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Political Solution #30 - Deport All Illegal Aliens

Candidate Mike LaPierre is proposing the deportation of all illegal aliens on our shores over a 10-year drawdown period.

Candidate LaPierre commented, “My druthers would be to IMMEDIATELY expel ALL would be illegal alien law breakers in America! However, understanding the magnitude and complexity of such a logistical initiative, I believe that we can safely and humanely rid ourselves of a majority of these lawbreakers in a relatively short period of time. After that, we will be diligent in apprehending the remnant still remaining on our shores.”

LaPierre wants to send a message to the world that we are closed for business on the illegal immigration front.

LaPierre further states, “In addition to the SURGE-STOP-PURGE plan that our campaign team has put together, we are recommending a 5-year moratorium (at a minimum) on ALL immigration until such time that America’s national security interests are protected.”

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