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Freedom's Call and America's Awakening

Freedom’s Call and America's Awakening

Have American citizens been pushed to the brink where they must now act?

By all appearances, it seems that the left leaning (Marxist-Socialist) Joe Biden administration went too fast, too soon, and was willing to future shock the American public with radical policy without regret.

Bernie Sanders, AOC, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi overplayed their Marxist-Socialist hand and are now in a free-for-all. After only 1 year in office with control of all three branches of government, they have completely imploded! Why?

I believe that the institutions in our country have been designed in such a way that they can smell a rat. American citizens have this innate sense of understanding when something goes amiss. And when they do realize that the foundations of our great constitutional republic are starting to crumble and are at risk, they awaken from their temporary political slumber, and they act! Her citizens become so outraged and focused on righting the wrongs of necessity that they can't be stopped.

America is a constitutional republic governed by the rule of law. It is NOT a pure democracy governed by the whims of a radical elitist minority who disregard the rule of law.

America is a capitalist society where the freedom to get ahead is based on individual achievement, entrepreneurial adventures, and a burning desire for innovation. It is NOT a Marxist-Socialist experiment and a bastion of collectivist ideals, centralized planning, and the full onslaught of government control and regulation.

America is a God-fearing and religious country with moral certitude (God first) who respects the free exercise of all religious beliefs and doctrines. It is NOT a Secular Humanist fearing country (Man first) who believes in the complete and total secularization of American society with relativist values.

America is proud of her heritage and the place that she occupies as the world leader but realizes that continuous improvements are needed and will never be satisfied with injustice. It is NOT a country where her citizens are taught to hate America and her exceptional progress by fomenting hatred, vitriol, and violence in order to radically transform her essence.

America is comprised of traditional family values where the nuclear family is touted as the model of success. It is NOT a country where her citizens are taught to despise and frown upon the traditional activist role that fathers and mothers should play in the development of their children. 

America is a country who recognizes that she is a forward-looking experiment of what could be, while enjoying the fruits of peace and prosperity in her current state. It is NOT a country that dwells on past injustices for political gain with anarchist tendencies bent on the overthrow of our current form of government.

America is beautiful. She is the most prosperous, philanthropic, and free country that the world has ever known. It is not a caldron for scorched earth policies meant to tear her down and defame her distinctive institutional attributes.

I love the United States of America!

Will you join me in helping to safeguard our Constitution and the rule of law while providing solutions that help us grow, prosper, and improve?

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties

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