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Political Solution #7 - Securing Our Southern Borders

POLITICAL SOLUTION #7 – White Paper - Securing Our Southern Borders 

Quick Summary:

Here is my counsel to Governor Greg Abbott.

  1. Now that our borders are once again overrun with lawbreakers, declare a Texas State of Emergency based on alien insurrection attempts (destabilization)
  2. Under the State of Emergency Executive Order, issue operation blockade or operation quarantine, or some other constitutional naming convention/provision to stop the invasion from illegal immigrants
  3. Use the Texas State National Guard (1,678), the Highway Patrol (2,863), the Texas Rangers (166), the Texas Sheriffs (254), the associated Deputy Sheriffs (thousands), and other deputized personnel needed (tens of thousands) for a “surge” and “purge” to stop the illegal behavior
  4. Once our southern borders are under control (and a favorable truce is negotiated with the Biden administration), draw down law enforcement commensurate with the illegal activity
  5. Build a wall with private and/or state funding where applicable.

What are all of the potential positive outcomes from such bold action?

  1. Stops the all of the illegal immigration behavior and “level-sets” us back to the Trump Doctrine on illegal immigration
  2. Stops the ancillary negative impacts to our economy, welfare system, education system, court system, prison system, and to our general safety i.e., drug lords, prostitution rings, gangs, human and child trafficking, etc.
  3. Restores the Rule of Law
  4. Restores the power of States’ Rights
  5. Further weakens and denigrates the leadership perception of Joe Biden and his administration
  6. Jump starts Governor Greg Abbott’s further run for the presidency


Full Detail:

Surge, Stop, and Purge – We are recommending that Governor Greg Abbott of Texas surge the southern border of Texas with the law enforcement and/or military personnel necessary to stop and purge lawbreakers/aliens that are in our country illegally. 

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has some very serious political choices that he needs to make in the upcoming months. There is a political fire storm brewing in Texas that he and his political advisors/strategists need to huddle up on. In the future, the Governor of Texas is going to be put between a rock and a hard spot. Let me explain.

When a governor takes the oath of office, he/she pledges to protect and defend the Constitution of their respective state. In the case of Texas, it is a two-fold duty. They must faithfully execute those duties in Texas, while to the “best of my abilities” preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Based on the wording in the Texas oath, is there a general understanding that the default position will always be an allegiance to the State of Texas first? My guess is that a cagey politician will indicate both, and then respond, “next question.” However, because of our independent Southern culture, heritage, and spirit, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if a Governor responded, “I am devoted to my State, first and foremost.”  


“IN THE NAME AND BY THE AUTHORITY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, I, do solemnly swear (or affirm), that I will faithfully execute the duties of the office of the State of Texas, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this State, so help me God.”

The Texas Governor has an explicit duty to faithfully executive the duties of the office of the State of Texas. One of those duties includes making sure that the laws of Texas are enforced. As Chief Executive, enforcing the laws is paramount. So, let me ask a few “elephant in the room” questions.


What happens when the Joe Biden administration concocts presidential “work arounds” and other executive orders that foster blatant lawlessness at our Southern Borders (Texas Borders) relating to immigration policy? How about when the Marxist-Socialist controlled U.S. House and Senate enacts legislation that supports (subtly) additional illegal immigration behavior or simply looks the other way? Does Governor Abbott have a sworn duty to respond? Think of the potential crisis for Texans if the Biden immigration policy continues to operate the way it is currently? 

  • The migrant protection protocol (the remain in Mexico) safeguards are eliminated
  • All progress revamping our immigration and asylum laws are reversed to allow an open borders concept
  • Chain migration is once again allowed to operate without restraint
  • Catch and release is jump started
  • Faulty claims of “creditable fear of persecution” are once again allowed for those asking for political asylum
  • Anchor baby extension is back in fashion
  • Children immediately being turned over to Health and Human services and placed in the “least restrictive settings” that consequently lead to more illegal behavior is revived

In conclusion, we will not have a country if our sovereign borders are allowed to be overrun with illegal activity. Governor Abbott has the ability to force a showdown with the Biden Administration that will slow down (weaken) the socialist immigration policy, whiling testing the constitutional boundaries of his power as Governor.   

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