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This rendition brought tears to my eyes and gave me chills just listening to it! Some good ole-fashioned fusion and CELEBRATION of Church and State! It is the celebration of each of the critical elements of America!


Our Framers design it that way. Church and State were put together as compatible pieces of the GREAT EXPERIMENT! Church and State were NEVER designed to be put at odds with one another with undo and unwarranted tension.

Unfortunately, the secular Supreme Court has laid a legal precedent (Lemon vs. Kurtzman for one) that has the Church on guard like a night watchman constantly looking to "claw back" their unalienable rights found in our Constitution and Bill of Rights

SCOTUS has "effectively" ushered out religion from the public square (at great and overwhelming moral cost) and welcomed in with open arms the complete secularization of America.

Establishment Republicans (William Timmons) have sat idly by and watched the implosion of our God given rights.

As your Congressman I will write legislation (that will garner overwhelming support) to help fight for our religious freedoms and the moral compass of the REAL America.

My opponent William Richardson Timmons IV stated in a recent Palmetto House Republican Women’s meeting that he felt that the discussion on Church and State is a "nonproductive issue"... his words.

Candidate LAPIERRE believes that it is the very issue that will save America. A proper definition of what Separation of Church and State actually means is the forerunner to true and complete religious freedom.

When we have religious freedom in America, our country will be strong and all of the other political issues will be put in their proper context and weighed/judged accordingly.

VOTE Mike LaPierre for Congress

SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A future congressman who has both the political and spiritual discernment to lead.

Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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