that could reshape the world as we know it.

We are supplying the arms; technological capabilities; legal, cultural, and political justification; media coverage; excessive propaganda and indoctrination; and an overall full-frontal assault by squeezing the lifeblood out of our opponent.

Unfortunately, I am NOT speaking about the Ukrainian conflict unfolding before our very eyes. No, the war of which I speak is being fought on the shores of America. The enemy within our sovereign borders has been identified by our government as conservative people of faith.

Our government has decided to fight an asymmetrical proxy war on the citizens of America by greatly restricting our First Amendment rights.

Through all of the actions listed above, our government is engaged in the complete and total secularization of our nation at the expense of PEOPLE of FAITH.

While the current attack on our unalienable rights is often characterized as subtle and isolated, I submit to you today that the level of intensity to control our behavior, our God-given rights, and our spirits has reached new and unimaginable heights.

This spiritual war (religious proxy war) is currently being conducted in plain sight. Our citizens are trying to come to grips with the origin of this most egregious conflict. Most Americans feel an immense amount of oppression, discontent and unhappiness, resulting in restless souls.

The Marxist-Socialist and Secular Humanist element in our government have "future shocked" America with such an escalated and rapid TRANSITION toward the Secular Humanist religion (anti-God) and away from traditional religion that the spirit of America is groaning with turmoil, misunderstanding, and disbelief.

The PROXY WAR that our AMERICAN government is engaged in on our shores and the enemy combatants identified- are considered the religious, PEOPLE of FAITH.

Will you show up at the polls and vote the progressive left out of office? Will you rise?

LaPierre for U.S. House

SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


Monday, March 14, 2022 9:25 AM

Political Solution #18 - Simplifying the Tax Code


  • Simplify individual taxes where a postcard can be used
  • We should rein in the overbearing and tyrannical nature of the IRS
  • The United States has one of the most complex tax codes in the entire world
  • Simplification will greatly reduce the administration costs
  • Simplification curtails the impact of lobbyists



The framers of our Constitution and those who wrote in defense of its articles clearly intended to form a small but strong federal government. There were certain limited powers given to our national government to act on behalf of its citizens. However, all of the remaining powers were assumed by the states and subsequently handed back to “We the People.” To protect the people from a government that potentially could be overreaching in nature and in scope, our Founding Fathers decided to include the Bill of Rights. This was another clear expression of the “individual” nature of protection that the contract between the people and our government agreed to. These were the first 10 amendments to our Constitution. There are twenty-seven such amendments in total.

Amendment #10 states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” Big government represents those who need to control power while small government represents those who seek to disperse individual freedoms and liberty. In view of the above, let us now take a look at the institution currently administering our tax code.   

As of May 20, 2021 it is reported that the Internal Revenue Service used 75,773 full-time equivalent positions ( with another 10,000+ part time and seasonal help. They also spend a whopping $12.3 billion (FY 2020). We now have a 75,000-page tax code (Forbes). Does anyone think that this is a little out of hand? Has the size of our government so exploded that we can no longer comprehend the magnitude of its intrusive nature? Are the bureaucracies of government and the  administrative deep state so engrained and we so beholden to lobbyists and other nonprofit benefactors that it reduces our capacity to act in the best interests of all Americans? 

It is for this reason that I would recommend a flat tax on income as a way of simplifying the tax code and ultimately drawing down the institutional bureaucracy, called the IRS. In what has become one of the most complex, inefficient, and incomprehensible tax code systems in the entire world, the need for change is now. Congress must agree to band together and right-size this outdated institution and tax code. They must say no to the current lobbyists who want to preserve sections of the existing tax code that favor their client’s self-serving interests and not those interests that benefit the entire nation. Simplification must be the cornerstone of any/all subsequent tax code changes. Simplification will ultimately relieve the regulatory burden and associated administrative costs. Here are some additional actions that should be taken:

  • Eliminate the payroll tax
  • Eliminate the business income tax
  • Eliminate the death tax
  • Eliminate the capital gains tax
  • Eliminate the dividends and distribution tax


This guideline to streamlining our tax code will unleash an avalanche of investment, spur economic activity, and create new jobs. Our government should be small, efficient, and nimble enough to meet the demands of its citizens relating to our tax code system. Oh, by the way, it should fit on a postcard!


LaPierre for U.S. House

SC District 4 – Greenville and Spartanburg Counties



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Tuesday, March 8, 2022 12:01 PM

On the Record #16 - America Founded by Christians

“It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.”

~Patrick Henry

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 10:27 AM

Political Solution #17 - Campaign Finance Reform


  • The “New Aristocracy”, the wealthy (William Timmons), purchase their elected offices with flooding their campaigns with cold hard cash
  • “Applying capital” is code for buying votes, influence, and power
  • Our system of elections has digressed to the countenance of mammon (money)
  • We need a complete overhaul of our campaign finance laws
  • Campaign issues must drive elections versus campaign funding
  • Current system perpetuates long-term political operatives



I recently listened to an interview with a guest on Fox News that talked about the art of “applying capital” in an attempt to win elections. When I heard the term “applying capital”, I must confess, I burst out in laughter! What has our country come to when we try to dignify politicians’ attempts to buy the votes of constituents and elected officials with sweet smelling words? Apply capital, really?  Seems to me like they are trying to perfume a pig! Another term that politicians use interchangeably on the campaign trail is the phrase “capital distribution.”

“Capital distribution” and “applying capital” are nothing more than a legalized form of patronage, graft, and morally bankrupt campaign finance practices to win and hold power. Our system is fatally flawed and in serious need of restoration!  

We are in desperate need of recalibrating our campaign finance laws in the United States of America. The current system has devolved into the lowest common denominator of graft, corruption, and greed. We have allowed the excesses of the almighty dollar (mammon) to drive our system of government in ways that our Founding Fathers would never have imagined. While they certainly understood that individuals with means, affluence, and experience would play a big role in the nation building process, I do not believe for a second that they ever imagined a system fraught with politicians spreading the money around like candy and “buying” their way to the top. The Bible tells us……………..

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." (1 Timothy 6:10)

So, the question must be asked, “People of faith, have we become so enamored with mammon (money) and the love of money that we are not able to see the political forest through the mammon trees?” Are we so desensitized to patronage, graft, and corruption (election corruption) that it becomes customary to the political landscape here in American that there is no turning back? Are the callouses so thick and battle worn that we are naïve to their numbing effects? Are we erring from the faith and piercing ourselves through with sorrows?    

Those elected officials who are “serial dispensers” of campaign contributions into the coffers of other elected officials, PACS, Super PACs, Leadership PACs, and other shell organizations that simply mask the entirety of the corruption, doesn’t go unnoticed.

In today’s world of surefire political success, money is seen as the primary vehicle and arbiter toward victory. Ask many (not all) in the South Carolina GOP leadership. They will unequivocally tell you that “it’s all about the money.” A pathetic and shameful way to have to traverse the long and narrow road of public service. In their political worldviews money and political viability go hand in hand.

But then it dawned on me, isn’t that the difference between being a professional political operative and entrenched establishment Republican and those who believe in true public service? Shouldn’t the purity of the process lead us to want to minimize the impact of money and lead us toward selecting candidates based on their knowledge, moral integrity, and positions on the issues? Doesn’t this lead us to a campaign finance system that at least has a chance at morality and ethical standing?   

If we truly want to have a system of elections filled with integrity and honesty, why not limit campaign contributions to individuals only. Let’s stop the pressure from special interest groups and big business and allow the citizens of the United States to determine political outcomes. Let’s also stop the “serial dispensing” of money to other candidates and their associated organizations. This idea wouldn’t be so popular with long-term incumbent political operatives, I am sure.

In conclusion, I am growing weary of those in the public domain (MARXISTS and Republicans) using fancy words to whitewash the “nastiness” and “filth” of spreading the money around to buy votes. That’s all “applying capital’ is about! It is code word for "I am either buying your vote or buying your conformance to party discipline", which buys elections.              

Tuesday, March 8, 2022 10:13 AM

On the Record #15 - Roles of Church and State

Our government should never encroach, control, or dominate the authority and decision-making ability of the church. Likewise, the church should never encroach, control, or dominate the authority and decision-making ability of the government. The two organisms (one spiritual and the other worldly) are designed to be autonomous, yet complement one another,  relating to our governance .

In 2022 the church and state have been placed at odds with one another contrary to our Framer's vision and contrary to the First Amendment in the United States Constitution.

The church’s role is to impact the soul component of men and women which, in turn, have great impact on our contribution to society and Christ’s kingdom. Again, our Founding Fathers understood this dichotomy.

The Separation that I believe in is purely biblical in nature. Civil law and civil authority (attorneys and the American Bar Association) have essentially stripped away the natural law of God in the public square in 2022 (God's common law).

In doing so we have diminished the moral authority of the Scriptures by allowing government and the ensuing bodies to outpace/replace that which was intended for the church.

God bless America!

LaPierre for U.S. House

SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


Saturday, March 5, 2022 9:43 AM

On the Record #14 - Climate Change


Climatic change is fundamentally a part of the progressive left’s religion. Under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, Secular Humanism has been declared a bona-fide religion.

Secular Humanism gets both tax-exempt status and conscientious objector status as a religious organization. When one digs deep into the tenets or the belief system of Secular Humanism, the Climate Change religious phenomena becomes abundantly clear. Evolution, atheism, relativism, and a love of nature are key components of their religious espousals and makeup.

Unfortunately, in defiance of the Establishment Clause found in the First Amendment, we now have a “State Sponsored” religion being propagated by our government. The love of nature and the corresponding religious undertones are being taught in public schools and being pushed in government circles on both the left and with many on the right.

WAKE UP AMERICA, an anti-God nontraditional religion (Secular Humanism) is taking over our country and NO ONE is sounding the alarm!

SCOTUS has also ruled that “religion” can be defined any way one wants to define it. They rule that as long as you have a deep belief in something, whatever that may be, it qualifies as a religion.  As a culture, we have taken relativistic values to the extreme and our nation is suffering the moral depravity as a result.

Rightly defining Separation of Church and State while bringing religious freedom back to the public square are my campaign priorities in my run for the U.S. House in S.C. District 4. My opponent, William Timmons, says that the discussion is a “nonproductive” one.

He is wrong. It is the most important issue of our day.

When we get the spiritual and religious center of our country in alignment, everything else will fall into place.

~Mike LaPierre

Friday, March 4, 2022 11:18 AM

Political Solution #16 - SMART ENERGY


  • Free market energy will drive results toward American energy independence
  • Radical environmentalists (Joe Biden) put the brakes on SMART energy legislation
  • Having a multi-faceted approach to energy is the right way to go
  • Genesis 2:15 should be our guide to utilizing our natural resources
  • President Trump had it right
  • We must stop enriching Russia



The United States of America was beginning to experience (pre-Joe Biden) the impact and bottom-line results of allowing free market forces to control and drive our strategic, long-term, and sustainable energy objectives/goals. Under President Trump, we decided as a country to get the government bureaucrats out of the way and allow good old-fashioned commonsense decision making (SMART Energy) to take over.  Thank you, President Trump!

We are living in the most industrialized and technologically sophisticated economy in the world and have come to realize that we need to “let the horses run!” The Trump administration’s efforts of rolling back restrictive regulation WAS felt across the globe. In years past, radical environmentalism was hampering the exploration, production, and distribution of our energy resources and needs, severely impeding our progress forward. Under Trump, the world had taken full notice that the U.S. was back in control of its energy needs and leading the world! 

Just think about how far we had come (pre-Joe Biden) in the last 75 years.  Many of us experienced the oil and gas shortages during the seventies when the OPEC countries dominated the oil supplies and subsequent prices. We were at their mercy and our energy needs were dependent on them (many who were/are rogue nations) for oil and gas. That was not the case under Trump. In June of 2019, crude oil production for the U.S. stood at 12,082 BBL/Day. We out produced Russia (who is the second largest in crude oil production) by 1,373 BBL/Day. Fortunately, the forecasts back then only get better!

The renaissance with oil independence that we experienced must be protected through hard work, sacrifice, and a determination to efficiently use our God-given natural resources. Yes, I believe that we can have it both ways. Our country should be able to fully explore (with limited government intrusion) and produce alternative forms of energy with gusto, while showing respect and care for the environment. Our Creator has blessed us with unlimited natural resources and has also given us a model in Genesis 2:15 of how we should go about harvesting these gifts.         

God told Adam in the book of Genesis to “dress” and to “keep” the Garden of Eden. In the original language, the word “dress” means to labor and to labor sacrificially. I believe this word is telling us to work with vigor to reap the benefits of our natural resources, while acknowledging from where it is coming and thanking our Creator for His provision.  In the original language, the word “keep” means to provide, protect, and nourish the Garden of Eden. I believe that the same application can be used when looking at our current environment. We need to be good stewards of our environment by providing for it, protecting, and nourishing it.  

What should our specific long-term, sustainable, and SMART Energy policies be?     

  • Continue to roll back ALL regulation that restricts exploration, production, and distribution
  • Let the free-market forces reign supreme in the energy sector, i.e., no government subsidies or regulatory stimuli to help jump start one energy resource over another
  • When cultivating and harvesting our natural resources, do it with a concern and care for our environment (not radical environmentalism)
  • Formulate our long-term energy independence with a multi-faceted approach where ALL forms of energy are developed to their fullest extent, i.e., in our national best interests
    • Nuclear
    • Hydro
    • Natural Gas
    • Oil
    • Coal
    • Wind
    • Solar
    • Ethanol
    • Off-shore
    • Other


In summary, the Executive Order signed by President Trump in May of 2017, helped to unleash energy resurgence. Joe Biden destroyed our advances. We must do more to plan for the long-term. I will not be satisfied until the free-market forces are once again allowed to operate in plain sight in the energy sector. The Joe Biden policies have set us back many years.  Our government must stay out!  

Friday, March 4, 2022 10:52 AM

Timmons Distancing Himself From Trump P2

In response to a constituent about the events of January 6th (below), Congressman William Richardson Timmons IV agrees with the position of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. 

It is critically important to note several things Congressman Timmons conveniently leaves out of his response to this constituent.

1.     President Trump was across town telling people to be non-violent. He certainly did not anticipate, much less plan, what happened on January 6th.

2.     Any logical person understands there was, and continues to be, a real question regarding the validity of the 2020 election results, due to the validity of a large number of ballots, which is still being investigated and litigated today. The actions leading up to the January 6th event provide a highly relevant context for the motivations of everyone in Washington on January 6th.  A majority were peaceful protesters with an unplanned rogue element mixed in.

3.     Congressman Timmons fails to mention over 500 riots by Black Lives matter and Antifa, resulting in billions in property damage, including several federal buildings, and the deaths of 30 people including law enforcement officers.

4.     He also fails to mention the Capitol Police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman that day. 

5.     Timmons shows no concern for due process and the right to a speedy trial for those who have been detained for extensive periods of time. 

By his response, Congressman Timmons shows a complete disregard for our Constitution, supporting a narrative coming out of Nancy Pelosi's January 6th Committee, which is nothing more than a witch hunt. This letter is a good example of why Congressman Timmons only scores a 77 on the Freedom Index Scorecard. It doesn't appear that protecting the Constitution, or his constituency, is a priority for him.



Thank you for taking the time to contact my office. I always appreciate receiving feedback from constituents regarding issues that are important to them. 

What happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 was a national embarrassment. There are no excuses for attacking law enforcement, breaking barricades, shattering windows, and busting down doors to gain entry and disrupt Congressional proceedings. Anyone who was complicit in these acts should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. These crimes cannot go unpunished, and I applaud our law enforcement professionals working around the clock to identify and arrest these individuals.

 Along these lines, law enforcement has already arrested over 650 individuals and this number is expected to rise as investigations continue. While the vast majority of individuals have been charged and released, prosecutors have focused detention requests on a small number of individuals charged with assaulting police officers, planning in advance for violence, or taking a leadership role. These crimes cannot go unpunished, and I look forward to moving on from this dark moment in our history. 

In an effort to stay up to date on my views on the issues facing our nation, I would invite you to subscribe to my newsletter and follow on Twitter at @RepTimmons and on Facebook at  William Timmons.

Thank you again for contacting my office. It is an honor and a privilege to represent you in the United States House of Representatives.”



William R. Timmons, IV

Member of Congress

My name is Mike LaPierre and I am a Constitutional Conservative first and foremost. If elected, I will defend your right of due process. I will never pile on to the complete and total witch hunt narrative being orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi. 

Friday, March 4, 2022 10:48 AM

Timmons Distancing Himself From Trump P1

Everyone knows that what a politician DOESN’T SAY on a hot button issue is just as important as what they do say.

William Richardson Timmons IV is distancing himself from President Donald Trump and it’s OBVIOUS.

In this carefully crafted form letter back to District 4 constituents below, Timmons goes out of his way NOT to support President Donald Trump concerning the events of January 6th.

He condemns that attack with absolutely NO SUPPORT for our great President. 

This form letter reminds me of the fence sitter Senator Lindsey Graham. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this form letter wasn’t a joint effort between the Timmons and Graham. 


 Thank you for taking the time to contact my office. I always appreciate receiving feedback from constituents regarding issues that are important to them. 

What happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 was a national embarrassment. There are no excuses for attacking law enforcement, breaking barricades, shattering windows, and busting down doors to gain entry and disrupt Congressional proceedings. Anyone who was complicit in these acts should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. These crimes cannot go unpunished, and I applaud our law enforcement professionals working around the clock to identify and arrest these individuals.

 Along these lines, law enforcement has already arrested over 650 individuals and this number is expected to rise as investigations continue. While the vast majority of individuals have been charged and released, prosecutors have focused detention requests on a small number of individuals charged with assaulting police officers, planning in advance for violence, or taking a leadership role. These crimes cannot go unpunished, and I look forward to moving on from this dark moment in our history. 

In an effort to stay up to date on my views on the issues facing our nation, I would invite you to subscribe to my newsletter and follow on Twitter at @RepTimmons and on Facebook at  William Timmons.

Thank you again for contacting my office. It is an honor and a privilege to represent you in the United States House of Representatives.”



William R. Timmons, IV

Member of Congress

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 3:59 PM

Political Solution #15 - Russian Policy Part 2


  • We let the evil Dictator, Vladimir Putin, off the ropes
  • Russia was in financial chaos
  • Biden’s policies have financed the Russian attack on the Ukraine
  • The world now has “cleanup” duty from Biden’s weak foreign policy
  • Instead of doing the right thing, it is all about “framing” the optics going into the midterm elections


We should never peddle away a geo-political strategic advantage in Eastern Europe when we had an EVIL DICTATOR on the ropes. This is shameful!

Russia was in financial chaos! They have been in meltdown mode for decades, until Joe Biden arrived that is. Several of the Russian breakaway republics even joined NATO. We had him boxed in and CONTROLLED. He knew it, we knew it, the world knew it. Canceling the Keystone Pipeline; effectively shutting down the fracking industry; limiting LNG exports to our Eastern European allies: not renewing or stopping exploration in ANWR (Alaska) are all crippling our country. Russia is now enriching themselves because of Joe Biden’s policies.

In addition, we have changed the balance of power in Europe, which has DIRECT national security interests here at home. If anyone thinks for a minute that this is NOT our concern and it’s not America’s problem, we’ll, study through the issues once again. PUTIN is one of the elephants in the room, the other being China, the bigger and stronger twin sister. Pray for the Ukrainian people.

The long game is for Biden is to allow Putin to become a major player once again on the world stage. Remember, Biden is not interested in American exceptionalism or allowing the U.S. to have a major geo-political advantage over a quasi-power like Russia and Vladimir Putin in Eastern Europe. No. Biden only wants the U.S. to be an equal player in the round table of geo-political power distribution around the globe. Why is this fact so important?

First, it allows the Biden Administration to show itself strong after the fact (ex post facto) and just before the midterm elections. It mollifies the real tension of having to deal with Putin's invasion head on. In other words, the real confrontation starts on the front end of diplomatic relations when we carry a big stick AND take the appropriate actions to deter Putin's invasion in the first place. Slapping him on the wrist is simply "clean up" duty of something that we should never have allowed.

Second, in part, this is nothing more than a political play to keep the focus off domestic issues here at home. They are simply a mess. Biden wants to show himself just strong enough (not too strong) on the international front with Putin, in an attempt to rally the America people with a fake sense of patriotism going into the elections. i.e. holding on to political power.

Don't get me wrong, we should be united as Americans. We should be unified to stop the Russian aggression, not use it as a political ploy.

In a sense, this is nothing more than a shield to mask his horrible domestic policies; make a play to sure up the chances of winning in the midterm elections; giving Putin a seat at the table; while diminishing America's position of power as just one of the guys/gals at the table.

It is a wretched position and one that we need to IMMEDIATELY reconsider.

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


An informed and experienced leader for such a time as this.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 3:57 PM

Political Solution #14 - Russian Policy Part 1


  • Peace through strength
  • Disrupt natural gas advantages
  • Increased cyber security and measures to countervail aggression
  • Increased use of economic sanctions
  • Defend our allies


It is only after exhausting all diplomatic protocols, professional courtesies, personal relationships, and the niceties extended to representatives/diplomats of foreign governments, that the real work with our Russian adversary begins. When formulating any foreign policy dealing with Russia, one must understand that those in positions of leadership in that country don’t share any of our basic values. They will say and do just about anything to get an advantage. The leaders of Russia are ruthless. If you are prepared to come to a policy discussion or a negotiating table with Russia, with those facts in mind, you will have a more realistic view of how to deal with our adversary. They do not share our ideals on what basic human rights are all about. 

Russia is very much like the class bully. Class bullies only understand strength. If the bully hits you, then you must learn to hit them back where it hurts. If the bully inflicts pain, then one must respond immediately and in a manner that is proportional and decisive.  Anything less will put us at a disadvantage. Our national security, and even our very existence as a country, are at stake.

In lieu of the facts stated above, what are our options for responding to our international adversary and bully, Russia? Where can we hit them that will have a maximum impact when they go rogue? The answer is very clear to me. We hit them in the energy sector. We focus all of our strategic initiatives on how to disrupt their energy sector. Russia has more natural resources than any country on the face of the earth.  Natural gas is the only thing that is keeping them afloat. Their country is so economically challenged because of the ravishing effects of Marxism/communism/socialism/democrat socialism, that any significant disruption of the flow of natural gas would cripple them financially.  

We must also find a way to expand our exports of liquid natural gas to our European allies. Finding a way to peel off some of Russia’s natural gas revenue streams and use that as leverage will give us a distinct advantage. We should also think about a proportional response to their interference with our 2016 elections and their current escapades in the Ukraine. I do not believe that economic sanctions are enough. Cyber measures attacking their electrical grids that disrupt the manufacture and distribution of natural gas should be considered. We do not want to provoke Russia into a war. However, we must punish the class bully where it hurts for meddling in our election process.    

While I am not proposing an escalation of hostilities with any kind of “first strike” response against Russia, I am recommending a response to their intrusion that has yet to be forthcoming from our leaders. We must keep our foot on the throat of Russian aggression in the same way that we root out the democrat socialist elements on our shores. We cannot let our focus dim on either of these unwanted intrusions as both espouse the same type of ideology, but in different degrees of intensity.  

As your U.S. House member, I will do everything possible to expose these despicable forms of government (Marxism/communism/democrat socialism) and fight those who propagate the ideology on our shores. Individual freedoms must not be replaced with government control. It goes against everything that our American form of democracy represents.


LaPierre for U.S. House

SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties




An informed and experienced leader for such a time as this.     

Thursday, February 24, 2022 6:52 PM

On the Record #13 - Earthly Lusts

We have been given so much by the Lord our God, yet, we have so very little to surrender back to him in our politics because of our weak and disgusting Adamic sin nature.

We bask in the frivolity of earthly lusts, materialism, and things seen, that we forget the essence, wholeness, and the enveloping nature of things not seen.

God understands our frailty. He knows that in an instant we could blindly follow those things that are unseemly and distasteful to the Spirit of the Living God.

Our culture, in many respects, is a reflection of this unseemly and distasteful behavior. We have pushed the envelope so far to the contrary of righteous living and Christ-like expectations, we wonder if our Creator has had enough.

As a nation, our only option is to fall prostrate before him in an act of complete and total surrender. We ask for forgiveness and then we make the course-corrections necessary to bring honor and glory to his name.

Without this, we will simply give way to the complete and total secularization of our American culture, and thus, our individual wills, longing for both spiritual and earthly survival.

Our spiritual bones as a nation will dry up and decay, limiting the impact and influence needed to sustain a nation in its originality.

May God help us.

~Mike LaPierre

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Spartanburg and Greenville Counties


An experienced leader in difficult times

Thursday, February 24, 2022 6:31 PM

Political Solution #13 - Desiring Corrective Action

-Our government must enable the conditions of moral and spiritual certitude
-We should desire to live out those traits that make Americans distinctive without fear
-The Good News of the Gospel and the good news of our Constitution should be expressed.
-Overturning illegal and unconstitutional precedence is a priority

Without the corrective lenses of law and order, moral certitude, institutional design, societal mores, and the inclination and habits of a God-fearing people, we are destined to become just like our European counterparts. i.e., a complete and total secularized society void of a Creator God.

For the natural propensities of mankind is to do that which benefits himself. In other words, our reliance should be Godward!

Is the spiritual depravity that we currently face, a result of society painting people of faith inside the 4 walls of a church building or is it a result of Christians leaving HIM at the door of the 4 walls of a church building?

While I understand the oppression we face as our government embarks on the complete and total secularization of society (anti-God everything), we must not fail to realize that as American citizens, we have much skin in the game to freely exercise our religious beliefs both in private and in public.

The First Amendment of the Constitution gives us that freedom. Don't ever allow the secularists to tamp you down, squash your spiritual enthusiasm, or make you feel/believe that you should remain silent. Communities are most vibrant when God's people are shouting from the roof tops both the Good News of the Gospel and the good news of our Constitution. The two are immensely compatible and work in harmony with one another.

Unfortunately, our court system (SCOTUS) has worked overtime in their decisions to put government and religion at odds with one another. The Supreme Court decision in Lemon vs. Kurtzman has wreaked havoc on a proper understanding of church and state.

We need the types of legislation that will restore the conditions that once made our country vibrant and appreciative of our constitutional design.

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Spartanburg and Greenville Counties


A citizen representative who has the spiritual and political discernment to lead.

Thursday, February 24, 2022 6:28 PM

Congressman Timmons Shocks His Audience


At a recent Palmetto House Republican Women’s event in Spartanburg South Carolina, Congressman William Richardson Timmons IV responded to a question from Candidate Mike LaPierre that left many in the room SHOCKED!


  • Timmons indicates that Separation of Church and State is a “nonproductive” issue
  • He believes in a European model of governance
  • The Congressman has no idea how important this issue is to the moral and spiritual health of our nation
  • Getting this issue right is the lifeblood of our country
  • He has a secular humanist worldview orientation to legislating, while lacking any real depth of understanding on religious freedom and constitutional tolerance
  • As an attorney, not understanding the political, cultural, and spiritual components of this issue is greatly concerning


LaPierre asked Timmons to share his opinion about the deterioration of our Founding Fathers view of Separation of Church and State compared to the 2022 definition of the same.

Timmons said that the discussion is a “nonproductive” one.

William Richardson Timmons IV first gave some convoluted and NON ANSWERS to Candidate LaPierre’s very appropriate question before ending up with the quip that it is a “nonproductive” discussion!

Unfortunately for Congressman Timmons, what he doesn’t realize is that Separation of Church and State is the #1 issue of our day. If we are to EVER have the moral and virtuous certitude needed to sustain a Constitutional Republic, it must start with getting back to our Founding Father’s definition, NOT the SECULAR HUMANIST version found in 2022.

While Timmons railed in his speech about the lack of morality and ethical standards in our nation, what he doesn’t seem to realize is that how the Separation of Church and State issue is defined and practiced, has significant bearing on our ability to be a moral and virtuous people in the first place.

There were approximately 40-50 people in the room for his speech who heard Congressman Timmons’ reply, only to be taken aback.

From his answer, it is obvious that Congressman William Richardson Timmons IV has bought into the SECULAR HUMANIST version of Separation of Church and State, at great cost to our nation, the state of South Carolina, and the great people of SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.

VOTE Mike LAPIERRE for Congress
SC District 4

A leader who understands both the power and the value of having Separation of Church and State rightly defined.

Thursday, February 17, 2022 10:33 AM

Political Solution #12 - America's Tipping Point

America's Tipping Point

"Religious peoples are naturally strong just at the point where democratic peoples are weak. And this shows how important it is for people to keep their religion when they become equal." ~Alexis de Tocqueville (1830)

There is no other moment in the history of our great country, the American experiment, where people of faith must demonstrate their citizen responsibility described in the very Word of God.

As we approach the twilight of our days here on this earth, our children and our grandchildren will have an innate sense for whether or not we fulfilled both our citizen responsibility and heaven's call.

Both are authored by a sovereign and supreme God.

I have work to do!

SOLUTION: Will you join me in ratcheting up our ACTIVISM to save America?

LaPierre for Congress
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A citizen representative who has the spiritual and political discernment necessary to lead.

Thursday, February 17, 2022 10:29 AM

Political Solution #11 - Security, Prosperity, Stability


Security, the opportunity to prosper economically, and stability are the three pillars of CITIZEN needs and expectations in SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.


Most of us want a government that provides security and safety for our families; we want to provide for our families economically and get ahead; and we want a stable environment politically with as little turmoil, division, and strife as possible.

While we are never 100% assured of our fulfillment of these primary citizen needs and wants, our elected officials should work tirelessly toward those ends with their legislative initiatives; sound the alarm using the platform of a congressman; along with their ability to grab the attention of the electorate with the inspiration and hope needed for a brighter tomorrow.

I am suggesting that our current congressman is doing very little to satisfy these District 4 citizen needs and wants.

There is no signature legislation, there is limited ability to use the platform to draw attention to the issues that matter, and there is certainly no inspiration and hope coming from the speeches of our current congressman, Will Timmons.

Please don't get me wrong, Representative Timmons is  a great guy and is serving to the best of his abilities. Unfortunately, those abilities to not match up with the requirements of his current job.

I am perfectly comfortable with Rep being the County Water Commissioner or a similar level position. However, based on his results, he is NOT suited for the high office of the U.S. House of Representatives.

We need a true leader and NOT a "beta" personality who is still in the developmental stage in the office of U.S. House.

With what is coming down the pike in years ahead, we need strength, aptitude, and political will.

I ask you once again, has Will Timmons demonstrated these characteristics as a two-term congressman? Are you better off today with security, prosperity, and stability than you were 4 years ago when William Richardson Timmons IV took office? What specific legislation has he offered to solve for the needs of District 4?

Our Bill of Rights helps us to secure a government with these expectations in mind. After that, it is up to our elected officials to make sure that they protect and defend our unalienable and limited rights.

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A leader who will sound the alarm and fight for your security, prosperity, and stability.

Thursday, February 17, 2022 10:27 AM

On the Record #12 - Humanity's Quest

                                           Humanity’s Political and Spiritual Quest – Compatible?

The closer our human race fulfills its potential, the further away from Divine Providence we are drawn. There is an inverse relationship between the power of God and the power of man who seeks a god-like status here on this earth.

The very sin nature of man disallows the least bit of congruity when it comes to cultural alignment between the two, outside of a personal relationship with our Savior.

Does this mean that as we progress forward as a civilization, create far-reaching innovation, produce other worldly advances in technology to alleviate the wretched conditions of society, that EVERYONE will forsake their Savior? No, what it does mean is that as an overall culture, we will continue to place our trust in man's ingenuity; man's ability to solve for world peace, hunger,  and water; and man's ability to solve and satisfy all of our needs and wants as god-like creatures.

Our natural predisposition is to trust in the greatness of man, compared to a Heavenly Father who wants the best for His children. As a culture, we find ourselves in a paradoxical position. A juxtaposition betwixt two powerful masters.
One, a God of our fathers. The other, a god of our making.

How does this understanding relate to our politics? Quite frankly, it is EVERYTHING! A proper understanding of who we are and who HE is should envelope our souls. It gives us both the spiritual worldview perspective and the political framework to sustain our Constitution and our nation in the long-term.

God bless the United States of America!

~Mike LaPierre

LaPierre for Congress
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties

A candidate for the U.S. House who has both the spiritual and political sensibilities to lead us forward.

Thursday, February 17, 2022 10:25 AM

On the Record #11 - American Characterization

"There is a genius of a nation, which is not to be found in numerical citizens, but which characterizes the society."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, let me further explore the answer to Emerson's intimations!

What characterizes the American society?

Human Ingenuity?
Law and Order?
Institutional Design?
Philanthropic Kindness?
Doctrine of Fair Play?
Balance of Power?

If I were to pick the one thing that characterizes the American experience, I would say that it is the "moral consciousness" emanating from the spirit of the living God.

That was the safe haven that our Puritan Forefathers were seeking in the New World.


Thursday, February 17, 2022 10:24 AM

On the Record #10 - Recapturing the Spirit of America

                                                                   Recapturing the Spirit of America

Why are prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Bible so vitally important to the educational framework of young and developing minds?

The moral development of American children starts in the home. However, the public-school institution in the educational arena does much to influence a child's worldview orientation.

1.  Prayer is communion with God displaying our devotion.

2.  The Ten Commandments are the writings of God's law establishing our moral protocols.

3.  The Bible is the very written Word of God giving us a roadmap to life through enduring principles, while expressing His redemptive Grace.

Without these, how is a child to be grounded in the moral absolutes of abiding and infinite truth?

If we allow the complete and total secularization of our public schools and the public square, what type of leadership are we fostering?

If Americans are to stand pat to the dreams and visions of our Framers found in the First Amendment to our Constitution, we must secure equal justice, equal time, and equal influence in American culture.

The principles found in the Word of God were once the pervasive and overarching symbolism that AMERICA was a religious and virtuous people. They were the epitome of American exceptionalism.

Today, there isn't a shrewd of evidence in the public square that we believe in our Founder's challenges, encouragement, and instruction.

We are given the hope of a brighter tomorrow. Let us recapture the beauty and the spirit that drove our Forefathers to come to America in the first place.

~Mike LaPierre

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Spartanburg and Greenville Counties


Thursday, February 17, 2022 10:21 AM

On the Record #9 - Getting Back to Our First Cause

                                                              Getting Back to Our FIRST Cause

In allies, in our citizens, in armaments, in horses, we have greater resources than our ancestors enjoyed. But it was other causes which made them great, causes that with us have ceased to exist: energy in our own land, a rule of justice outside our borders; in forming policy, a mind that is free because not at the mercy of criminal passions.

Instead of these, we have self-indulgence and greed, public poverty and private interest. We praise riches; we pursue a course of sloth....

When at home you are slaves to your appetites, and to money and influence in your public life. The consequence is that an attack is being launched on a Republic left without defenses." ~Augustine

Will this depiction spark the embers and flames of Christian passion to get involved as American citizens and do something, anything?

LaPierre for U.S. House

SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A serious leader for serious times.

Thursday, February 17, 2022 10:20 AM

On the Record #8 - Corrective Lenses

Without the corrective lenses of law and order, moral certitude, institutional design, societal mores, and the inclination and habits of a God-fearing people, we are destined to become just like our European counterparts. i.e., a complete and total secularized society void of a Creator God.

For the natural propensities of mankind is to do that which benefits himself.

In other words, our reliance should be Godward!

~Mike LaPierre

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 12:32 PM

PRESS RELEASE Candidate for Congress in SC District 4

PRESS RELEASE Candidate for Congress in SC District 4

Candidate for Congress in SC District 4 (Greenville and Spartanburg Counties), Mike LaPierre, is once again challenging the "established" order in South Carolina politics.

Just 2 short years ago LaPierre ran in the Republican Party Primary against the establishment candidate, Senator Lindsey Graham.

While victory eluded him, LaPierre made quite an impression on District 4 voters as he amassed 25,742 votes in total within the district. Very few challengers to the "establishment" have ever been able to make such tremendous inroads and have that kind of an impact in a Republican primary outside of the establishment.

Candidate LaPierre credits the success to his volunteers who have demonstrated an unrelenting ground game in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.

LaPierre indicated that his campaign team has found a low cost way to reach the District 4 voters by putting together a comprehensive distribution channel apparatus with layers upon layers of touch points. Simply put, he seems to be everywhere in SC District 4.

However, beyond reaching out to the voters directly and communicating with them, he also brings a dynamic to this U.S. House race that has his opponents concerned and tied in knots. 

Candidate LaPierre is one of the most highly trained, educated, and experienced businessman in the field with a proven track record for results.

A six-time author, corporate executive, entrepreneur, former professional athlete, Ivy League graduate, Clemson MBA, and President of Christian Leadership Worldview Intl., he brings a depth of both political and spiritual discernment that is hard to compete with.

Furthermore, as a double-major at Brown University, he was taught by some of the foremost scholars of conservative thinking to include: Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff, Howard Baker; Ronald Reagan's National Security Council member and Ambassador to the United Nations, Jeane Kirkpatrick; along with R.I. Statehouse Parliamentarian, Professor Elmer Cornwell.

Candidate LaPierre believes that District 4 voters want to move away from "establishment politics" to a style of politicking more representative of "WE the PEOPLE." He doesn't feel that wealthy political elitist attorneys can truly understand the needs, wants, and desires of average everyday citizens. They simply do not have the same worldview experiences.

With the groundwork laid with the aforementioned 25,742 votes, TEAM LAPIERRE is now aggressively campaigning across the district to win the SC District 4 U.S. House race on the first ballot. 

Please visit and make your donation today! 

We need to change the course of South Carolina politics, root out establishment politicians, and reclaim America without fear!

God bless the citizens of District 4.

LaPierre for U.S. House

SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


An experienced leader needed for today!

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 1:51 PM

Political Solution #10 - Getting a Fair Shake

God has ordained that there will be equality some day in heaven above. However, while we are on this earth, how do we create the conditions necessary where everyone has a fair shake? What will it take for all citizens to be provided an equal opportunity to get ahead and prosper?

Whether all Americans seek and engage in the opportunities provided is a matter entirely up to the individual and their specific determination. I like to call it the "free citizen, fair shake, equal access, and right to work" approach to governance. The question remains, "How do we go about instituting the conditions on earth that allow us to strive in that direction?

Is it the government's responsibility? The church's responsibility? Is it the responsibility of nonprofits and other NGO types?

Let me say it this way. Since I am a limited government kind of public servant, my recommendation is for the church to engage in all charitable giving and the administration of such endeavors. We must NEVER allow our government to take the place of our local churches.

Our government should provide leadership, direction, and a framework. However, they should NEVER be in a position to create the conditions of bondage, servitude, and complete government reliance by dangling the carrots of free money and free stuff. How does government providing a handout and creating a welfare state get our citizens prepared for life (responsibilities) on this earth or the next?

It’s quite simple really. Work hard, enjoy the fruits of our labor, and give thanks to the One that allows you to do it in the first place. Understanding the magnificence of the great "I AM" is the first step in creating the conditions that we desire.

American citizens should always have the spirit of equality and fairness; be ready to stamp out real injustice when it rears its ugly head; and have a determination and desire for the roles and responsibilities of our local churches to be rightly restored.

The sprawling nature of our government to satisfy the needs of her citizenry must be kept in check as the community, her platoons, and our churches stand ready to meet the philanthropic and charitable needs of society.

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A conservative in spirit and in truth.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 1:44 PM

On the Record #7 - The Power of God in Politics

The Power of God in Politics

Politicians often neglect discussing the all-consuming nature of the Lord our God.

We may mention an awareness of the Creator or "touch base" with Him in a cursory prayer before or after a political event, but have you ever listened to a political figure wax eloquent and DECISIVE about the power of the GREAT I AM in the political arena?

The answer is a resounding NO! Even those with a ministerial background, now turned politicians, nibble around the edges when it comes to religion and politics. Instead, we leave it to the great political leaders of yesteryear who were men and women of faith to sound the alarm for faith, freedom, and virtue in the public square of 2022. Where are our Christian political leaders today? Why are they cowering in the corners of servitude and bondage of the secular humanist arrangement?

The 2022 version of Separation of Church and State has frightened us into believing a lie. It is one of the biggest political lies of all time. We have been educated (indoctrinated) into believing that the spiritual should NEVER be entangled in the slightest way with the affairs of government (Lemon vs. Kurtzman).

This is simply not true. Our Forefathers believed that the power of God in our politics would tamp down the immoderations of our human cravings and chart a more virtuous and wholesome pathway forward. All of the great political philosophers of times gone by have recognized that America was sustained by her habits, mores, and spiritual beliefs.

Great men of political history have all adorned their legacies with the belief that religion and virtue must be at the forefront of our resolve and the great American experiment. They understood that the all-consuming nature of God Almighty and the reverent obedience of her citizenry to their respective faith, would sustain a nation for the ages.

However, our Founding Fathers also knew that if we abandoned our center of attention and replaced it with a love for earthly lusts and human ingenuity, that we would be doomed to failure. In other words, we’ll come out the back side of history looking like a shell of her original self. The righteousness, spiritual well-being, and the loving kindness that once emanated from her citizens will give way to the quest for our individual rights "so-called." An inward focus to be sure.

As a public servant, I am asking you to fondly remember our Framer's understanding of the power and the all-consuming nature of God in the body politic. I am also asking you that we do EVERYTHING we can to restore the harmonious relationship between Church and State.

We need prayer back in our public schools. We need the 10 Commandments back in our public schools. We need the Bible back in our public schools. We need to remove any semblance of hatred, vitriol, and divisiveness found in Critical Race Theory.

My name is Mike LaPierre, I am a Christian who is running for the United State House of Representatives in SC District 4 – Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. I will be on the front lines and fighting to save the complementary and harmonious nature of Church and State.


A serious leader for serious times.

Sunday, January 30, 2022 1:54 PM

Political Solution #9 – The Science of Politics

Should we allow the pragmatics, rationality, and excessive reasoning of political science on both sides of the political divide to stage (some would say upstage) our thinking on the "art of government?"

In other words, we incessantly complain about the "science of everything" from the progressive left and its exacting nature on our thinking. In part, we complain because the dogmatism of man's "science" is considered absolute truth and moves us away from divine revelation, inspiration, hope, and peace. At other times, well, the science is just BAD science because it is based upon man’s hypothesis instead of theoretical conclusions derived from fact.

What about political science? My fellow Republicans, don't the same rules apply? Doesn’t the way we think about the body politic become so tightly shrouded with the science of politics that any semblance of the spiritual (hope-peace) goes undetected or even unwanted?

Have we so lean-manufactured, codified, and squeezed man-made thinking into the science of politics on both the left and the right that we have it all figured out? Mustn’t we consider the sovereign nature of the “governor among the nations?” As brothers and sisters of the common grace bestowed, have we lost focus of the main thing being the main thing?

It is a weighty thought, indeed.

Reflecting on the experiences, logic, and reasoning of our politics is one thing, however, resting in the absolute truth of the science of politics is another matter entirely. In essence, has man's thinking on political "science" now become absolute truth? As a result of the political "science" of everything, does it move us more toward an adversarial and combative role than that of a peacemaker?

Let me conclude with this. The differences in the point of origin in one's conceptualization of the political domain has much to do with the current unbalanced nature of our force majeure in governance. i.e., we fail to consider the power of our individual worldview perspectives and learn how to obligate ourselves with the grace and ease necessary to finding common ground.

We get so focused with our secular leaning dogmatism on either side of the isle (the absolutism of political “science” so-called) that it clouds our judgement as the sectarian peacemakers we ought to be.  

The solution is to be more self-aware of our peacemaker roles; a role that gets squashed with the hyperactive sense of our reason and logic.  

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A candidate who can think through the issues that matter.

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Sunday, January 30, 2022 1:52 PM

On the Record #6 - Rationalizing Political Ideas

Rationalizing Political Ideas

In times past, the great political men and woman of renown were fraught with the pleasantries of the power of IDEAS, only to succumb to the hallowed weight of religion and virtue.

For without a solid foundation, our earthly IDEAS are left as chaff in the wind, flailing about with no direction, content with the pragmatism and reason of a man-made worldview and the subsequent order (some would say confusion) that it propagates.

"But it's ONLY politics", one exclaims, all the more reason to tamp down the excess of political power, control, and the tyranny destined for a government, political party, and the associated public policy without God. The cries of separation of church and state in the 21st century ring hollow as the foundations of our Constitutional Republic crumble.

Try as you may; rationalize as you will; justify satisfying your worldly prowess; then return once again to the origin of man's IDEAS- The great I AM! A soothing utterance to be sure, amidst the political calamity and confusion of this present age, but words, nonetheless, that remind us of our pathway forward.

So, while we fight for the preeminence of our earthly IDEAS, stay grounded and smell the aroma of the Creators call, sweet to the senses and rapturous to the soul. Said again, we must never let the delicacies of our political ideology (IDEAS), overshadow the power of religion, virtue, and the very Word of God.

~Mike LaPierre


LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A serious leader for serious times.

Saturday, January 29, 2022 7:39 PM



While time is of the essence; as soon as House parliamentary procedure allows in the 118th Congress; an adoption of a resolution to impeach is enumerated in this resolution forthwith, the following articles of impeachment; notwithstanding and with presumption in the affirmative that a Special Judiciary Investigatory Committee (ex parte) finds evidence to support said conclusions; a majority in the U.S. House voting to so move; the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, is thereby impeached.  




Impeaching Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., President of the United States, for treason and high crimes and misdemeanors.

1     Resolved, That Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., President of the      

2     United States, is impeached for treason and high crimes and  

3     misdemeanors and that the following articles of impeachment be

4     exhibited to the United States Senate:

5     Articles of impeachment exhibited by the House of

6     Representatives of the United States of America in the name of

7     itself and of the people of the United States of America, against

8     Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., President of the United States, in

9     maintenance and support of its impeachment against him for

10   treason and high crimes and misdemeanors.


12   The Constitution provides that the House of Representatives ‘‘shall

13   have the sole Power of Impeachment’’ and that the President

14   ‘‘shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and

15   Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and

16   Misdemeanors’’. Further, section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the

17   Constitution prohibits any person who has ‘‘engaged in insurrection

18   or rebellion against’’ the United States from ‘‘hold[ing] any office . .

19   under the United States.” In his conduct while President of the

20   United States—and in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully

21   to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the

22   best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of

23   the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take

24   care that the laws be faithfully executed— Joseph Robinette Biden

25   Jr. engaged in treason and high crimes and misdemeanors by

26   purposefully aiding and abetting illegal migrant activity at the  

27   Southern Borders against the Government of the United States

28   leading to insurrection, lawlessness, propagating excessive health

29   risks from COVID-19, terrorist and cartel activity, and other risks

30     germane to the general welfare of the citizens of the United States    

31     in that:    

32   On January 20, 2021, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., President of

33   the United States, halted the “remain in Mexico” policy and

34   subsequently directed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro

35   Mayorkas to end the policy, formally known as the Migration

36   Protection Protocols.  Mayorkas’ memo was issued on June 1,

37   2021, after a monthslong review by his office. This action,

38   combined with other Joe Biden public policy directives

39   circumventing immigration law (Temporary Protected Status), have

40   had devasting untold and negative impacts on the citizens of the

41   United States of America. This abuse of executive power is further

42   demonstrated with covert airlifts of illegal aliens to unspecified

43   locations. Joe Biden also has dramatically curtailed policies

44   for law enforcement agencies who are legally responsibility  

45   to remove criminals and illegal aliens. It is being reported that as

46   many as 1.7 million illegal aliens have infiltrated our borders.


48   President Biden authorized the CDC to extend the federal eviction

49   moratorium through March 31 right after his inauguration on  

50   January 20. ... On August 26, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court struck

51   down the latest CDC extension of rent.

52   On November 4, 2021, President Joe Biden authorized the

53   Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health

54   Administration (“OSHA”) to issue several rules related to vaccine

55   mandates.  Critical to private employers with 100 or more

56   employees, the OSHA rule or “ETS” requires, in general, the

57   vaccination of employees or weekly testing of unvaccinated

58   workers, beginning by January 4, 2022 (a new deadline; the

59   previously announced deadline was December 8, 2021). The U.S.

60   Supreme Court blocked the Occupational Safety and Health

61   Administration's (OSHA's) emergency temporary standard requiring

62   businesses with at least 100 employees to ensure workers are  

63   vaccinated against the coronavirus or wear masks and undergo

64   weekly COVID-19 testing. 

65          ARTICLE III: Dereliction of Duty as Commander in Chief

66   Joe Biden’s hasty and poorly planned Afghanistan withdraw

67   resulted in the deaths of 13 U.S. troops and wounded 18 others in

68   two suicide bombs. Countless others are unaccounted for and

69   presumed dead. Gross negligence and a rush to remove our troops

70   left both U.S. citizens and military personnel exposed and at risk. As

71   a result of the poor decision-making and negligent behavior,

72   President Joe Biden incapacitated himself in such a way that he

73   could not perform his fiduciary responsibilities to America citizens.  

74   In all this, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. gravely endangered the

75   security of the United States and its institutions of Government. He

76   threatened the integrity of our Constitutional Republic, system of

77   laws, the health and security of the people of the United States,

78   and has usurped authority with excessive executive power from a

79   coequal branch of Government. He thereby betrayed his trust as

80   President, to the manifest injury of the people of the United States.

81   Wherefore, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., by such conduct, has

82   demonstrated that he will remain a threat to national security,

83   democracy, and the Constitution if allowed to remain in office, and

84   has acted in a manner grossly incompatible with self-governance

85   and the rule of law. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. thus warrants

86   impeachment and trial, removal from office, and disqualification to

87   hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United

88   States. Joe Biden is subverting our system of government.


89   The enclosed ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT are a true and honest testament to the concern that candidate for U.S. House in SC District 4 – Greenville and Spartanburg Counties, Mike LaPierre, has for the welfare of our Constitution, the citizens of the United States of America, and his children and grandchildren.

90   God bless the United States of America.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 12:28 PM

Moderate Will (No Results) Timmons has a "Tell"

Moderate Will (No Results) Timmons has a “Tell”

When I was playing professional baseball in the minor leagues with the Montreal Expos (now the Washington Nationals), our entire bench use to study opposing pitchers to see if they had a propensity to give away their NEXT PITCH! We called it a “tell.” If you study pitchers close enough you can decipher through body language or the way that they position their gloves before throwing a pitch what is coming next. It gives baseball hitters a decided advantage.

This same approach is used in politics. We can decipher exactly what a candidate stands for based on certain types of behavior.

Here are some obvious “tells” for Will (No Results) Timmons that gives away that he is NOT a true CONSERVATIVE.

  1. Timmons has refused to join the U.S. House Freedom Caucus. It is the most conservative caucus in the House. Will (No Results) Timmons gives some convoluted answer in his defense. Just ask him and he will tell you! After listening to his answer, you are bound to say, “huh?” Are you conservative or not?


  2. Timmons aggressively campaigned for Senator Lindsey Graham in the 2020 Republican Primary. Just visit YouTube. Yes, this is the same Graham who does NOT want Roe v. Wade to be overturned. He says that it is legal precedence (stare decisis) and should stay where it is.


  3. Will (No Results) Timmons told me directly to my face, “I like the Infrastructure Bill because it creates jobs. Say what? You like the $1.2 Trillion Dollar Marxist-Socialist spending bill because it creates the WRONG kind of jobs. That’s right folks, Timmons likes GREEN NEW DEAL jobs compared to SC manufacturing jobs. Yikes!


In conclusion, Will Timmons has a “tell.” He is not a true conservative and he follows in the footsteps of his mentor, Senator Lindsey Graham.

Say it isn’t so, Will!!!!


LaPierre for U.S. House

SC District 4 – Greenville and Spartanburg Counties

A true conservative who WILL join the House Freedom Caucus, who WILL oppose RINO Lindsey Graham, and who WILL vehemently reject bad public policy. i.e., the Infrastructure Bill

Sunday, January 23, 2022 3:07 PM

On the Record #5 - Endless Rights

                                                                                        Endless Rights

“Endless ‘rights’ dominate our culture. It seems like everyone is in the business of ‘getting me some of that.’ This unceasing demand will lead to further government reliance. Why?

The natural tendencies of mankind are bent toward a reliance on this present world to solve for conditions of both needs and wants. Remember, rights, rights, and more rights.

The above scenario that currently plagues our society forces a reliance on government and NOT a reliance on God. Government becomes a substitute depository for true dependence, reliance, and fulfillment.

Let us always be mindful that our rights are unalienable but finite in nature here on this earth. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness lead the charge. Security, equal opportunity, and one's ability to seek prosperity and provide for one's family are on an equal footing as well.

However, beyond the basics found in our Constitution and in our Bibles, we must refrain from calling everything a right. It is simply not true.”

~Mike LaPierre

Sunday, January 23, 2022 3:05 PM

On the Record #4 - Involved Citizens

                                                                        Involved Citizens

“In our form of government unity is derived from our ability to test political assumptions now codified in the 1st Amendment under "free speech."

The vigor generated in our policy discussions, general debate, and the manner in which we hold ourselves accountable helps to normalize and tamp down the extremes of both unruly behavior and unruly (bad) public policy.

When citizens get involved, voice an opinion, and lead, insights are generated that lead us to a middle ground, agreeable to none, excitable to none, but put up with by all.

This framework guarantees a slow moving and under control government as designed by our Forefathers. This framework further beholden us to the Constitution of the United States of America.”

~Mike LaPierre

Sunday, January 23, 2022 3:05 PM

On the Record #3 - States' Rights and Local Communities

                                                                  States' Rights and Local Communities 

 “Our earthly political gaze, and there must be one if we are to fulfill our citizen responsibilities, should be directed to our local communities first and foremost, only to acquiesce to some limited government action at the federal level by those who sincerely believe in small government and states' rights as defined in the 10th Amendment. Beyond these restricting and confining parameters, we open ourselves up to both globalism and an insatiable appetite to feed the federalist amoeba.”

~Mike LaPierre

Sunday, January 23, 2022 3:04 PM

On the Record #2 - The Sanctity of Life

                                                                         The Sanctity of Life  

"The essence of who we are as a nation begins with the sanctity of life. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is the essence of our American spirit. If we desecrate the God-given spiritual design, creation, and gift we call life, we assume all of the great peril that follows. i.e., current societal conditions."

~Mike LaPierre

Sunday, January 23, 2022 3:03 PM

On the Record #1 - Separation of Church and State

                                                                     Separation of Church and State

"If there was just one change that I could make in the political landscape of 21st century America, it would be a reversion back to the 'original intent' interpretation and understanding of what Separation of Church and State actually means.

This act alone would be the safe harbor canopy and protection needed to preserve the QUALITY of our American distinctiveness.

However, it is with great regret that I submit to you that most of our politicians either do not understand this American travesty/tragedy or aren’t willing to step out and do something about it because of fear and/or political angst."

~Mike LaPierre

Friday, January 21, 2022 6:44 PM

Post and Courier Writes Misleading Article

Post and Courier

Post and Courier Writes Misleading Article About U.S. House Race


-Post and Courier author cherry picked statewide data that is NOT relevant to candidate LAPIERRE's prospects of victory in the District-4 race for the U.S. House.

-Candidate Mike LAPIERRE amassed 25,742 votes in the primary against Lindsey Graham in District-4 despite the considerable headwinds described below.

-Candidate LAPIERRE (complete unknown at that time) was only 15.7% behind a 3-term Senator (Graham) in District 4 (Greenville and Spartanburg Counties).

-Graham only received 47.5% of the vote in Greenville County and 47.7% of the vote in Spartanburg County. The previous Greenville County Chairman COULD NOT deliver the results in District 4 because of LAPIERRE's thoughtful campaign strategy and his team's extensive ground game.

-Team LaPierre expects those same results to continue since inexperienced Will (No Results) Timmons is an avid Lindsey Graham supporter! He aggressively campaigned for Lindsey Graham.


The Post and Courier wrote a very misleading article about the District-4 race for U.S. House (Greenville and Spartanburg Counties). The article was slanted in favor of the incumbent, the inexperienced Will (No Results) Timmons.

I talked to the editor giving him ample opportunity to retract, correct, and/or amplify the true message, he refused. So, I will give you the entire truth and data sets relating this District-4 U.S. House race!

The error came when they cherry picked data to support their presuppositional narrative. The author of the Post and Courier article had an end game in mind when penning the gobbledygook, but failed to do the research in District 4 that was relevant to his assumptions. Let me explain.

The FACT that Mike LAPIERRE came in second against Lindsey Graham in the Senate Primary and was ONLY 15.7 percentage points behind the 3-term Senator was a stunning victory!

·        Graham was a 3-term Senator
·        Graham just came off the Kavanaugh rant (staged rant)
·        Graham was endorsed by Pence who came to Greenville for the kickoff event
·        Graham was endorsed by President Trump
·        Opponents of Graham could not speak at public events because of the COVID lockdown
·        Republican Party effectively locked out Graham’s opponents in the primary

In light of all of these advantages, LaPierre helped keep Graham under 50% in both Greenville and Spartanburg counties!

·        Graham only received 47.5% in Greenville
·        Graham only received 47.7% in Spartanburg

That’s right folks, voters in Greenville and Spartanburg have already pulled the lever and pledged their allegiance once before as a result of his conservative positions. 25,742 times!

When this total (25,742) is overlaid against the 2018 total vote count when Timmons was elected,  it represents 38.4% of the total in District 4 which is a great foundation and springboard for candidate LaPierre.

There are very few candidates who have amassed that number of votes in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. Very few.

When you couple this fact with the “do nothing” and “absentee status” of the current congressman, Will Timmons, there is a real possibility that Mike LaPierre will win the race on the first ballot!

Please check out the tepid results for Timmons at Rep. William Timmons [R-SC4]’s 2020 Report Card from and then sit back and cringe! Ladies and gentlemen, his report card is SCARY BAD for a two-term congressman.

Please visit Mike LaPierre’s website at and view his robust platform and policy positions.

Please donate to the winning team today!

We need to usher out professional political operatives, the wealthy privileged elite, weak “beta” Republicans, while voting in citizen representatives that can turn our country around!

We need businessmen like Mike LaPierre who have made a career of making tough decisions; who had a willingness to stand up to the establishment; who breaks down the walls necessary: and someone who has a long history of getting results.

Make your donation TODAY! 

LaPierre for Congress
I Like Mike

Friday, January 21, 2022 6:37 PM

Safe Harbor Protection

Safe Harbor Protection

To South Carolina Republicans:

We need to seek the safe harbor protection in a populous movement. It allows us to move beyond leadership infighting and dysfunction to a stratum of the electorate that really matters. i.e., We the People.

We can never let dysfunctional leaders take us to places that are unhealthy for our party.

I think Donald Trump had it right. Drain the Swamp!

Let us coalesce around issues that matter. Let us leave the petty politics and infighting at the door of the utterly useless and strive to be a better version of our political selves. If we stay focused on public policy, legislative initiatives, the Republican Party Platform, and getting out the vote for the 2022 midterm elections, we will do great things.

Once again, Donald Trump had it right. Make America Great Again!

If, however, we decide to bask in the optical illusion that intra-party squabbles are needed to “rally” and "juice" our awareness and conformity, well, I am thinking that this approach is less of a leadership play and more of a play from those who prefer demagoguery.

Let us lead and chart a pathway forward that our children and grandchildren would be proud of.

"Far different from most cities today whose inhabitants are ruled darkly as in a dream by men who will fight each other overshadows and use faction in order to rule, as if that were some great good." ~Plato

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties

I Like Mike

A serious leader for serious times.

Friday, January 21, 2022 6:34 PM

Freedom's Call and America's Awakening

Freedom’s Call and America's Awakening

Have American citizens been pushed to the brink where they must now act?

By all appearances, it seems that the left leaning (Marxist-Socialist) Joe Biden administration went too fast, too soon, and was willing to future shock the American public with radical policy without regret.

Bernie Sanders, AOC, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi overplayed their Marxist-Socialist hand and are now in a free-for-all. After only 1 year in office with control of all three branches of government, they have completely imploded! Why?

I believe that the institutions in our country have been designed in such a way that they can smell a rat. American citizens have this innate sense of understanding when something goes amiss. And when they do realize that the foundations of our great constitutional republic are starting to crumble and are at risk, they awaken from their temporary political slumber, and they act! Her citizens become so outraged and focused on righting the wrongs of necessity that they can't be stopped.

America is a constitutional republic governed by the rule of law. It is NOT a pure democracy governed by the whims of a radical elitist minority who disregard the rule of law.

America is a capitalist society where the freedom to get ahead is based on individual achievement, entrepreneurial adventures, and a burning desire for innovation. It is NOT a Marxist-Socialist experiment and a bastion of collectivist ideals, centralized planning, and the full onslaught of government control and regulation.

America is a God-fearing and religious country with moral certitude (God first) who respects the free exercise of all religious beliefs and doctrines. It is NOT a Secular Humanist fearing country (Man first) who believes in the complete and total secularization of American society with relativist values.

America is proud of her heritage and the place that she occupies as the world leader but realizes that continuous improvements are needed and will never be satisfied with injustice. It is NOT a country where her citizens are taught to hate America and her exceptional progress by fomenting hatred, vitriol, and violence in order to radically transform her essence.

America is comprised of traditional family values where the nuclear family is touted as the model of success. It is NOT a country where her citizens are taught to despise and frown upon the traditional activist role that fathers and mothers should play in the development of their children. 

America is a country who recognizes that she is a forward-looking experiment of what could be, while enjoying the fruits of peace and prosperity in her current state. It is NOT a country that dwells on past injustices for political gain with anarchist tendencies bent on the overthrow of our current form of government.

America is beautiful. She is the most prosperous, philanthropic, and free country that the world has ever known. It is not a caldron for scorched earth policies meant to tear her down and defame her distinctive institutional attributes.

I love the United States of America!

Will you join me in helping to safeguard our Constitution and the rule of law while providing solutions that help us grow, prosper, and improve?

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties

I Like Mike

A serious candidate for serious times.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 6:35 PM

Political Solution #8 - Curbing Excessive Political Power

POLITICAL SOLUTION #8 – Curbing Excessive Political Power


  • We need an amendment to our Constitution to include term limits for House and Senate
  • Unelected public officials should reapply every four years to their positions
  • Curtail the flow of money between elected officials and lobbyists
  • Curtail the flow of money between elected politicians
  • Institute overall campaign finance reform



American citizens must do everything that we can to curb the excesses of political power with our elected officials, lobbyists, and those unelected officials who work in national government. Based on this belief, I believe that U.S. Senators, House members, and those unelected officials should be limited in the number of terms they serve (Senate and House) and/or reapply to their offices for those in unelected capacities.  

I do not believe for a second that our Founding Fathers would have ever imagined the corrupt power bases and alliances created in our current system of government. Many elected officials will do and say anything to hold and maintain power at the expense of our country’s well-being.

It is this selfish motivation towards public service that has created such an unfavorable view of Congress and the administrative state. What I do believe is that our Founders envisioned a system of government full of virtue and righteous decision-making that helps tamp down the baser instincts of mankind and flawed motivations of greedy politicians.

Right now, we have a system of government that encourages and incentivizes the wrong kind of behavior. We need an amendment to our Constitution that drives the right kind of behavior. I believe that term limits is the answer:

  • Senators – Maximum of two 6-year terms
  • House – Maximum of six 2-year terms
  • Unelected Administrative Positions – Must reapply every four years to the position

The love of power and money in Congress is at the root of the problem in our American experiment of governance. The continuous flow of money from lobbyists to Congressional delegations and back again is a self-sustaining money pit that has ruined our political process in many respects. The flow of money between members of Congress further exacerbates the corruption problem through various leadership PACs and other shell organizations.

Dispensing capital and capital distribution (legalized corruption through quid pro quo arrangements between Congress and lobbyists) have become the norm. Term limits would greatly curtail this phenomenon and help minimize the corrupt intentions and attract a new breed of public servants. This new breed would be more inclined to serve the people and do what is in the best interests of their state and country. Let us return to the concept of “We the People.”            

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 6:33 PM

Political Solution #7 - Securing Our Southern Borders

POLITICAL SOLUTION #7 – White Paper - Securing Our Southern Borders 

Quick Summary:

Here is my counsel to Governor Greg Abbott.

  1. Now that our borders are once again overrun with lawbreakers, declare a Texas State of Emergency based on alien insurrection attempts (destabilization)
  2. Under the State of Emergency Executive Order, issue operation blockade or operation quarantine, or some other constitutional naming convention/provision to stop the invasion from illegal immigrants
  3. Use the Texas State National Guard (1,678), the Highway Patrol (2,863), the Texas Rangers (166), the Texas Sheriffs (254), the associated Deputy Sheriffs (thousands), and other deputized personnel needed (tens of thousands) for a “surge” and “purge” to stop the illegal behavior
  4. Once our southern borders are under control (and a favorable truce is negotiated with the Biden administration), draw down law enforcement commensurate with the illegal activity
  5. Build a wall with private and/or state funding where applicable.

What are all of the potential positive outcomes from such bold action?

  1. Stops the all of the illegal immigration behavior and “level-sets” us back to the Trump Doctrine on illegal immigration
  2. Stops the ancillary negative impacts to our economy, welfare system, education system, court system, prison system, and to our general safety i.e., drug lords, prostitution rings, gangs, human and child trafficking, etc.
  3. Restores the Rule of Law
  4. Restores the power of States’ Rights
  5. Further weakens and denigrates the leadership perception of Joe Biden and his administration
  6. Jump starts Governor Greg Abbott’s further run for the presidency


Full Detail:

Surge, Stop, and Purge – We are recommending that Governor Greg Abbott of Texas surge the southern border of Texas with the law enforcement and/or military personnel necessary to stop and purge lawbreakers/aliens that are in our country illegally. 

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has some very serious political choices that he needs to make in the upcoming months. There is a political fire storm brewing in Texas that he and his political advisors/strategists need to huddle up on. In the future, the Governor of Texas is going to be put between a rock and a hard spot. Let me explain.

When a governor takes the oath of office, he/she pledges to protect and defend the Constitution of their respective state. In the case of Texas, it is a two-fold duty. They must faithfully execute those duties in Texas, while to the “best of my abilities” preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Based on the wording in the Texas oath, is there a general understanding that the default position will always be an allegiance to the State of Texas first? My guess is that a cagey politician will indicate both, and then respond, “next question.” However, because of our independent Southern culture, heritage, and spirit, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if a Governor responded, “I am devoted to my State, first and foremost.”  


“IN THE NAME AND BY THE AUTHORITY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, I, do solemnly swear (or affirm), that I will faithfully execute the duties of the office of the State of Texas, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this State, so help me God.”

The Texas Governor has an explicit duty to faithfully executive the duties of the office of the State of Texas. One of those duties includes making sure that the laws of Texas are enforced. As Chief Executive, enforcing the laws is paramount. So, let me ask a few “elephant in the room” questions.


What happens when the Joe Biden administration concocts presidential “work arounds” and other executive orders that foster blatant lawlessness at our Southern Borders (Texas Borders) relating to immigration policy? How about when the Marxist-Socialist controlled U.S. House and Senate enacts legislation that supports (subtly) additional illegal immigration behavior or simply looks the other way? Does Governor Abbott have a sworn duty to respond? Think of the potential crisis for Texans if the Biden immigration policy continues to operate the way it is currently? 

  • The migrant protection protocol (the remain in Mexico) safeguards are eliminated
  • All progress revamping our immigration and asylum laws are reversed to allow an open borders concept
  • Chain migration is once again allowed to operate without restraint
  • Catch and release is jump started
  • Faulty claims of “creditable fear of persecution” are once again allowed for those asking for political asylum
  • Anchor baby extension is back in fashion
  • Children immediately being turned over to Health and Human services and placed in the “least restrictive settings” that consequently lead to more illegal behavior is revived

In conclusion, we will not have a country if our sovereign borders are allowed to be overrun with illegal activity. Governor Abbott has the ability to force a showdown with the Biden Administration that will slow down (weaken) the socialist immigration policy, whiling testing the constitutional boundaries of his power as Governor.   

Add your news summary here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 6:30 PM

Political Solution #6 - U.S.- China Policy



What’s Wrong with China?

China is best understood in the context of its history. For 2500 years, the Chinese people have labored under the oppression of Asian Despotism. That despotism was implemented by a series of imperial dynasties beginning in 221 BC (Han), a system based on historic political and intellectual roots that went back another thousand years. The last of these empires ended officially only in 1911, when the Ch’ing, or Manchu, Dynasty was swept away, and the Republic of China (“ROC”) was established in its place. The ROC was China’s only experiment with democracy, and that experiment was deeply flawed and short-lived. The ROC was pushed from the Chinese mainland by the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) in 1949 and has maintained a tenuous toehold on Chinese history through its continued presence in Taiwan, an island separated from the Chinese mainland by only the 100 miles of the Taiwan Straits.

The ROC’s brief period of power in China proper hardly merits attention, overshadowed as it was by two great world wars and the occupation of much of the country, first by multiple warlords in the early decades of the century and then in the 1930s by Japan. A few items are worthy of mention. The ROC’s time on the Chinese mainland is largely identified with the Chinese Nationalist Party, or “KMT,” which was established in 1919 and was the ruling party from 1928 to 1949. The KMT came to be dominated during the 1920s by Chiang Kai-shek and his faction and was plagued by corruption throughout its tenure. To its credit, the ROC did slowly emerge as a true, multi-party democracy after its move to Taiwan in 1949 and today represents a major economic and political success story, along with the other “tigers” of East Asia. Unfortunately, its future continues to be threatened by the growing power of the CCP, which views Taiwan as a part of traditional China, which must inevitably be reincorporated into the PRC, like Hong Kong. The failure of the CCP to successfully integrate democratic Hong Kong into the PRC gives little comfort to the people of Taiwan.

In 1949, the CCP led by Mao Tse-tung and other radical communist revolutionaries, succeeded in conquering the entirety of the Chinese mainland, chasing the ROC to Taiwan. The Peoples Republic of China (“PRC”) was formally established by the Communists on October 1, 1949.

Untold millions of Chinese have suffered under the mindless and brutal polices of the CCP, without question history’s most devout Marxist-Leninist dictators. Even Stalin pales by comparison. For three decades—from 1950 to 1980—the Chinese people groaned under the most brutal form of oppression the world has ever known, and it did not end there. In the 1950s alone, they endured thought purges; the Korean War; land “reform” in which millions of landlords were destroyed and many exterminated; reorganization of agriculture into coops, followed immediately by forced collectivization; and the so-called Great Leap Forward (1958-60), followed by the Great Famine of 1959-1961, itself caused by the mindless agricultural policies of the CCP. The 1960s were little better, starting off with the Sino-Soviet split beginning in 1961, when China turned away from post-Stalin Russia as being too “liberal.” To distract the Chinese people from its massive political and economic failures, the CCP in 1966 launched the Cultural Revolution, a disaster ending only with the death of Mao and arrest of his wife’s clique 10 years later, in 1976. In the Cultural Revolution, the lucky ones were subjected to social shaming, beatings, loss of livelihood, and imprisonment; the less fortunate were killed by mobs or wasted away in prisons run by the Communist authorities.

What was the price tag in human terms for this CCP-inspired insanity? In the great famine of 1959-61 alone, it has been estimated that anywhere from 40 to 50 million people died. In the years from 1949 to Mao’s death in 1976, it is thought that as many as 80 million Chinese people were sacrificed to the political ambitions of the CCP. Beyond that, the economic loss to China resulting from these failed policies is incalculable. And it would be wrong to blame this all on Mao: as the “great helmsman,” he was the most visible of the CCP leaders, but all played their part. By contrast, Stalin executed a mere million of his political enemies and even his penchant for class warfare and genocide added only some 5 to 7 million deaths to that figure.

While Mao Tse-tung was no doubt the principal author of China’s disastrous policies, he was also in the final years of his life, responsible for China’s ultimate re-opening to the international community. In his final “pivot” of China’s foreign policy, he cooperated with the Nixon Administration to achieve rapprochement with the United States in 1970-71, which culminated in Kissinger’s secret trip to China in 1971 and the much-ballyhooed Nixon trip in 1972. Both parties to this re-opening no doubt sought to blunt the power of the Soviet Union, but there was another aspect of this new relationship that is less discussed. Not long after Mao’s death in 1976, Deng Hsiao-ping was able to out-maneuver his numerous competitors to become head of the CCP (1978), no mean feat since Deng had been purged twice during the decade of the Cultural Revolution. Often viewed as a ‘pragmatist’ within the spectrum of CCP ideology, Deng adopted economic and political ‘reforms;’ institutionalized education, technical, and bureaucratic standards within China; and formalized diplomatic relations with the US (1979).

None of this should delude anyone into thinking that Deng was not a deeply committed communist. While recognizing that China would do better to attract western investment and technology to finance its economic development, he also built on Lenin’s insight that capitalists will sell you the rope you hang them with, by adopting “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” What that meant was that China would behave internationally like a capitalist, and domestically would even allow the markets to signal prices. However, all business enterprises in China would still be controlled, at least indirectly, by the CCP through its members. For foreigners seeking to do business in China, the Chinese government created an elaborate regulatory framework, all of which boiled down to one thing: any foreign business enterprise in China had to be implemented through a joint venture (jv). These ventures were inevitably owned and controlled behind the scenes by Chinese Communist Party members. Despite these drawbacks, during the 1980s and 90s, thousands of US businesses set up operations in China, never really knowing who their jv partners were. Talk about turning a “blind eye.” Of course, the real purpose of this policy from the outset, beyond making top CCP members fabulously wealthy, was to exploit market efficiency to increase profits, then redeploy those profits to better enable the communist regime to control the economy and society domestically and to outspend China’s enemies abroad.

For a fleeting moment in time, the events of Tien An Men Square in 1989 brought all this to a screeching halt. But in a matter of months, it was back to “business as usual” where China was concerned. Hard to believe that Tien An Men was 30 years ago. And still, we have refused to admit China’s true nature!

So, what happened to America during the 1980s and 90s? Caught up in the myth of “adding an inch to the shirttails of every Chinaman” and lusting after the ostensible riches to be had at the end of that rainbow, the “vanguard” of American business began to “offshore” production. The cheap labor in China did indeed reduce their cost of manufacture and, in time, other US businesses had the choice of following their competitors to China or going out of business. During the 1990s, the big box stores further committed US business to the China myth. Once that happened, there was no turning back. Across America in the 1990s, thousands of local manufacturing companies, both large and small, were shuttered, their jobs exported to China. Meantime, what was the US selling to China? Nothing. By the end of the 1990s, America’s maritime ports were sitting on tens of thousands of empty containers, and still the ships came. But the trade imbalance was only the most conspicuous aspect of what was wrong with the US-China relationship by then.

From the very beginning, during the 1980s, the Chinese attitude toward western intellectual property (“IP”) was abundantly clear to anyone who was paying attention. As a condition to approval by the Chinese Government of each new US joint venture in China, the US partner was always required to cede its IP to the Chinese side at the end of the jv term. Not content with the pace at which this ostensibly legal acquisition of US IP was going, the Chinese Government turned in due course to wholesale industrial espionage, targeting not just US companies doing business in China, but Silicon Valley and other target-rich environments—including the universities that produced much of the basic research that underpins US technological strength. And why not? We made it simple for them. Recall that the number of Chinese students studying at US college and universities mushroomed after the start of China’s “turn to the West.” In the late 1980s only some 20,000 Chinese students were enrolled in US institutions of higher learning. That number quickly doubled in the early 90s and by the end of the century had reached 60,000. Even that number pales by comparison with the decades the followed. Chinese enrollments continued to grow steadily, peaking in the academic year ending in 2020 at more than 370,000. Most of these students are in post-graduate work, primarily in the sciences. Many go on after graduation to work in technical jobs in US companies; all of them have family members still living in China, making them subject to extortion by the long arm of China’s intelligence services. Yet no one seems to care. Why is this Trojan Horse allowed to exist? Simple, greed. Where the Chinese now account for more than 30% of all foreign student studying in US universities, academia has simply been unwilling to ignore this gravy train.

But theft of our IP was not the worst of China’s “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” Not by a long shot! The Chinese Communists, it turns out, do not scruple at using slave labor to produce wealth in their workers’ paradise. It is by now well documented that various political enemies of the CCP—Uyghurs and other Muslims, Falun Gong, and Christians, just to name a few—have been forced into factories to generate profits for the CCP before they are finally worked to death. Funny how that was considered so impolitic when the Nazis did it in Germany but is just not a problem for so many of our fellow Americans who are in bed with the Chinese now.

We paint a pretty picture, yes? America’s elites, driven by greed and perhaps a touch of naivete, have over the course of four decades aided and abetted China’s subverting everything we hold dear as Americans. And it is important to understand how widespread this phenomenon is. We have thus far noted the role of our business elites and academics, but it goes further than that: Whether at your company, your university, your nonprofit, or your government agency, to be in charge of the “special” China relationship means advancement, prestige, perhaps even power. So today we see the new “China Lobby” at work not just at General Motors’ Buick division and Harvard, but in Hollywood, the NBA, local government, and so many more, all willing to give China a pass because they want to make a few bucks on the China relationship. And as we know, those willing to take Chinese Dollars to sell out their country can be found even at very highest levels of Government.

And through it all, the China Lobby has continued to spin its cover narrative: the myth that this “liberalization” of the Chinese economy would ineluctably lead to the liberalization of China’s political and social system. On this theory, there is no price too high for the US to pay, no freedom too dear to be sold off, since these sacrifices will lead to a kinder, gentler China. For many years that narrative could be termed merely ill-advised. But consider the political situation in Hong Kong; China’s aggressive foreign policy, whether the economic and political hegemony in Africa or the Belt and Road Initiative in Asia; or the aggressive posturing of China’s military in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. This is without even considering China‘s proxies around the world, from the Taliban in Afghanistan, to Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Today, China’s goal of world domination is all too clear. Only one who is willfully ignorant could pretend otherwise. The only real question is, is it too late for the US and the West to regain the initiative?

China Today

We noted above how in the 1990s, all over America, manufacturing companies were forced out of business and their jobs lost to China. Since then, China has emerged as the globe’s sole surviving mercantile power, whose ambitions dwarf the efforts of Europe’s colonialists in the 19th Century. In effect, China has declared war on the rest of the world. Oddly, while the Left in the West screams incessantly about the evils of European colonialism a hundred or more years ago, they seem to have no issue with China’s efforts today to dominate the globe economically and politically. At least in the 19th Century, European colonialists generally tried to bring the benefits of liberal democracy and modern education to their captive countries. None of that for the Chinese!

As part of its mercantile policy, China not only takes the position that all global manufacturing must be performed by Chinese companies, ruthlessly seeking to destroy competition in all corners of the globe, not just at the expense of emerging economies like Brazil, India, and Russia, but also of dozens of the world’s poorest economies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It also uses its unconfronted influence to extort the most rapacious extraction concessions for oil, minerals, and rare earths from Third World governments in Africa and around the globe. Owning all their natural resources, China has now become the largest creditor of these nations. And these governments are starting to find that once the camel has forced its nose under the tent, it is impossible to keep it from taking over the whole camp.

The truly disturbing part of this for us as Americans is that China’s economic and political aggression in recent decades is being funded from the vast reserves of US Dollars that China has amassed by becoming the sole source of manufacturing for the US economy since the 1990s. This is the truly evil aspect of the trade imbalance with China that goes unremarked upon by Washington’s savants. And that funding is set to continue: Wall Street is now using your pension funds—often without your knowledge or consent—to finance and support the greatest tyranny the world has ever known. And this is even before we mention China’s on-going assault on our democratic institutions, also funded by their trade piggybank of US Dollars.

In that light, COVID has been a great illustration of how China’s aggressive policies are concealed by China’s apologists, not just in the West but in the United Nations system as well. COVID in the first instance shows how reckless a government can become when it is possessed of 1.4 billion souls that have no compunction about squandering to attain its ideological goals. The one benefit of COVID may be that, for those who are paying attention, it has clearly demonstrated that China no longer cares to stop at undermining our economy and our culture. Now they are well on their way to hollowing out America’s democratic institutions, by buying off gullible American politicians and subverting free elections.

A Modest Legislative Agenda

As noted above, competition makes it very difficult for even the most patriotic businessman to stay away from China when his competitors are taking advantage of the cheap labor costs there. This is why the USG must act, to maintain a level playing field, while discouraging US companies from investing in China. As your next congressman from the 4th district of South Carolina (Greenville and Spartanburg Counties), I will introduce and fight for passage of legislation, and press for USG policies, aimed at the following:


  • Clean up USG, getting pro-China bureaucrats out of positions of influence at DOD, State, CIA, and other key policy agencies
  • As Trump did, insist on “free & fair” trade, meanwhile imposing import tariffs on Chinese goods
  • Start using Exon Florio more aggressively to curb Chinese acquisitions in America
  • Limit China’s ability to raise capital in US: Bar US pension funds, private equity funds, and others from investing in Chinese companies, whether listed here or in China—emulate Florida
  • Similarly, ban listing of Chinese companies on US exchanges, as they lack transparent disclosure
  • Stop investment by American industrial and service companies in China
  • Get Chinese products out of US supply chain by encouraging US companies to diversify sourcing, which may take tax and other financial incentives
  • Ensure Chinese products are banned in sensitive civilian and military sectors such as defense, dual use technology, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment
  • Get Western allies to follow suit, as we did with Soviet Union


  • Acknowledge that China is at war with the US
  • Curb DOD cooperation with Chines military
  • Political aspects: get China out of elections; expose donor and other relationships at state and local government level
  • Expose complicity with China in UN system and block China’s influence there
  • Enforce US and international IP protections at home and abroad

    Society & Culture

  • Confucius Institutes on college campuses are just the nose of the camel: CRT is backed by CCP; expose academics and state & local government officials in bed with China
  • Require disclosure of nonprofit links to CCP to retain charitable status
  • Tik Tok must be banned; other social media checked for independence from CCP influence
  • ban Chinese investment in film industry and US media companies


Even as an individual, you can make a difference. At a minimum, stay informed. But you can also take action. See links below. Shop a bit harder: look for items NOT made in China. For some products (e.g., lamps) it is very hard today to avoid Chinese manufactures. But for many products, there is an alternative. Start with But even I you just do an internet search for “made in USA,” you can find lots of options in many kinds of products. If there is an online site where you like to shop, and it seems flooded with Chinese products, send the CEO a message. Note that many larger corporations—Amazon comes to mind—are afraid of you and your opinions and make it hard for you to “contact” them online. If they have that attitude, maybe you should find someplace else to shop! Meantime, do it low tech, and send them a letter by snail mail.

Beyond more careful shopping, you can also support organizations like Decouple China, Present Danger China, and Victims of Communism. Also, get the word out. Make sure friends and family understand the immediate threat China poses to America and its future. A subscription to The Epoch Times makes a great gift. Young people especially in America have no sense of history or even current events (how could they with these schools!) and need to know what has happened in America over the last 40 years.

Stay Informed

Frank Dikotter,

The Tragedy of Liberation: A History of the Chinese Revolution, 1945-1957 (Bloomsbury Press, 2013)

Mao’s Great Famine: The History of China’s Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-1962 (Bloomsbury Press, 2018)

                The Cultural Revolution: A People’s History, 1962-1976 (Bloomsbury Press, 2017)

The Epoch Times—

The Heritage Foundation—

American Enterprise Institute—

Center for Strategic & International Studies—

Take Action

Decouple China PAC

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 6:29 PM

Political Solution #5 - Separation of Church and State



-Original intent definitions of separation of church and state have been replaced with contemporary secular definitions
-Legal precedents created from SCOTUS decisions have marred the religiosity of her citizenry
-Religion is being cut off at the knees by secular humanist leaning Supreme Court Justices
-The Secular Humanist religion is being financed and supported by government institutions
-The primary role of religion in her INDIRECT capacity is to help government tamp down the extremes of immoderate behavior from her citizens, now minimized by government intervention and encroachment.


 In order to have a proper understanding of separation of church and state, we must first supply a definition of what it is and what it is not. Like any tried and tested theoretical analysis in the body politic, we must painstakingly test the "assumptions" that lead us to our political conclusions.

At a 30,000-foot level, I believe that we can make a broad statement suggesting that the affairs of church and the affairs of state should be separate. Simply put, the assumption that the ecclesiastical domain (religion) and the political domain (government) have no business whatsoever intruding in the affairs of the other is a relevant assumption.

And while the Framers stopped short of articulating those exact political sentiments in our Bill of Rights, they came very close when they incorporated both the "Establishment Clause" and the "Free Exercise Clause" in the First Amendment.

Proper Definition:

Assumption #1 - The affairs of religion (church) and the affairs of government (state) should never encroach the authority of the other.

Assumption #2 - The First Amendment tells us that the federal government is never allowed to "establish" a national religion, and in so stating, showing partiality of one religion over another is forbidden. This assumption is portrayed as a negative reinforcement of what the government is NOT allowed to do.

Assumption #3 - The First Amendment also tells us that the citizens of America have a right to "freely exercise" their religious beliefs. This assumption is a positive reinforcement of what every America citizen has the right to expect. Please note, there are no stipulated restraints on American citizens in this assumption like there was in the "establishment clause" for the government in the previous assumption. This is a key distinction.

Assumption #4 - Because our Founding Fathers put no restraints on the aforementioned assumption, American citizens have every right to "freely exercise" their religious beliefs in the private or public square. In other words, the unalienable right of free religious exercise extends to their civic capacities as well.

Therefore, the assumptions listed above point to a definition of religious freedom sought by our Framers, but not currently defined and recognized in the 21st century. I believe the above assumptions describe the real definition of separation of church and state.

However, we must also define what separation of church and state is not. When doing so, we will stick to a strict interpretation of our Constitution and use an "original intent" understanding.

IMPROPER Understanding:

Assumption #1 - That the Supreme Court decision reflected in Lemon vs. Kurtzman adequately and/or accurately reflects the original intent of our Bill of Rights. The decision used "establishment clause" rhetoric and circular reasoning to deny "free exercise" applicability to any decision they choose in the future.

a. Laws have to be secular in nature
b. Laws can neither advance nor inhibit religion
c. Laws cannot entangle the government in the affairs of religion.

This decision is Clintonesque in nature and is nothing more than leaving the door open for future courts to further define what the meaning of is- is! i.e. shut down all semblances of religion.

Assumption #2 - The "establishment clause" has been redefined by SCOTUS down through the years to represent guilt by association. In other words, they have so manipulated their definition of separation of church and state that even a hint of religion in the public domain has them crying foul. The "establishment clause" has been weaponized by previous secular leaning courts in their legal decision-making precedents to allow for this absolute travesty.

Assumption #3 - The secular leaning courts have used the "free exercise clause" to suggest that our free religious exercise can only happen inside the 4 walls of a church building. They would rather change the description from "free exercise" to "freedom of worship." Their redefinition means worship inside of church buildings only.

Assumption #4 - Instead of broadly defining our religious freedom since our Framers included no restrictions to our "free exercise", the secular courts have diminished those rights from the public square including prayer, 10 Commandments, and the Bible. Correspondingly, this is not representative of our Framers' wishes and/or original intent.


Instead of working hard at nurturing the symbiotic and complimentary nature of the relationship between church and state, instead they have focused on driving a wedge between the two. Instead of letting the hope and faith that previously undergirded our politics with INDIRECT influence and impact conditioning the immoderate impulses of the citizenry, SCOTUS instead chose the government apparatus to fulfill roles previously held by the church. I am suggesting that the diminutive role created was strategic in design by the secularists.

Unfortunately, the secular leaning Supreme Courts has created another animal with slightly different spots. First, their decisions have fostered the complete and total secularization of society, unrestrained. Second, the nontraditional Secular Humanist religion has replaced traditional religion in most aspects of society. Third, contrary to our First Amendment, our government now has "established" a national religion, the very thing they were trying to avert in the first place.

The Secular Humanist religion and the associated doctrine is being propped up, supported financially, and recognized by the U. S. Government.

Because our government has not been vigilant, the pragmatism and practicality that we find in the politics, public policy, and Supreme Court decision-making in the worldly domain, has distorted, distracted, and then crushed the hope and faith of our upward and onward glance for a brighter tomorrow. We must endeavor to change that dynamic back to the Founders' vision and ideals

Religion, if it is ever to completely develop her earthly commission and responsibility for political restraint, must aggressively undergird our government INDIRECTLY with the force majeure necessary to fulfill her key role.

In conclusion, we want separation of church and state. However, we want the version of separation of church and state that was established 250 years ago by our Framers and the one that most resembles biblical instruction.

LaPierre for Congress
District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties

I Like Mike

A serious candidate for serious times!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022 6:06 PM

Political Solution #4 - Equality of Opportunity - Not Equity

Equality of Opportunity – Not Equity

Political Solution #4

Quick Summary:

  • We need to foster the conditions of a hand up and not a handout
  • Legislated philanthropy from government has usurped church authority
  • The church must assume responsibility for charitable giving not the Feds
  • Reformulating welfare with mandatory work requirements is a priority
  • Repeal most of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society legislation
  • Equity simply redistributes personal and corporate wealth
  • It has at its core a Marxist-Socialist economic engine and collectivist agenda


Full Article:

In America, “equality of opportunity” has cast her bright lights so all can see and experience the luminescence of her wonders, while posterity knocks at the door. At the same time, it is with the strictest of reservation that we say "NO" to the drumbeat of “equity” that is so often heard from the radical element among us.

Americans must never let the Marxist leaning ideologues set up a socialist economic engine that disincentivizes the spirit of our great country. It is through that spirit (the traits of American exceptionalism) do we find the needed energy and excitement to catapult us to the next new innovation and entrepreneurial adventure.

Biblical instruction has advised that equality of opportunity will reign, never once assuming that forced legislated philanthropy (an equity handout by law) will usurp and supersede that which comes from the heart. Freedom and liberty of conscience must be allowed to unfold, pricking the soul to help a brother and sister in need. That responsibility has traditionally been carried out by  the church and not the government.

The question, however, is how do we establish an equality of opportunity based on freedom compared to establishing an equity based on tyrannical rule, forced mandates, and an excess of executive orders and self-righteous decrees? As a red-blooded American patriot and capitalist, I both prefer and demand the former! i.e., the vision of our Founding Fathers found in the Constitution of the United States of America.

Is our fate now far removed, in the twilight of the ages, where human ingenuity must now give way to the Sovereign's commanding design and purpose? Is our plight now reminiscent of a time gone by where Divine patience wears thin and Divine Providence is bold, righteous, but countermanding to our present conditions?

In other words, do we have a course-correction straight ahead of the greatest magnitude because of societal conditions?

LaPierre for U.S. House
District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties

I Like Mike

A serious candidate for serious times!

Monday, January 10, 2022 6:44 PM

The 40-Year Communist Reset

The 40-Year Communist Reset

Any student of history knows that we have a 40-year reset of exposing and then purging Marxists/Communists on our shores for ILLEGAL espionage and ILLEGAL subversive activity. Each is treasonous in nature and is punishable up to and including death.

We are about to enter into phase-3 of such a Communist reset in the next few years. Let me explain.

In the FDR administration during the 1930ies and 1940ies Communists had infiltrated the highest offices of our land. Alger Hiss, a known spy who conspired to establish multiple espionage rings in our government, was FDR's right-hand- man during the Yalta Conference. Hiss worked in the State Department and lifted many national security secrets for the Communists. He eventual went to jail along with many others who were EXPOSED for high crimes against the state.

The next round of EXPOSURE came after the lax Jimmy Carter era when Communists once again felt more secure to set up shop. However, once President Ronald Reagan assumed office the spies were once again rounded up and prosecuted. As we know Reagan also "took on" the Soviets and their evil empire in a very big way.

During the 1980ies there were many spies brought to justice. In fact, 1985 was called "The Year of the Spy." John Anthony Walker, Ronald Pelton, and Aldrich Ames were leading spies for the Communists that were EXPOSED, apprehended, and brought to justice.

Fast forward another 40 years to the Marxist leaning Joe Biden administration. Does anyone in their right mind not think that his administration is chock full of Communists?

There are three primary questions to be answered.

Are there Communists in the Joe Biden administration passing state secrets to our enemy?

How far up the chain of command and political power structure have they reached?

What influence are these spies wielding on public policy issues and national security?

Will there be a whistleblower or someone who will turn states evidence to identify these criminals?

If so, and if the answer to any of the aforementioned questions is, yes, how long will it take to EXPOSE and prosecute these spies?

Based on the Marxist leaning and progressive bent in the Biden administration, I am presupposing a 20X multiplier to the number of Communists in our government and a 100X multiplier for the level of damage done to our national security.

This is why I am recommending that we establish a U.S. House Committee on un-American Activity to ferret out all illegal espionage and illegal subversive activity.

The reset that I expect to come will help get us back to normalcy and safeguard our Constitution.

Monday, January 10, 2022 6:40 PM

Sweet Spot Politics

Political Solution #4 – SWEET SPOT POLITICS

Quick Summary

-Citizens must unite getting beyond the political dysfunction of their leaders
-Sweet Spot Politics is populist in nature and "We the People" friendly
-Sweet Spot Politics has a uniting effect vs. a dividing effect
-Sweet Spot Politics is collaborative in nature where everyone has a voice (decentralized and distributed power) vs. command and control
-Sweet Spot Politics educates, motivates, and inspires vs. manipulates, controls, and tears down

Full Detail

Taking a page out of the Donald Trump playbook, MAGA Candidate, Mike LaPierre, has recently chosen to establish a new type of political dominance in South Carolina politics.

It is called "Sweet Spot Politics."

Forced by the absolute self-absorbed, self-centered, and self-serving anarchy now taking place in American politics by her "so-called" political leaders, LaPierre has decided to by-pass the current dysfunctional political leadership model that is top down in nature, but rather, he prefers to engage in a decentralized and distributed brand of politics that is populist (We the People) in nature. Let me explain.

Most of the hatred, vitriol, and angst generated both inside and outside of one's choice of political parties happens because of their leaders. These self-absorbed, self-serving, and narcissistic leaders are the operatives who create much animosity, division, and hatred within party ranks to get their individual "slices" of political power. This approach is polarizing and does NOT move our county, district, state, or nation forward. This approach is self-serving vs. people serving.

These types of self-serving leaders are not interested in uniting their respective parties. These so-called leaders want to keep the party members at odds with one another so that they can remain relevant. Or, at a minimum, it gives them a “very limited” platform to throw grenades from the cheap seats and live out their childhood and/or Facebook fantasies.

The relevancy of these so-called leaders ONLY happens when they become the “anti-party voice” by creating deep seated division and disruption. Does this sound like some of the tactics Marxist ideologues use? Intimidation and control are the thuggery antics of choice.

I have had enough of this garbage. I am tired of leaders pushing and manipulating their followers from behind but would rather have a leader that sets the tone and leads from the front of the line focusing on party platform issues and political unity. We see these horrible, childish, nefarious, and EVIL antics between leaders of rival factions both within and without party lines on a daily basis. This type of EXTREME behavior is discouraging to a majority of its members.

If you are an independent thinker; do not have a club mentality; want to dig deep into the substantive public policy issues; and do not have an "affiliation need psychosis" to jump when the narcissist leaders of your faction say jump, Mike LAPIERRE is your type of candidate.

However, on the other hand, if you are the type of personality that likes to be led around by the nose by self-serving and power-hungry narcissists, keep doing what you’re doing. Simply put, most members do not want any of this CRAP! They are not interested in the hatred, vitriol, and child-like behavior of their narcissistic, power hungry, and unstable leaders, but rather, a majority want to UNITE!

When you peel down the layers from the ranks of party leadership on both sides of the isle, I believe that 80-85 percent are NOT interested in the political antics and games that divide us. These antics do nothing to move our respective parties forward, but simply act as incubator proving grounds to advance the thirst and lust for power by those who shouldn't be in positions of leadership in the first place. It is only the leaders and their immediate minions who propagate such nonsense and utter hypocrisy.

I am recommending a complete and total reformulation of how political leaders are chosen all across America. We MUST unite and not let leaders take us over the political abyss to nowhere. Our Founding Fathers despised this approach! They despised the two-system party politics!

On both sides of the political aisle, leadership has decided to control the flow of information; pick their candidate of choice outside of a free and fair selection process; enrich the pockets of their political allies; and shut out or shut down those who would challenge their authority. And if I might add, any of the subtle and slimy ways that they manipulate things to the points above.

If the shoe fits, wear it!

This is not America, this is "Stalin" like tactics. More on "Stalin" in subsequent posts. Think Stalin photo! These thugs are basically telling us to get on their train or their train is going to run you over. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Fortunately, there are those of us who have the power of a very rich pen and reach over 20,000 people with our newsletter with the stroke of a keyboard. Another 10,000-20,000 with our posts. We are reaching good patriot citizens all across this great country.

God bless Greenville County, District 4, South Carolina, and the United States of America!

Your Populist Friend,


Wednesday, January 5, 2022 10:49 AM

Political Solution #3 - SC Must Become "A Right to Educate" State

The Right to Educate - Do we not have an intense clamor in South Carolina education for alternative forms of instruction beyond the confines and regiment of Common Core, unions, and the public school system?

In light of the findings from the COVID lockdowns and restrictions, aren’t South Carolina parents finally waking up to the “how and what” their children are being taught in our public- school systems and are greatly exercised to the point where they are demanding change?

The answer to both of these questions is, YES!

After listening to a thoughtful and comprehensive speech by South Carolina Speaker of the House, Jay Lucas, I can say without reservation that he recognizes this fact and has included School Choice as one of his top legislative priorities in 2022, but he needs our help!

He needs the citizens of South Carolina to rise up and DEMAND that our State Senators and House members get School Choice legislation passed pronto. They must endeavor to provide the citizens of South Carolina with sweeping legislation to "reverse the curse" of the South Carolina education standards. Doing nothing on the South Carolina education front in 2022 is NOT an option! Keeping parents out of the discussion on how they want their children to be taught is also NOT an option!

Let's face it, on the whole, South Carolina has deep seated issues with the QUALITY of her education. While there are certainly pockets of brilliance, this states' education ranking compared to many of her Southeast Regional neighbors is abysmal. The State of Florida is the education turnaround model.

While my preference is to make sure that independent nonprofit educational resources are in full demand, I also am a red-blooded capitalist who believes that free-market education is the way to go. Free-market education (School Choice in the main) smooths away the rough edges as it pertains to the level of quality in South Carolina education. It also acts as a multiplying influence to ensure low cost-high quality education with enough built-in levers of accountability (the invisible hand) to keep lousy teachers away from our children. Furthermore, it will greatly reduce the control and impact that the Teachers Union(s) have in South Carolina education.

I am calling on Speaker Jay Lucas and all elected statehouse officials to pass a comprehensive School Choice education package while codifying into law that South Carolina is now a "A Right to Educate" State. Let South Carolina set the standard and become the first state in the NATION to pass “The Right to Educate” legislation! This legislation will codify the specific parameters of what being “A Right to Educate” state actually means. Similar to "Right to Work" legislation that guarantees all workers in South Carolina the freedom to choose to join a Union or not (24 states have this), our state legislature must pass "The Right to Educate" legislation that guarantees all parents the freedom to choose how best to educate their children. We must not be forced into accepting Common Core, unions, and public schools as the only viable alternative.

Let me put it this way, if we do not expand the depth and breadth of School Choice options in South Carolina, we are “effectively” limiting many parents into forced obligation to accepting public schools, unions, and Common Core as the only option. Parents want flexibility and choice.

We need School Choice options that consist of a plethora of public and private alternatives with varying degrees of government oversight and involvement (or not) to meet the needs of our children's learning capabilities. This legislation must include portable Education Savings Accounts (ESA) to meet the demands of the 21st century. ESA accounts should not be limited in scope but available to all South Carolinians.

In the Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith outlined some quintessential thoughts on what the invisible hand of free-market education (School Choice) would have on the quality of our children's education. He stated, "The demand for instruction produced, what it always produces, the talent for giving it; and the emulation which an unrestrained competition [limited government involvement] never fails to excite, appears to have brought that talent to a very high degree of perfection [both student and teacher]. Brackets added [ ] for emphasis.

Let us level the playing field to the point where PARENTS are once again the drivers and/or influencers of education decision-making in South Carolina. Let us truly be “A Right to Educate” state with specific and comprehensive enumerations.  

Will our elected officials rise to the cause? Will parents hold them accountable? Can we pass the right kind of School Choice legislation?

As your congressman, I will work tireless to ensure that this same type of legislation is introduced and/or sponsored at the federal level. Doing nothing is NOT an option!

Please vote Mike LaPierre in the June 2022 Republican Party primary. He is the congressional candidate who has the depth of understanding to get things done and move our state forward.


LaPierre for U.S. House District 4 (Greenville and Spartanburg Counties)

I Like Mike

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022 6:53 PM

Pathway to Victory

Candidate Mike LaPierre sees a clear pathway to victory in the upcoming Republican Party Primary for U.S. House of Representatives in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties (District 4).

For example, in the last primary race that he ran in against Lindsey Graham, Mike LaPierre amassed just shy of 26,000 votes in District 4!

That’s right folks, voters in Greenville and Spartanburg have already pulled the lever and pledged their allegiance once before as a result of his conservative positions. 26,000 times! 

There are very few candidates who have amassed that number of votes in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. Very few.

When you couple this fact with the “do nothing” and “absentee status” of the current congressman, Will Timmons, there is a real possibility that Mike LaPierre will win the race on the first ballot!

Please check out the tepid results for Timmons at Rep. William Timmons [R-SC4]’s 2020 Report Card from and then sit back and cringe! Ladies and gentlemen, his report card is SCARY BAD for a two-term congressman.

Please visit Mike LaPierre’s website at and view his robust platform and policy positions.

Please donate to the winning team today!

We need to usher out professional political operatives, the wealthy privileged elite, weak “beta” Republicans; while voting in citizen representatives that can turn our country around!

We need businessmen like Mike LaPierre who have made a career of making tough decisions; who had a willingness to stand up to the establishment; who breaks down the walls necessary: and someone who has a long history of getting results.

Make your donation TODAY!  

LaPierre for Congress

I Like Mike  

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 6:51 PM

Inner-City Flames of Destruction

Much of America's inner-cities have metastasized into a pervasive and dominant entitlement culture that is antithetical to the very word of God. The inner-city has also "progressed" (or digressed depending on your point of view) toward an intimidating, aggressive, violent, and “woke” factor not found in the hills and valleys of the rural or agrarian lifestyles. This, too, is contrary to the spirit of biblical instruction.

In a sense, the Marxists-Socialists have set up shop in the bowels of our inner-cities and have entangled much of America in the evil of their ideology and political musings. Remember, removing any semblance of spiritual power and spirituality is a priority for those who espouse this type of anti-American public policy. Most of America believes that the spirit of a holy, righteous, and active God still drives the existence of our nation.

Thomas Jefferson once considered and articulated the thought that the rural and agrarian lifestyle is closest to the very nature of God. It is almost impossible for the agrarian farmer not to see Christ in his/her heavenly vocation.

For those reading this post, you may suggest that this is nothing new.

However, let us now consider the INTENSITY of the inter-city problem. I am even willing to say it this way, "the intensity of the inner-city takeover."

How do we win back the hearts, minds, and souls of those who have become so accustomed to "everything free" and one where big government becomes the all-consuming safety net? In other words, how do we escape the clutches of bondage and servitude where we are not truly free but reliant on government?

I believe that the solution to this urban crisis is education. It is both the education we receive in our local churches and the education we receive when students are allowed to have, and are subsequently given, a panoramic view of different worldview perspectives in the public-school systems. In addition, we allow our students to be taught the greatness of American and her Constitutional Republic ideals and not the hatred (Critical Race Theory) that is currently being spewed in the classrooms of today.

In other words, we move back to educating public school students and not indoctrinating them with Marxist-Socialist evil.

The good news is that we are seeing much progress. Moms and dads are getting involved, showing up at school board meetings, letting their voices be heard, and once again are taking an active role in what is being taught and exposed to their children in the classrooms. This is one of the primary battlefields! However, the most important one is of a spiritual nature! We must endeavor to make our inner-cities a mission field.   

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 6:47 PM

How Corporate America was Captured by the Left


  • Corporatists reinforce wokeism in corporate measurements schemes
  • Social, cultural, and environmental balanced scorecard measures used
  • Money is the driver, trying to cast as broad a marketing net as possible
  • Marxist card-carrying members or sympathizers have a “social justice” agenda
  • By default, corporatists support the complete secularization of society


Corporate wokeism reminds me of exactly what is going on at our southern borders- the Marxists are trying to transform our American way of life and create “political force.” There are many folks who wonder about the who, what, where, how, and why of American corporations being taken over by "wokeism." The answers to this question are relatively simplistic.

The corporatists have orchestrated the takeover through simple business measurements! In the Corporate world there is an old saying that goes something like this, "you cannot improve what you cannot measure." The corporatists in AMERICA all believe that measurements are VITAL!

The Marxist leaning corporate activists then had an epiphany! If we are going to move our social, cultural, and environmental re-engineering agenda forward (Marxism-Socialism), we need to incorporate some of the "soft" re-engineering measures in our balanced scorecards that will help us gauge and subsequently move our progress forward.

In other words, they moved Marxist leaning social, cultural, and environmental issues from the water cooler and break rooms, to the board room. These include measurements like determining one's carbon footprint, green energy efficiency, Green New Deal compliance, sensitivity training, and a host of other soft and sweet-smelling hobby horses related to "social, cultural, and environmental  justice." Can you believe this junk?

The Marxists weaseled their way into Corporate America by making social, cultural, and environmental issues a key priority in their overall measurement scheme. In very subtle fashion, the corporatists ushered in wokeism!

Instead of corporations measuring return on investment, return on invested capital, sales growth, and profit and loss which are capitalist in nature, corporations now have included a social, cultural, and environmental re-engineering formula that leads us directly to Marxist tendencies. Real subtle and real cute!

Remember, you cannot improve what you cannot measure!

The technocrats, economists, planners, and corporate strategists of yesteryear were FORCED by the woke executive elite to switch their primary focus away from the nuts and bolts of growing their businesses and making a profit, toward a social, cultural, and environmental re-engineering focus!

Why, you ask? Follow the money, I respond. The corporatists feared that they would lose market share if they did not bow to the whims of the progressive Marxists leaning activists on our shores! If not full card carrying Marists, certainly sympathetic to their cause.

Taking care of our environment and respecting people is one thing, radical environmentalism and radical "everything woke" is a horse of a different color- it is Marxist leaning in its construct and orientation.

America is the land of the free and home of the brave. It is the land of opportunity and we are NOT a zero-sum game. Any woke corporate Marxist executive activist who believes in the subcomponent or subculture levels of class warfare, is gravely mistaken. You are simply participating in a decisive campaign for division, hatred, and vitriol.

Corporate America, please stick to growing revenue, making profit, and taking care of your people! Stay out of the politics of wokeism. You are helping to ruin our country. Instead of cow towing to the religions of wokeism, new age culturalism, and radical environmentalism, how about pulling up your capitalist boot straps and encouraging folks to go to church? Seems like a simple, traditional, logical, and fair-minded solution to the complexities of our day.

Let me boil it down for you, treat people fairly and make some money. It’s that simple. Anything else is analogous to sponsoring a political agenda through tactics of indoctrination. The complete secularization of society is not the answer.

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 6:46 PM

GOP Battles for Political Supremacy

As the Republican Party battles for political supremacy in the 2022 and 2024 election cycles, we must understand the nature of this political warfare.

The breakdown of the family unit, societal institutions, the rule of law, our Constitution, moral standards, common human decency, love of country, biblical instruction, and a basic lack of appreciation for the greatness of America is now being pushed, supported, and financed by Marxist leaning progressives on our shores.

Make no mistake, this is the genesis of our conflict. It is the battle between good and evil. It is the battle between a Communist way of life written by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto and the American way of life found in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

Choose whom you will serve in this worldly political realm.

How do we, as American citizens, help stem the tide of this wretched, evil, and perverse ideology?

As we compare and contrast both Marxist ideology and Secular Humanist religious doctrine, respectively, we must recognize that the enemy is among us with an intensity never before realized since the FDR administration.

This is NOT politics as usual. This is cultural warfare and we are battling for the hearts, minds, and souls of American citizens. We are fighting to conserve the best of America's political and spiritual distinctiveness, while having a steadfast resolve to protect the unalienable rights of all of her citizens.

For me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

It is my prayer that all Republicans will endeavor to come together in the spirit of political unity to reclaim America without fear. If you want a congressman who will stand in the gap and sound the alarms for capitalism, our Constitution, and freedom, vote for me!

My name is Mike LaPierre and I am a congressional candidate for the U.S. House in South Carolina District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.

Please visit our website at and make a donation today!

Establishment politics has gotten us where we are today, a far cry from the vision of our Framers. Marxism has invaded every facet of our society. We need a hedge of protection around the institutional frameworks in America. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 6:40 PM

First Monday Meeting of 2022

What a great kick-off event of the new year at the Poinsett Club with an opportunity to network with dozens of First Monday members!  South Carolina Speaker of the House Jay Lucas was our guest speaker as he laid out the key focus areas for 2022.   

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 6:37 PM

Expanding the Federal Government - Overreach

William Timmons' positions on the issues and many of his votes in Congress have done nothing more that usurp the authority and sovereignty of the individual states.

Do we as Greenville and Spartanburg County residents believe in small government and the power of the states or believe in a BLOATED and overbearing federal government?

There is no question that the young and inexperienced Mr. Timmons has lost his way on the proper authority of the states. When William Timmons can make a comment like, "I like the Infrastructure Bill because it creates jobs", there is no question he is on the side of an expansive and BLOATED federal government.

How about when he votes to EXPAND THE ROLE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT by giving the DOJ more power to investigate “HATE CRIMES.” Who do you think that the Biden Administration is going to investigate, Mr. Timmons? Liberals? No, it will expand the opportunity to investigate conservative voices! i.e.,  government intimidation and overreach!  

The same thing that they are doing to moms and dads who want Critical Race Theory out of our public schools.

This is the position of an establishment Republican who is wreaking havoc with the vision of our Founding Fathers as stated in the Federalist Papers #46. Our affinity and political sensitivities should be squarely aligned with the sovereignty of the states and NOT with authority of an unwelcome federal government and secular presence that is far reaching in nature.

No, we MUST reign in the long arms of establishment politicians and sever the relationships by voting them out of office and sending them on their way back home to their law offices and trust funds.

This is the people's government, not a select group of rich politicians who can BUY their way to political prominence by dumping a bunch of "trust fund" cash into a race. My allegiance to the federal government cannot be bought or purchased with money, Mr. Timmons.

Many of your policy positions and votes suggest that MONEY should be the determining factor in establishing an allegiance to an out-of-control federal government who is on a WILD spending spree. So, you like the $1.2 Trillion Marxist/Socialist Green New Deal Infrastructure Bill because it creates jobs? Is that a fact? Who is going to pay for this young Will Timmons? What king of jobs are they going to create young Will Timmons? Green New Deal jobs?

What happens to the small businessman when you DECIMATE the employment pool with the wrong kind of jobs?

Your kind of thinking and decision-making is not right for Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.


LaPierre for Congress

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 6:36 PM

Clarion Call for Republican Party Unity

I love the Republican Party platform and the principles that it stands for. Like the rest of you, I take great pride in helping to bring those conservative ideals from ideation to reality. I take great issue with anyone and anything that would stand in the way of achieving our platform goals and objectives.

To anyone who is currently a Republican Party member (including young Republicans) and all those thinking about joining the Republican Party, as a leader, I would like to elaborate on some immediate improvement opportunities that are a priority.

1. Our Republican Party realizes that you are being exposed to hatred and vitriol in South Carolina politics and across this great nation……we are designating this as an immediate improvement opportunity for UNITY prior to the 2022 midterm elections.

2. Our Republican Party realizes that we must NEVER allow members to put self-interest, political expediency, money, and power above the interest of our party, our state, and the citizenry…….another improvement opportunity.

3. Our Republican Party realizes that secular humanist practices often become part of the “execution phase” of our politics…...another improvement opportunity.

4. Our Republican Party realizes that the baser instincts of mankind rears its ugly head from time to time…....another improvement opportunity.

5. Our Republican Party realizes that we have allowed a Darwinian approach to "winning at any/all costs" to enter into the body politic in South Carolina and across America…….another improvement opportunity.

6. Our Republican Party realizes that because we are the plus-1 Party (that would be the GOP who includes a Creator God), we would normally have a distinct advantage over the minus-1 Party (that would be the Marxist Dems who denounce a Creator God), except for our misguided secular practices of late.

7. Our Republican Party recognizes that we (collectively) have not used our pens; used our platforms; and have not used our voices to help bring our Republican Party together as one. We will be doubling down our efforts to restore the principles of the Republican Party and our Constitution to this great country. Your commitment (along with me) will guarantee we will achieve this lofty goal.

We are a conservative party; guided by conservative principles; anchored in part to the solid rock of a righteous and holy way, a more perfect way.

As a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives and leader in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties (District 4) I want to do my part. For the next 20+ weeks I am going to be offering solutions to HELP fix the political issues of our day. These solutions will be imaginative, creative, innovative, and filled with the hope of a brighter tomorrow for you, me, and for our children.

If each of us is committed to restoring the founding principles of our country, it will ensure victory!

I pray that each of you will follow our campaign journey for Congress at (follow us on Facebook) and help us seek and find a more perfect way forward in our politics and with our dedication to the principles of the Republican Party. My fervent prayer is that we will unite!

Happy New Year and God bless you!

LaPierre for Congress
I Like Mike

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