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Political Solution #31 - Military Strength


  • We should be the most prepared military in history
  • We take care of our veterans in full
  • America will never allow rogue nations to gain nuclear capabilities
  • We defend our allies
  • Peace through strength at all times


Military strength and preparedness are the bedrock for an exceptional national security policy here in America. Military strength and preparedness act as a deterrent to the forces of evil around the world that seek to do us harm. When America is strong militarily, the world notices and makes decisions accordingly. The same thing happens when we are weak. During the Biden and Obama administrations the entire world knew  that  we had weak Commander in Chiefs at the helm. As a result, liberties and encroachments were taken by our enemies. For example, Russia waltzed into Ukraine and annexed Crimea- supporting and funding an anti-government faction to destabilize the country.

Evidently, Obama was willing to show some “flexibility” to allow Putin to navigate. Biden has paved a pathway for Putin to fund this was as Biden’s energy policies are lining the pockets of the evil Russian dictator. We should never show any of our cards to our adversaries or fund their capacity to wage war. In another example, ISIS gained a substantial presence and foothold in the Middle East as a result of our inaction and weakness in Iraq. Afghanistan was more of the same from the weak and feckless Biden administration.

The components of military strength are wide and varied but include some of the following vital characteristics:      

  • Believable articulation of military strength by leaders in government
  • Supreme care of our veterans who served with dignity and honor
  • Recognition of our veterans commensurate with their service distinction
  • Deliberate and proportional military action when our national security is breached
  • Allowance for military leaders to be relevant with real decision-making authority
  • Support for our allies when their national security interests are impeded
  • Aid and support for selective causes of freedom in regions that impact our national security interests
  • Increased military spending (peace through strength)
  • Exceptional recruiting, training, and placement of our armed military personnel
  • All viable military options available against rogue nations trying to gain nuclear strike capabilities

We have the most dedicated military force in the entire world and we need to take the measures necessary to support their resolve to keep us safe. A strong military will help bring the United States of America peace and prosperity for generations to come!    

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