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Political Solution #28 - Mike LaPierre's Commitment to Dist-4

  • Team LaPierre will show up to work with our lunch pails, will not be absent from work, and produce results


  • I pledge to join the House Freedom Caucus in Washington, DC


  • Iwill use the platform and bully pulpit of the congressional office to sound the alarm and fight against the MARXISTS-SOCIALISTS on our shores


  • Team LaPierre will use sound reason, judgment, and discernment emanating from bible principles to render legislative decisions


  • Our team will fight tooth and nail to bring America back to a respect for our great nation, a respect for traditional values, a respect for true history, a respect for the Constitution, and a respect for our Founding Father’s original vision for America


  • We will use every legislative means possible to encourage and reestablish our Framer’s original view of the relationship between Church and State


  • I will do everything in my power to make sure that we stay focused on the foundational and spiritual underpinnings that made America great in the first place


  • Our team will help reestablish the elements of our American distinctiveness that are currently out of alignment. i.e., life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, border security, and gun rights


  • We will help bring a focus on religion and the Spirit of the Living God back to the great citizens of District 4 and around the country


  • Our team will help right the wrongs of excessive and run-away spending, the cancel culture, CRT indoctrination, anti-American and anti-God sentiment, and the Marxist ideology now stealing the soul of our nation
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Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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