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Political Solution #9 – The Science of Politics

Should we allow the pragmatics, rationality, and excessive reasoning of political science on both sides of the political divide to stage (some would say upstage) our thinking on the "art of government?"

In other words, we incessantly complain about the "science of everything" from the progressive left and its exacting nature on our thinking. In part, we complain because the dogmatism of man's "science" is considered absolute truth and moves us away from divine revelation, inspiration, hope, and peace. At other times, well, the science is just BAD science because it is based upon man’s hypothesis instead of theoretical conclusions derived from fact.

What about political science? My fellow Republicans, don't the same rules apply? Doesn’t the way we think about the body politic become so tightly shrouded with the science of politics that any semblance of the spiritual (hope-peace) goes undetected or even unwanted?

Have we so lean-manufactured, codified, and squeezed man-made thinking into the science of politics on both the left and the right that we have it all figured out? Mustn’t we consider the sovereign nature of the “governor among the nations?” As brothers and sisters of the common grace bestowed, have we lost focus of the main thing being the main thing?

It is a weighty thought, indeed.

Reflecting on the experiences, logic, and reasoning of our politics is one thing, however, resting in the absolute truth of the science of politics is another matter entirely. In essence, has man's thinking on political "science" now become absolute truth? As a result of the political "science" of everything, does it move us more toward an adversarial and combative role than that of a peacemaker?

Let me conclude with this. The differences in the point of origin in one's conceptualization of the political domain has much to do with the current unbalanced nature of our force majeure in governance. i.e., we fail to consider the power of our individual worldview perspectives and learn how to obligate ourselves with the grace and ease necessary to finding common ground.

We get so focused with our secular leaning dogmatism on either side of the isle (the absolutism of political “science” so-called) that it clouds our judgement as the sectarian peacemakers we ought to be.  

The solution is to be more self-aware of our peacemaker roles; a role that gets squashed with the hyperactive sense of our reason and logic.  

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