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Separation of Church and State is DEAD!

As your District 3 Congressman, I want to INSPIRE the kind of family values and religiousity where a man and a woman who have been faithfully married for 40 years, like I have, have it considered to be honorable, part of the mainstream, and not an isolated occurrence.  Where a love of God, family, church, and country are [THE] priority order. Where virtue, human decency, and mercy rule the day. A country where we love God, we love people, and we love justice!

If a leader is not trying to impact the hearts, minds, and souls of immortal men and women when they are in a position of authority and leadership, they are not doing their job. Right now, in America, half our citizens are currently pushing their secular humanist religion in the public square, and, with the utmost respect, I want to be able to freely exercise my own religion in public or in private without censure or ridicule. 

That does not mean that I won’t show compassion and mercy and listen to all points of view as your District 3 Congressman. I will intently listen. However, as an elected official in a Constitutional Republic, my purpose is to "represent" the prevailing conservative views in [THE] most conservative District in the USA. That would be South Carolina District 3.  However, I do promise that I will be fair and try to legislate so that a rising CONSERVATIVE TIDE lifts all boats, including those who may disagree with my positions!

Do people legislate religion or are they legislating worldviews that are informed by their religious beliefs or the lack thereof?  In either case, the fervor of one’s political views are most often undergirded by one’s religious position, either for or against.  In other words, some may argue that they don’t want religion to be legislated and I argue that I don’t want those who take an anti-God position (some cases, not all) to be legislating.

In my humble opinion, there is room for us all.  Having an equal voice in the public square for religion is an added layer of accountability that is currently missing. For far too long we have been lopsided in the public square toward the secular at the expense of those who have deeply held religious beliefs.  Society needs to come back to the middle where both can get along and with humility......... tolerate, embrace, and celebrate one another’s differences as unique and part of the ongoing American experiment.

Separation of church and state as defined by the radical left in 2024 is DEAD, they just don't know it yet!

This is my honest view of the role of religion in politics!




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