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Removing the Evil Marxist Ideology in America

Removing the Evil Marxist Ideology in America

How can Americans ever allow a man-focused and man-centric approach to governance which maximizes central authority and control (Marxism-Socialism) when we have the opportunity to behold a God-centric worldview of governmental authority (Constitutional Republic) that maximizes freedom and the dictates of spiritual and political conscience?  One generates servitude while the other generates freedom.

In America, obliterating the Marxist-Socialist movement/organization (anti-God); their unlawful clandestine activities (espionage); their illegal and subversive instigations (anti-constitutional actions and workarounds) should be the Republican Party’s central and immediate focus. Of course, there will be collateral damage for those individuals who stand too close to the roaring anti-American flames! Our attack is on the organization of Marxism and Socialism (and other perpetrators of illegal activity), not necessarily with those who carry out their unholy deeds, unawares. 

The question must be asked. Is history repeating itself?

During the leftist leaning years of the FDR administration (many argue it was a Marxist-Socialist leaning administration) our adversaries and sworn enemy, the Soviets, established a beachhead of illegal espionage activity in our government and in our local communities. History reflects that multiple espionage rings carried out by the Soviets were in active operation during the early twentieth century (FDR's tyrannical reign). This fact, the associated revelations, and the extent to which the Marxist operation reached its climax is documented in the Alger Hiss espionage trials.

Are we at the same point in history where we should be concerned for the safety of Americans and her way of life in a Constitutional Republic? Based on the many parallel conditions of the FDR and Biden eras, shouldn't we be suspect of the potential for the same kinds of illegal and subversive behavior? Let us now identify what some of those parallel conditions between FDR and Biden look like.

1. Profuse and ongoing expansion of government with runaway spending

2. Unprecedented use of "Emergency Standard Declarations" to further their public policy and leftist ideology (mandates, conformity, and rigid compliance)

3. Expanded Executive Branch authority outside of our constitutional framework

4. Multiple Supreme Court decisions rendering Executive Branch decisions as unconstitutional

5. Free Everything with subsidies galore – An untenable economic approach to taking care of American citizens with government assistance through a redistribution of corporate and personal wealth

6. An approach to government that has Marxist/Socialist anti-God tendencies

7. A willingness to look the other way when illegal and/or subversive activity transpires on our shores (threats, riots, intimidation, property damage, etc.)

8. A gross and pervasive expansion of Marxist leaning ideologues with those in positions of power in our government who are actively propagandizing the U.S. citizenry

So, I ask again, are the conditions in America ripe for a Soviet style aggression (Marxist-Socialist espionage and illegal subversion) to be present on our shores? The answer is an unequivocal, yes!

Do we have enemy combatants who are feeding classified information to our sworn enemies? If there is even a hint of this potential, what are we going to do about it?

Here are my recommendations within minutes/hours of regaining control of the U.S. House of Representatives after the 2020 mid-term elections.

1. Immediately issue articles of impeachment to Joe Biden

2. Immediately establish a commission to investigate the potential of any/all underground espionage apparatus and other unlawful and subversive government activity that may be transpiring in our nation

There must be a purge of American Marxist-Socialists and others of illegal and subversive activity in the United States of America. This purge must take place on two separate and distinct fronts.

First, the legal front. We must use every legal remedy possible to imprison those card-carrying Marxist and Socialists (and others) who would provide espionage for the enemy and engage in illegal subversive activity to destroy our Constitution and the laws of our land.

I am not talking about anyone's right to be a Communist/Socialist/Progressive in America or the ensuing battle of ideas associated with political rights of conscience. No, I am talking about prosecuting those spies on our shores who are providing information illegally to foreign enemies and engaging in espionage. In addition, we must prosecute illegal subversive activity meant to undermine both the Constitution and our American laws. Once again, I am not talking about anyone's right of free speech, freedom to partition, address grievances, and freedom of assembly to rail on or to express differences of political opinion. That is not at issue here.

What is at issue is illegal subversive activity meant to take down our government and our Constitution. This must be stopped.

It must be a comprehensive sweep of illegal subversive activity and espionage for those Marxists and Socialists (and others) engaged in unlawful acts. Unlawful acts of violence, intimidation, and subversive activity must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Second, we must engage on the cultural front. I believe that this is primarily the work of local communities in cleaning up the unequal access to a panoramic view of education and learning. In other words, we the people in our local communities must CONTINUE to demand education over indoctrination. Far too long we have allowed leftist leaning Marxists-Socialist to dominate and control our public-school systems and universities.

I am recommending a bill called "The Truth in Education Act. It will help normalize an approach to education that is fair and balanced while teaching American exceptionalism and distinctiveness.

It is time to take our country back from the depths of despair resulting from an anti-God agenda espoused by the illegal activities of the Marxists and Secular Humanists on shores. That includes the Soviet Union, the CCP, and any other country who has illegal activity going on in the United States.

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