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Post and Courier Writes Misleading Article

Post and Courier

Post and Courier Writes Misleading Article About U.S. House Race


-Post and Courier author cherry picked statewide data that is NOT relevant to candidate LAPIERRE's prospects of victory in the District-4 race for the U.S. House.

-Candidate Mike LAPIERRE amassed 25,742 votes in the primary against Lindsey Graham in District-4 despite the considerable headwinds described below.

-Candidate LAPIERRE (complete unknown at that time) was only 15.7% behind a 3-term Senator (Graham) in District 4 (Greenville and Spartanburg Counties).

-Graham only received 47.5% of the vote in Greenville County and 47.7% of the vote in Spartanburg County. The previous Greenville County Chairman COULD NOT deliver the results in District 4 because of LAPIERRE's thoughtful campaign strategy and his team's extensive ground game.

-Team LaPierre expects those same results to continue since inexperienced Will (No Results) Timmons is an avid Lindsey Graham supporter! He aggressively campaigned for Lindsey Graham.


The Post and Courier wrote a very misleading article about the District-4 race for U.S. House (Greenville and Spartanburg Counties). The article was slanted in favor of the incumbent, the inexperienced Will (No Results) Timmons.

I talked to the editor giving him ample opportunity to retract, correct, and/or amplify the true message, he refused. So, I will give you the entire truth and data sets relating this District-4 U.S. House race!

The error came when they cherry picked data to support their presuppositional narrative. The author of the Post and Courier article had an end game in mind when penning the gobbledygook, but failed to do the research in District 4 that was relevant to his assumptions. Let me explain.

The FACT that Mike LAPIERRE came in second against Lindsey Graham in the Senate Primary and was ONLY 15.7 percentage points behind the 3-term Senator was a stunning victory!

·        Graham was a 3-term Senator
·        Graham just came off the Kavanaugh rant (staged rant)
·        Graham was endorsed by Pence who came to Greenville for the kickoff event
·        Graham was endorsed by President Trump
·        Opponents of Graham could not speak at public events because of the COVID lockdown
·        Republican Party effectively locked out Graham’s opponents in the primary

In light of all of these advantages, LaPierre helped keep Graham under 50% in both Greenville and Spartanburg counties!

·        Graham only received 47.5% in Greenville
·        Graham only received 47.7% in Spartanburg

That’s right folks, voters in Greenville and Spartanburg have already pulled the lever and pledged their allegiance once before as a result of his conservative positions. 25,742 times!

When this total (25,742) is overlaid against the 2018 total vote count when Timmons was elected,  it represents 38.4% of the total in District 4 which is a great foundation and springboard for candidate LaPierre.

There are very few candidates who have amassed that number of votes in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. Very few.

When you couple this fact with the “do nothing” and “absentee status” of the current congressman, Will Timmons, there is a real possibility that Mike LaPierre will win the race on the first ballot!

Please check out the tepid results for Timmons at Rep. William Timmons [R-SC4]’s 2020 Report Card from and then sit back and cringe! Ladies and gentlemen, his report card is SCARY BAD for a two-term congressman.

Please visit Mike LaPierre’s website at and view his robust platform and policy positions.

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We need to usher out professional political operatives, the wealthy privileged elite, weak “beta” Republicans, while voting in citizen representatives that can turn our country around!

We need businessmen like Mike LaPierre who have made a career of making tough decisions; who had a willingness to stand up to the establishment; who breaks down the walls necessary: and someone who has a long history of getting results.

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