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Scientific Socialism

Candidate "Mike" LaPierre exposes both the hypocrisy and apostasy of Scientific Socialism. 

Communists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels used the phrase Scientific Socialism in their writings! It rests on the premise that governmental decision-making should be based on logic and reason and not the sheer "will of the people" and/or the governed in a representative government. This twisted line of thinking is brought about by incoherent hypotheses shaped by political pragmatism, rationalism, determinism, and secular thinking. It is void anything spiritual or anything related to biblical instruction. Most of this political theory is anchored in Darwinism.

The last time I looked government was created FOR  the will of the people to be heard and exercised in a representative form of government.

Can you see how the Biden Marxists have plagiarized this approach in the planning, execution, and propaganda phases of their own political strategy?

Most everything you hear from Biden's Marxist handlers (Anthony Fauci for example) stem from the maxim, "follow the science." In other words, they are trying to codified in absolute terms (institutionalized Marxism) a "belief system" where science is the overarching and fundamental origin of truth. This approach (religion) crowds out the spiritual and crowds in the secular humanist doctrine that man is the master of his own destiny. This approach can be found in the Communist Manifesto and the Secular Humanist Manifestos I, II, and III. 

In their anti-God worldview perspective, biblical precepts and instruction, and faith-based preconditions for a Sovereign Lord are no longer needed as a basis of foundational and absolute truth, but rather, man-centric espousals must rule the day by spewing scientific absolutes detached from any linkage to a sectarian belief system.

Furthermore, when you overlay the “science” with the revolutionary design and intent to transform America with Marxism-Socialism, one can see how these anti-God processes build upon one another and support one another. Both words intend to showcase man as the creator of his destiny with godlike status. Apostasy!

The Biden Marxists and his handlers in this administration are trying to create the perfect storm of circular reasoning to lock in the dogmatism of their evil ideology.

It is demagoguery at its worst- Manipulation, lies, and deceit.  

Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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