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Political Solution #13 - Desiring Corrective Action

-Our government must enable the conditions of moral and spiritual certitude
-We should desire to live out those traits that make Americans distinctive without fear
-The Good News of the Gospel and the good news of our Constitution should be expressed.
-Overturning illegal and unconstitutional precedence is a priority

Without the corrective lenses of law and order, moral certitude, institutional design, societal mores, and the inclination and habits of a God-fearing people, we are destined to become just like our European counterparts. i.e., a complete and total secularized society void of a Creator God.

For the natural propensities of mankind is to do that which benefits himself. In other words, our reliance should be Godward!

Is the spiritual depravity that we currently face, a result of society painting people of faith inside the 4 walls of a church building or is it a result of Christians leaving HIM at the door of the 4 walls of a church building?

While I understand the oppression we face as our government embarks on the complete and total secularization of society (anti-God everything), we must not fail to realize that as American citizens, we have much skin in the game to freely exercise our religious beliefs both in private and in public.

The First Amendment of the Constitution gives us that freedom. Don't ever allow the secularists to tamp you down, squash your spiritual enthusiasm, or make you feel/believe that you should remain silent. Communities are most vibrant when God's people are shouting from the roof tops both the Good News of the Gospel and the good news of our Constitution. The two are immensely compatible and work in harmony with one another.

Unfortunately, our court system (SCOTUS) has worked overtime in their decisions to put government and religion at odds with one another. The Supreme Court decision in Lemon vs. Kurtzman has wreaked havoc on a proper understanding of church and state.

We need the types of legislation that will restore the conditions that once made our country vibrant and appreciative of our constitutional design.

LaPierre for U.S. House
SC District 4 - Spartanburg and Greenville Counties


A citizen representative who has the spiritual and political discernment to lead.

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