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On the Record #5 - Endless Rights

                                                                                        Endless Rights

“Endless ‘rights’ dominate our culture. It seems like everyone is in the business of ‘getting me some of that.’ This unceasing demand will lead to further government reliance. Why?

The natural tendencies of mankind are bent toward a reliance on this present world to solve for conditions of both needs and wants. Remember, rights, rights, and more rights.

The above scenario that currently plagues our society forces a reliance on government and NOT a reliance on God. Government becomes a substitute depository for true dependence, reliance, and fulfillment.

Let us always be mindful that our rights are unalienable but finite in nature here on this earth. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness lead the charge. Security, equal opportunity, and one's ability to seek prosperity and provide for one's family are on an equal footing as well.

However, beyond the basics found in our Constitution and in our Bibles, we must refrain from calling everything a right. It is simply not true.”

~Mike LaPierre

Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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