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On the Record #23 - Military Readiness Levels and the Chaplaincy

The power of the chaplaincy in augmenting and supporting our military readiness levels must never be forgotten or underestimated. Chaplains play a vital role in the spiritual well-being and health of those military personnel who might not otherwise have access to the spiritual counsel and guidance needed while serving.

In a sense, I believe that the ingrained nature of our chaplaincy program gives us a microcosm of what the TRUE fusion of Church and State actually looks like! That is to say, the compatibility found between our military (the state) and our faith-based institutions (the church/chaplaincy) is a tie that has been around for centuries.

I am not saying everything is perfect or that the secular humanists among us have not tried to end the relationship. They certainly have done so. However, both the court system and the military authorities continue to support the necessity of the chaplaincy program as a VITAL component of our military readiness levels (see Karloff v. Marsh).

Please pray for our Chaplains! Please pray for our military personnel!

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