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On the Record #13 - Earthly Lusts

We have been given so much by the Lord our God, yet, we have so very little to surrender back to him in our politics because of our weak and disgusting Adamic sin nature.

We bask in the frivolity of earthly lusts, materialism, and things seen, that we forget the essence, wholeness, and the enveloping nature of things not seen.

God understands our frailty. He knows that in an instant we could blindly follow those things that are unseemly and distasteful to the Spirit of the Living God.

Our culture, in many respects, is a reflection of this unseemly and distasteful behavior. We have pushed the envelope so far to the contrary of righteous living and Christ-like expectations, we wonder if our Creator has had enough.

As a nation, our only option is to fall prostrate before him in an act of complete and total surrender. We ask for forgiveness and then we make the course-corrections necessary to bring honor and glory to his name.

Without this, we will simply give way to the complete and total secularization of our American culture, and thus, our individual wills, longing for both spiritual and earthly survival.

Our spiritual bones as a nation will dry up and decay, limiting the impact and influence needed to sustain a nation in its originality.

May God help us.

~Mike LaPierre

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Spartanburg and Greenville Counties


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