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Political Solution #15 - Russian Policy Part 2


  • We let the evil Dictator, Vladimir Putin, off the ropes
  • Russia was in financial chaos
  • Biden’s policies have financed the Russian attack on the Ukraine
  • The world now has “cleanup” duty from Biden’s weak foreign policy
  • Instead of doing the right thing, it is all about “framing” the optics going into the midterm elections


We should never peddle away a geo-political strategic advantage in Eastern Europe when we had an EVIL DICTATOR on the ropes. This is shameful!

Russia was in financial chaos! They have been in meltdown mode for decades, until Joe Biden arrived that is. Several of the Russian breakaway republics even joined NATO. We had him boxed in and CONTROLLED. He knew it, we knew it, the world knew it. Canceling the Keystone Pipeline; effectively shutting down the fracking industry; limiting LNG exports to our Eastern European allies: not renewing or stopping exploration in ANWR (Alaska) are all crippling our country. Russia is now enriching themselves because of Joe Biden’s policies.

In addition, we have changed the balance of power in Europe, which has DIRECT national security interests here at home. If anyone thinks for a minute that this is NOT our concern and it’s not America’s problem, we’ll, study through the issues once again. PUTIN is one of the elephants in the room, the other being China, the bigger and stronger twin sister. Pray for the Ukrainian people.

The long game is for Biden is to allow Putin to become a major player once again on the world stage. Remember, Biden is not interested in American exceptionalism or allowing the U.S. to have a major geo-political advantage over a quasi-power like Russia and Vladimir Putin in Eastern Europe. No. Biden only wants the U.S. to be an equal player in the round table of geo-political power distribution around the globe. Why is this fact so important?

First, it allows the Biden Administration to show itself strong after the fact (ex post facto) and just before the midterm elections. It mollifies the real tension of having to deal with Putin's invasion head on. In other words, the real confrontation starts on the front end of diplomatic relations when we carry a big stick AND take the appropriate actions to deter Putin's invasion in the first place. Slapping him on the wrist is simply "clean up" duty of something that we should never have allowed.

Second, in part, this is nothing more than a political play to keep the focus off domestic issues here at home. They are simply a mess. Biden wants to show himself just strong enough (not too strong) on the international front with Putin, in an attempt to rally the America people with a fake sense of patriotism going into the elections. i.e. holding on to political power.

Don't get me wrong, we should be united as Americans. We should be unified to stop the Russian aggression, not use it as a political ploy.

In a sense, this is nothing more than a shield to mask his horrible domestic policies; make a play to sure up the chances of winning in the midterm elections; giving Putin a seat at the table; while diminishing America's position of power as just one of the guys/gals at the table.

It is a wretched position and one that we need to IMMEDIATELY reconsider.

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