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Congressman Timmons Threatens Candidate LaPierre

Why would a 2-term congressman (William Richardson Timmons IV) with an endorsement from President Trump in hand feel it necessary to threaten a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Mike LaPierre? 

Shortly after the Trump endorsement, candidate Mike LaPierre put up a Facebook post titled, “The 13 Reasons Why Not to Vote for William Timmons.” Evidently, it caused quite a stir in the Timmons camp. The post was laced with factual information and additional personal commentary. 

It caused enough of a stir in the Timmons’ camp where Timmons himself felt compelled to send a threatening text and then asked for a one-on-one meeting with candidate LaPierre. Why does the Timmons camp feel threatened?  

That’s right! A wealthy elitist two-term congressman with a trust fund, sent a shot over the bow of an average everyday blue-collar middle-class and aspiring citizen representative, Mike LaPierre. Obviously, the intent was to intimidate candidate LaPierre, manipulate a message that Trump wanted me to drop out of the race, and ultimately coerce LaPierre into leaving the U.S. congressional race.

Well, it had just the opposite impact. LaPierre has dug his heels in and is determined to fight the professional political operative and establishment insider, GOLIATH. 

Candidate LaPierre stated, “I will not be intimidated, manipulated, or coerced into dropping out of this race. My mission in this race has always been to convince the great citizens of District 4 that the moral and spiritual center of America must get back in alignment. If the foundational elements of District 4 (Greenville and Spartanburg Counties) are not enveloped with the Word of God, our very survival as a nation is in question and at risk. Congressman Timmons’ threat is part and parcel of the deterioration of our society. It is indicative of the lengths that politicians will go to stay in power.”

At a future date, candidate LaPierre plans on releasing BOTH the “The 13 Reasons Why Not to Vote for William Timmons” article and the threatening text.  

The voters of District 4 can then determine which of the 13 reasons has stirred the commotion in the Timmons camp and which one is “hovering over the target.” 

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