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Inspiration and Hope


The primary duties of political leaders are to raise expectation levels of the hope for a brighter tomorrow and to do everything in our power to speak, communicate, and legislate [toward] those things that support such a worthy cause.

Hope is infectious and hope springs eternal for ALL American citizens when they are reminded of the essence of our nation’s founding and calling. i.e. Freedom through God-given unalienable rights.

Finding a fresh cause for optimism is a wellspring for political success!

I am just NOT sure that tossing political salvos back and forth like strategically timed hand grenades are the answers to solving the day-to-day issues that face American citizens.

Political success is often identified through the magnanimity and optimism of a leaders messaging, while political weakness is often demonstrated in the “politics of politics,” abdicating the courage needed to stand in the gap and lead.


Michael LaPierre Congressional Exploratory Committee
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