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On the Record #10 - Recapturing the Spirit of America

                                                                   Recapturing the Spirit of America

Why are prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Bible so vitally important to the educational framework of young and developing minds?

The moral development of American children starts in the home. However, the public-school institution in the educational arena does much to influence a child's worldview orientation.

1.  Prayer is communion with God displaying our devotion.

2.  The Ten Commandments are the writings of God's law establishing our moral protocols.

3.  The Bible is the very written Word of God giving us a roadmap to life through enduring principles, while expressing His redemptive Grace.

Without these, how is a child to be grounded in the moral absolutes of abiding and infinite truth?

If we allow the complete and total secularization of our public schools and the public square, what type of leadership are we fostering?

If Americans are to stand pat to the dreams and visions of our Framers found in the First Amendment to our Constitution, we must secure equal justice, equal time, and equal influence in American culture.

The principles found in the Word of God were once the pervasive and overarching symbolism that AMERICA was a religious and virtuous people. They were the epitome of American exceptionalism.

Today, there isn't a shrewd of evidence in the public square that we believe in our Founder's challenges, encouragement, and instruction.

We are given the hope of a brighter tomorrow. Let us recapture the beauty and the spirit that drove our Forefathers to come to America in the first place.

~Mike LaPierre

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Spartanburg and Greenville Counties


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