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On the Record #22 - Investing in Things That Matter

FLAT TAX - We need to slash our tax rates and allow the American people to keep more of what they earned. It is that simple. It also puts the breaks on the graft and corruption that is so prevalent in Washington, DC.

If you want to neutralize runaway spending, excessive taxation, bloated government, out of control inflation, the burden of a very complex tax code, while allowing Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money, then a FLAT TAX proposal is specifically for you!

We need to remove the bottom feeders. We need to eliminate the lobbyists and special interest groups that prey on congressman for favorable legislation that keeps their respective scams alive.

I propose a FLAT TAX that lowers the tax rate for ALL Americans. Everyone gets to participate in lower taxes and everyone can benefit with INCREASED disposable income.

A flat tax gives ALL American citizens more opportunity for long term savings, more disposable income, more capital investment for small businesses, and more time to spend with our families doing the important things that matter.

A flat tax allows us to file our taxes on a post card. This approach is simple, cost effective, growth friendly, and attractive to the wallets and pocketbooks of EVERY AMERICAN! We need to start planning and preparing for when we take the U .S. House back in the 2022 Midterm elections.

What is your current Congressman, William Richardson Timmons IV, planning for? Have you seen any proposals from his office suggesting that he has a clue?

VOTE Mike LAPIERRE for Congress

SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A strategist with the determination and creativity to get things done! i.e., RESULTS

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