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Political Solution #38 - School Safety Preparedness

When it comes to the safety of our children, we should NEVER settle for incremental, ad hoc improvements.

Schools across America must begin a new phase of anticipatory security measures to protect our loved ones. These security measures must be layered in nature to ensure the complete and total safety of our children.

We need to harden the confines of school buildings; increase the presence of armed law enforcement officers; rethink local community communication and information sharing strategies; institute community task forces, training, and preparedness academies; identify standard operating procedures and best practices; while proactively taking diagnosed mentally challenged and deranged individuals who are at risk to commit such dastardly and heinous crimes off the street for questioning, evaluation, or confinement. We MUST always let probable cause direct our decision-making. 

Societal conditions have greatly deteriorated over the last many decades, and we need to put policies and procedures in place to identify "signals" and "indicators" to increase our school safety preparedness levels.

Infringing our 2nd Amendment guns rights should NOT be part of the solution. We should never punish American citizens for the crimes of evil doers.

Let us begin anew to keep our precious loved ones safe!

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