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On the Record #6 - Rationalizing Political Ideas

Rationalizing Political Ideas

In times past, the great political men and woman of renown were fraught with the pleasantries of the power of IDEAS, only to succumb to the hallowed weight of religion and virtue.

For without a solid foundation, our earthly IDEAS are left as chaff in the wind, flailing about with no direction, content with the pragmatism and reason of a man-made worldview and the subsequent order (some would say confusion) that it propagates.

"But it's ONLY politics", one exclaims, all the more reason to tamp down the excess of political power, control, and the tyranny destined for a government, political party, and the associated public policy without God. The cries of separation of church and state in the 21st century ring hollow as the foundations of our Constitutional Republic crumble.

Try as you may; rationalize as you will; justify satisfying your worldly prowess; then return once again to the origin of man's IDEAS- The great I AM! A soothing utterance to be sure, amidst the political calamity and confusion of this present age, but words, nonetheless, that remind us of our pathway forward.

So, while we fight for the preeminence of our earthly IDEAS, stay grounded and smell the aroma of the Creators call, sweet to the senses and rapturous to the soul. Said again, we must never let the delicacies of our political ideology (IDEAS), overshadow the power of religion, virtue, and the very Word of God.

~Mike LaPierre


LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


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