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On the Record #18 - Biden Manipulated Congressman Timmons

Biden Manipulated Congressman Timmons

The Joe Biden Administration "played" William Richardson Timmons IV and fellow establishment Republicans to get another round of MASSIVE spending in the Socialist hopper before the midterm elections. He used the emotion of the Ukrainian crisis to manipulate through a very bad bill. 

Remember, the spending spree is over for Biden when the Republicans take the U.S. House and control the purse strings in January of next year.

Congressman Jeff Duncan had it right!

Risk-averse politicians do what they do best, and they VOTE with the "establishment" majority to feel good about themselves and avoid CONFLICT.

On the other hand, "alpha" leaders like Jeff Duncan and Ralph Norman do what they do best in the Upstate of South Carolina, and they make tough decisions NOT to follow the crowd, drink the establishment Kool-Aide, and read the RINO talking points.

Timmons felt pressure and the "beta" personality folded like a proverbial cheap suit.

Timmons' "yes" vote on Ukrainian aid was wrong on a multiplicity of fronts.

1. The 2700-page Consolidated Appropriations Act was delivered in the middle of the night with little to no time to digest. Does Timmons even know what he voted for?

2. Based on Biden's reckless spending behavior, do we even know that the $13.5 Billion will actually make it to the Ukraine or is it more of our grandchildren's future funneled over to the Green New Deal Socialist candy store?

3. Timmons only voted for 1/2 of the Ukrainian aid in the first place, since the $13.6 Billion was equally divided between military and nonmilitary spending. Let me get this straight. Timmons voted “yes” to 1/2 of the Ukrainian aid but voted “no” to the other half? Hmm..

His letter seemed to indicate he was concerned with the Ukrainian people! Only 1/2 concerned, I suppose.

4. Did Representative Timmons offer any amendments to force a "stand alone" bill for Ukrainian aid detached from the 2700-page monstrosity and exorbitant $1.5 Trillion price tag that will impact our $30 Trillion national debt?

Rest assured, if he had, he would be taking victory laps right now at the suggestion of such a strategic move.

All in all, Timmons voted the way Senator Lindsey Graham advised his young protégé to vote, like the establishment RINO that he is. The inexperienced Congressman got pressured into voting for a BAD BILL.

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