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Congressman Timmons Shocks His Audience


At a recent Palmetto House Republican Women’s event in Spartanburg South Carolina, Congressman William Richardson Timmons IV responded to a question from Candidate Mike LaPierre that left many in the room SHOCKED!


  • Timmons indicates that Separation of Church and State is a “nonproductive” issue
  • He believes in a European model of governance
  • The Congressman has no idea how important this issue is to the moral and spiritual health of our nation
  • Getting this issue right is the lifeblood of our country
  • He has a secular humanist worldview orientation to legislating, while lacking any real depth of understanding on religious freedom and constitutional tolerance
  • As an attorney, not understanding the political, cultural, and spiritual components of this issue is greatly concerning


LaPierre asked Timmons to share his opinion about the deterioration of our Founding Fathers view of Separation of Church and State compared to the 2022 definition of the same.

Timmons said that the discussion is a “nonproductive” one.

William Richardson Timmons IV first gave some convoluted and NON ANSWERS to Candidate LaPierre’s very appropriate question before ending up with the quip that it is a “nonproductive” discussion!

Unfortunately for Congressman Timmons, what he doesn’t realize is that Separation of Church and State is the #1 issue of our day. If we are to EVER have the moral and virtuous certitude needed to sustain a Constitutional Republic, it must start with getting back to our Founding Father’s definition, NOT the SECULAR HUMANIST version found in 2022.

While Timmons railed in his speech about the lack of morality and ethical standards in our nation, what he doesn’t seem to realize is that how the Separation of Church and State issue is defined and practiced, has significant bearing on our ability to be a moral and virtuous people in the first place.

There were approximately 40-50 people in the room for his speech who heard Congressman Timmons’ reply, only to be taken aback.

From his answer, it is obvious that Congressman William Richardson Timmons IV has bought into the SECULAR HUMANIST version of Separation of Church and State, at great cost to our nation, the state of South Carolina, and the great people of SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties.

VOTE Mike LAPIERRE for Congress
SC District 4

A leader who understands both the power and the value of having Separation of Church and State rightly defined.

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