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Political Solution #4 - Equality of Opportunity - Not Equity

Equality of Opportunity – Not Equity

Political Solution #4

Quick Summary:

  • We need to foster the conditions of a hand up and not a handout
  • Legislated philanthropy from government has usurped church authority
  • The church must assume responsibility for charitable giving not the Feds
  • Reformulating welfare with mandatory work requirements is a priority
  • Repeal most of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society legislation
  • Equity simply redistributes personal and corporate wealth
  • It has at its core a Marxist-Socialist economic engine and collectivist agenda


Full Article:

In America, “equality of opportunity” has cast her bright lights so all can see and experience the luminescence of her wonders, while posterity knocks at the door. At the same time, it is with the strictest of reservation that we say "NO" to the drumbeat of “equity” that is so often heard from the radical element among us.

Americans must never let the Marxist leaning ideologues set up a socialist economic engine that disincentivizes the spirit of our great country. It is through that spirit (the traits of American exceptionalism) do we find the needed energy and excitement to catapult us to the next new innovation and entrepreneurial adventure.

Biblical instruction has advised that equality of opportunity will reign, never once assuming that forced legislated philanthropy (an equity handout by law) will usurp and supersede that which comes from the heart. Freedom and liberty of conscience must be allowed to unfold, pricking the soul to help a brother and sister in need. That responsibility has traditionally been carried out by  the church and not the government.

The question, however, is how do we establish an equality of opportunity based on freedom compared to establishing an equity based on tyrannical rule, forced mandates, and an excess of executive orders and self-righteous decrees? As a red-blooded American patriot and capitalist, I both prefer and demand the former! i.e., the vision of our Founding Fathers found in the Constitution of the United States of America.

Is our fate now far removed, in the twilight of the ages, where human ingenuity must now give way to the Sovereign's commanding design and purpose? Is our plight now reminiscent of a time gone by where Divine patience wears thin and Divine Providence is bold, righteous, but countermanding to our present conditions?

In other words, do we have a course-correction straight ahead of the greatest magnitude because of societal conditions?

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