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Political Solution #10 - Getting a Fair Shake

God has ordained that there will be equality some day in heaven above. However, while we are on this earth, how do we create the conditions necessary where everyone has a fair shake? What will it take for all citizens to be provided an equal opportunity to get ahead and prosper?

Whether all Americans seek and engage in the opportunities provided is a matter entirely up to the individual and their specific determination. I like to call it the "free citizen, fair shake, equal access, and right to work" approach to governance. The question remains, "How do we go about instituting the conditions on earth that allow us to strive in that direction?

Is it the government's responsibility? The church's responsibility? Is it the responsibility of nonprofits and other NGO types?

Let me say it this way. Since I am a limited government kind of public servant, my recommendation is for the church to engage in all charitable giving and the administration of such endeavors. We must NEVER allow our government to take the place of our local churches.

Our government should provide leadership, direction, and a framework. However, they should NEVER be in a position to create the conditions of bondage, servitude, and complete government reliance by dangling the carrots of free money and free stuff. How does government providing a handout and creating a welfare state get our citizens prepared for life (responsibilities) on this earth or the next?

It’s quite simple really. Work hard, enjoy the fruits of our labor, and give thanks to the One that allows you to do it in the first place. Understanding the magnificence of the great "I AM" is the first step in creating the conditions that we desire.

American citizens should always have the spirit of equality and fairness; be ready to stamp out real injustice when it rears its ugly head; and have a determination and desire for the roles and responsibilities of our local churches to be rightly restored.

The sprawling nature of our government to satisfy the needs of her citizenry must be kept in check as the community, her platoons, and our churches stand ready to meet the philanthropic and charitable needs of society.

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Greenville and Spartanburg Counties


A conservative in spirit and in truth.

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