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Political Solution #36 - STOP Biden's Economic Policies

STOP Biden’s Monetary and Fiscal Policies 

Congressman Timmons supports Joe Biden’s monetary and fiscal policies hook, line, and sinker. Timmons’ recent deficit spending vote for the $40 Billion in aid to the Ukraine and his $850 Billion vote on the Consolidated Appropriation Bill is all we need to know about his spending habits.

The Federal Reserve Board is now realizing that all of the “funny money” that they have been plowing into the economy is having devastating consequences on the United States as seen with out-of-control INFLATION!

That’s right? These so-called monetary geniuses now realize that printing an endless supply of money (M1) coupled with a federal government bent on giving EVERY American free checks (more free stuff demanded by the Marxists) is leading us to an economic meltdown.

Notwithstanding, they are taking out 2nd, 3rd, and 4th mortgages on the future of our children and grandchildren with no ability to repay outside of ........ yes, you guessed it........INCREASED TAXATION!

In other words, for political reasons the Marxists want to bloat America’s supply of cash- Money Supply-M1 (to make present day folks happy); increase our national debt structure; have the Feds repurchase U.S. Bonds; create devastating inflationary conditions which devalue the American dollar and its earning power (our dollar is worth much less with curtailed purchasing power); while the federal government readies its arm to dramatically raise taxes and infuse ANOTHER round of Ukraine stimulus!

You can’t make this stuff up! Timmons is right there with them.

Why? The federal government wants you to be beholden to a statist ideology done by controlling a bigger portion of your paycheck and/or wallet. Just follow the money!

The Marxists are on the move....and Timmons is leading out front and paving the pathways for them as one of a handful of RINOs that support this GARBAGE. The Republican “establishment“ is ruining America. William Timmons and his policy decisions are ruining America.

Whether you print more money (increase the M1 Money Supply); dramatically increase government spending (reckless and out of control spending), repurchase U.S.  Bonds; or plant those money trees in the back yard of all Americans (free checks and stimulus monies); give away boat loads of cash to the Ukraine; it is all designed by the Marxists and those that support their policies (William Timmons) to increase a pervasive and dominant government presence in your life.

Remember, there are 5 rungs on the ladder to nowhere. There is a progression that leads to total control and the lack of individual freedoms…(1) Liberalism (2) Progressivism (3) Socialism (4) Marxism (5) Totalitarianism. The Biden administration and his Marxist supporters have captured the 3rd rung on their way to total control and dominance.

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