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On the Record #17 - The Ultimate Proxy War

The United States of America is involved in a proxy war of prophetic proportions. We have decided to participate at the fringes in a conflict that could reshape the world as we know it.

We are supplying the arms; technological capabilities; legal, cultural, and political justification; media coverage; excessive propaganda and indoctrination; and an overall full-frontal assault by squeezing the lifeblood out of our opponent.

Unfortunately, I am NOT speaking about the Ukrainian conflict unfolding before our very eyes. No, the war of which I speak is being fought on the shores of America. The enemy within our sovereign borders has been identified by our government as conservative people of faith.

Our government has decided to fight an asymmetrical proxy war on the citizens of America by greatly restricting our First Amendment rights.

Through all of the actions listed above, our government is engaged in the complete and total secularization of our nation at the expense of PEOPLE of FAITH.

While the current attack on our unalienable rights is often characterized as subtle and isolated, I submit to you today that the level of intensity to control our behavior, our God-given rights, and our spirits has reached new and unimaginable heights.

This spiritual war (religious proxy war) is currently being conducted in plain sight. Our citizens are trying to come to grips with the origin of this most egregious conflict. Most Americans feel an immense amount of oppression, discontent and unhappiness, resulting in restless souls.

The Marxist-Socialist and Secular Humanist element in our government have "future shocked" America with such an escalated and rapid TRANSITION toward the Secular Humanist religion (anti-God) and away from traditional religion that the spirit of America is groaning with turmoil, misunderstanding, and disbelief.

The PROXY WAR that our AMERICAN government is engaged in on our shores and the enemy combatants identified- are considered the religious, PEOPLE of FAITH.

Will you show up at the polls and vote the progressive left out of office? Will you rise?

LaPierre for U.S. House

SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


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