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Steady As She Goes ..........

Since the beginning of time human-beings have faced that palpable and gut-wrenching tug between the forces of good and evil.

Any time congressional legislation is directly opposed to the principles found in God's Word, we are reminded of that ongoing spiritual battle.

Under our Constitution, the anti-God forces captured and enveloped by humanity's devices, have every right to advocate for a political position that is antithetical to the Bible.

Contrary-wise, it is the honorable and unalienable rights of God-fearing public servants to also want to place their own "markers" down in the legislative arena and in body politick.

Through the hand of Divine Providence and by the leading of the Holy Spirit, we, too, can passionately and with vigor advocate for conservative legislative positions that are God-honoring.

NEVER allow the forces of evil cry foul and presuppose a legal argument citing the dogmatism found in the separation of church and state ploy (myth) to silence your very important voice.

That argument would simply be inaccurate, manipulative, and fraught with the stench of humanity's devices and at odds with our Founding Father's vision for America. i.e. The Declaration of Independence.

No amount of propaganda and dogmatism from the radical anti-God left should deter our Christian resolve.

May God Save America!

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