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On the Record #28 - OPEN LETTER to My Rino "Friends"

Why do leaders manufacturer and raise the intensity and ire of division and conflict to intolerable levels? Could it be that their natural propensity as leaders is deficient and ineffective?

Could it be that the magnetism, charisma, and statesman like qualities needed to lead have not been impressed upon their individual leadership DNA?

Could the isolation and smallness of a "music box" experience compel them to get results with a more nefarious road with thoughts, objectives,  and actions in serious disrepute? i.e., example- ballot harvesting and election corruption.

Does suppressing the voices of others make you a bigger man/woman?

Does limiting the voices of talented Republican candidates help advance or detract from moving our district, state, and country forward?

As Republicans, are we now satisfied to bask in the echo chamber of sameness where conformity, control, and the elimination of opposing voices rule the day?

Has the spirit of discussion, debate, and the vetting of a multiplicity of fresh ideas now given way to a cancel culture like environment?

There are two things destroying the soul of America.

1. The Marxist-Socialist ideologues on our shores

2. The establishment RINO Republicans who practice censorship and are willing to negotiate with, and allow safe harbor protection for, those found in #1 above.

In both instances, the Constitution is NOT being protected as it should.

Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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