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Justice William Rehnquist Had It Right!

The "Establishment Clause" in the 1st Amendment has been hotly contested for almost 250 years.

However, William Rehnquist was spot on in Wallace v. Jaffree (472 U.S. at 91-114). When speaking of our Founding Fathers view of the 1st Amendment Rehnquist indicated, "saw the Amendment as designed to prohibit the establishment of a national religion, and perhaps to prevent discrimination among sects. They did not see it as requiring neutrality on the part of government between religion and irreligion."

Unfortunately, the secular humanist court system(s) in America have used the "Establishment Clause" to pit church and state against one another.

Church and state were meant to be complimentary, each fostering the ultimate conditions to keep us safe and guarantee our long term viability.

A rising MORAL tide lifts all church and state boats! Government should be in the business to create the enablers for ALL religions to prosper in America. Neutrality between church and state is NOT the answer.

Complete, total, and strict separation of church and state is NOT what our Framer's envisioned. That is a fairy story created by the Secular Humanist anti-God faction in America as a result of their disdain for anything spiritual.

Complete neutrality between church and state is NOT an option if America is to survive in the long-term. The complete secularization of American society is NOT an option if America is to survive in the long-term.

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