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On the Record #19 - Institutionalized Marxism

After deep thought, contemplation, meditation, and research, I believe that we have moved beyond the codification of Socialism in America but rather, the citizens of our country are now fending off and fighting INSTITUTIONALIZED MARXISM. The secular humanists and anti-God faction in America are trying to make Marxist principles and beliefs the new normal.

The religious arm is the secular humanist religion and their manifestos which are anti-God. The political arm is the Communist Manifesto and the writings of Karl Marx. The communication arm is the mainstream media and their dogmatism to transform America. The educational arm is the public school system and the espoused doctrine and tenets of Common Core. The judicial and legal arm can be found in legal precedence and in Supreme Court decisions like ROE v. Wade, Lemon v. Kurtzman, definition of marriage, the Affordable Care Act, and other remonstrances that decry the principles found in God’s Word (divided worldview espousals by court members- secular v. sectarian).

The legislative arm is the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives with the ominous, dark, and foreboding laws they are currently trying to pass (divided worldview espousals by congressional members- secular v. sectarian). The executive arm is the Joe Biden administration (fully aware). We are currently in the spiritual warfare of all wars in the United States of America. Notwithstanding, the final and imminent conflict.

I believe, unawares, that devoted Republicans and people of faith are being led over the secular abyss and toward a “secular humanist middle” which all political parties gravitate to and move toward like sheep being led astray.

Our current Congressman, William Richardson Timmons IV, says that discussing Separation of Church and State is a “nonproductive issue.”  He does not have the political and spiritual discernment to understand that it is THE MOST IMPORTANT issue of our day. When we get the correct definition down pat, our country will prosper. 

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