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On the Record #30 - LaPierre Winning the Battle of Ideas

While the establishment Republican, William Timmons, spends tens of thousands of dollars running TV ads and other campaign related advertisements, it is challenger Mike LAPIERRE who is winning the battle of ideas and the battle of popular public opinion by a long shot.
Both critical variables (ideas and public opinion) point to the need for a spiritual and a moral realignment in the United States of America. LaPierre has written hundreds of articles, offers 6 FREE BOOKS on his website, has written 30 political solutions, with other academic whitepapers that all point to his complete understanding of the political, moral, and spiritual issues that face America.
When is the last time you heard the incumbent, Congressman Timmons, speak of spiritual matters? Timmons legislates from a SECULAR HUMANIST perspective with very little DEMONSTRATED understanding of the spiritual and moral imperatives that face our great country.
Timmons believes that the forerunner to our religious freedoms, is a "nonproductive issue", his words. That forerunner is a proper definition of Church and State and the corresponding functional roles. I was shocked when Timmons said that it was a “nonproductive issue!”
We must elect a congressman who understands the great moral and spiritual needs of our day and then puts an action plan together to write legislation, use the bully pulpit, and EDUCATE the great citizens of District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. District 4 citizens need to know what is happening and how they can mobilize to fight back!
America is a Christian nation, and we need RECLAIM AMERICA with a Christian Leadership Worldview. A legislative approach that we have NOT seen from Timmons!
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